ITLR- Herbivores and Isolation

Since last night’s post and having nothing going on for the next 8 hours at work, I decided to do a little research (shocker….I know). Well, over the past few days I’ve seen the Japanese “herbivore” phenomenon being mentioned once or twice. I know what it is, I’m well aware of it, just didn’t give a shit. See…..I lived in Japan from Jan 2003-Jan 2006. When I left Japan, my attitude was “FUCK JAPAN!!!!” Unless I was buying something I was treated like shit there by my neighbors. See, I lived out among the locals (don’t believe me; 1-13 Sano-Cho. Google “Yokosuka,Japan” and look for it if you want. My bus-stop was irayamazu bashi) and they were fucking dicks to me. I gave all my neighbors gifts (that’s local custom). NO ONE gave me a gift back. My sponsor was married to a Japanese woman and she told me that that is VERY rude. I was friends with an American bartender who was fluent in Japanese and he told me he CONSTANTLY heard the local talking shit about Americans. So, after about a year there……I could have given 2 shits about the locals.

Japan is a VERY lonely place. You are alone no where as you are in Japan. I had a book on living in Japan and there was a chapter dedicated to the solitude you experience in Japan. You see. It’s such a cramped space that privacy is given by ignoring others/you leave them to their affairs. I was about 30 then.  I spent days with headphones on, in coffee shops, reading, eating bomb ass ramen and people watching. It was a VERY introspective time for me. I was a dude in flux. I dropped out of nursing school/commission package, was trying to figure out where I wanted my life to go; so basically I NEEDED that time alone. To me, isolation is a gift. How can a man be good company to other’s if he hasn’t learned to find solace in his own company. My time spent out among the locals I can say most of the guys are VERY effeminate. The guys in Tokyo are bit more alpha, but it seems relegated to the larger metropolitan cities. I saw the locals in malls and about town in co-ed groups, and it gave off a VERY platonic vibe. Spending a year with headphones on with people you can’t talk with is quite surreal. Oh, I knew the basics, but that’s about it. Hello, good afternoon, good evening, can i please have a _________, thank you, you’re welcome, how are you, i’m fine. That’s about it. I called it “survival Japanese”. lol. I immersed myself in the culture as much as could, but mostly as an outsider living inside a diorama. It’s odd. I was there, but it was like I was a ghost. So, I’m WELL QUALIFIED to speak about Japan.  

Before I go further I’d like you to get you up to speed with this and this. Please read the comments in the first article. Trust me, there are PLENTY more so just google “Japanese Herbivore’s” and read yourself silly. Now I included these 2 articles because they are written by women. And they SHAME the Japanese men that aren’t chasing and lusting after them.




So, to be clear: we’re sexist, misogynistic pigs for wanting to think of women sexually AND we’re total spineless, useless bundles of flesh if we DON’T chase women.

MIND.BLOWN. we haez acheeved it. Unreal.

Now, back to me living in Japan. Please let me note that the local girls LOVED American men. I’ll just leave that one alone for you to figure out. They REALLY loved black American men. Honestly, I have black friends that got to Japan and stayed for 8 years. They all had a new gf every 3-4 months. Before I went to Japan my boy (black dude) told me, “Well, you’re white so you might just actually have to TRY and talk to a girl. Lol. And he wasn’t wrong. When I went out with my friends, we had groups of girls approaching us. When I first got there I used to go to Roppongi a lot. You know Roppongi. Ever seen an episode of Jackass where they’re in Japan….that’s Roppongi. It’s the party district. Never did bang any girls when I went out. Honestly, the girls were fucking annoying. That coupled with me just not having the Asian bug made me not really pursue. Plus, I was 30….I spent 3 years tearing up Europe a few years earlier; I was partied out.

The second year in Japan I was dealing with full-on oneitis from my break up with Beth. I’m not going into Beth anymore. Dead horse… it. I spent my days, as I said, walking Yokosuka alone, headphones on, reading in coffee houses, taking short trips by train to local sights, and……my specialty: people watching. And you know what I noticed: most of the couples I saw were Japanese families in the late 20’s early 30’s and younger couples of local girls and American men. Now let me be clear here- the local girls, most of them at least, looked ROUGH. There was a common saying around the base, “The girls get prettier the further from Yoko you get.” Well, it’s true. The few attractive Japanese women I saw appeared to be older and SINGLE. Yup. At least, I didn’t see them with other men. My last year there I was dating Nancy and spent most of my time dealing with her and going places with her in tow.

Guys, please read these articles and realize what its message to men really is: WE’RE WRONG. There simply is no winning for men. We see this at the workplace, on television, on commercials and MSM in general. What would you do if this became the norm here in the US? Not that I think it will, because American culture is VERY different from Japanese culture. But there is a parallel: men are becoming less and less interested in women and relationships. Pretty soon, all the ladies will have left are the alphas wolves that spend 2-3 months with them, then hit the bricks for a new girl. Not my fault. I’m just playing the hand I was dealt thank you.

Is it any wonder why I’m perfectly content with my travel trailer parked on 2-3 acres just outside of San Antonio? I know game, so if I WANT a women….I’ll find one and if I don’t, oh well. Ok, I’ll quit ranting now. OH, and I KNOW I have readers in Japan.

As an aside, let me me tell you this. In Spain, I lived in El Puerto De Santa Maria, in a part of the city called “vista Hermosa” and VERY upscale neighborhood. When I went out at night I saw kids on mopeds making out and drinking. In the morning, there were always used condoms in the park.  

Stay up.

goggle map of my house. the mouse is over the arrow. look how close my neighbors house is to the left.

goggle map of my house. the mouse is over my pad. look how close my neighbors house is to the left.

walking to my house.

walking to my house.

shinto temple to the right of my house.

shinto temple to the right of my house.

view from my bedroom balcony.

view from my bedroom balcony.

mom and my niece at the Great Buddha of Kamkura.

mom and my niece at the Great Buddha of Kamakura.



64 Comments on “ITLR- Herbivores and Isolation”

  1. redpillwifey says:

    My only Asian experience was South Korea, and with the exception of some dumbass college kids, most Koreans were pretty friendly to Americans. I guess that’s the difference between America saving your country and… Well, you know.

    But the herbivores exist there too, it wasn’t unusual to see a young guy glued to a computer in an Internet cafe for days on end, living on ramen and cokes and not giving two shits. Can’t say I blamed them; unemployment is ridiculous when there are a billion damn people in a city like Seoul, and if you’re a man and not employed (with a good job, even), you’re considered worthless to girls. Only thing to do was go to America to go to college, or just give up. Or at least that was the impression I got from the few Korean guys I spoke to.

  2. Matt says:

    I would like to go spend some time in Japan to study their take on religion. It’s very different from the West and it is very different from traditional Christianity as well. The two semesters I took studyng Buddhism taught me more about western society because of the contrast than I have learned in many years previously. Spending time in that alien a culture will probably teach me more about myself than living in the liberal helhole that is Austin ever will.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      if i may, read “sit down and shut up” by Brad Warner. He’s the first American Buddhist Monk of some obscure Japanese Buddhist sect. Haven’t read it in a while, but I think you’ll like it. Amazon check it.

      Personally, I took a lot away from it. His being American gives him credibility and ability to covey Buddhism to a Christian.

      • Matt says:

        I’ll have to look into it. One of the main things I have taken away from my study of Buddhism is that I’ll never be a competent Buddhist and I don’t really have any desire to be. I also know a Mormon in Japan and we’e had some interesting discussions, even their take on it is a bit different than what I have run into here.

        If you’re outside San Antonio, maybe we should go shooling sometime. I’ve heard good things about the Appleseed shoots in Fredricksberg.

  3. M3 says:

    I read both of those articles during my time at HUS. They were both thoroughly depressing and freeing at the same time. It led me to study what MGTOW stood for and seeing how closely I resembled the criteria, adoption made the most sense.

    I never looked back.

    When I really wanted a relationship and man up, not a woman in site. Too busy with the carousel. Wait a few years and the inverse has happened. I step out and all the women are gnashing their teeth at my abandonment of them.

    This bike no longer requires a belly up fish.

  4. Fist of Vulkan says:

    Reading the comments on the 1st suggested article, I noticed one “Ms. Sally” had her ass handed to her when she tried dropping shaming language on one of the men commenting. Poor dumb bitch is probably weeping in her rocky road ice cream.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      That’s what gets to me. So guys want to do their own own thing and it doesn’t involve women…..AND???

      If a woman made this same decision she’d be a hero. Us, we’re vilified and crucified.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Infantry says:

    This is just borderline learned helplessness. Psychologists will tell you that behaviour is motivated by incentives and there just aren’t any incentives for these guys at the moment.

    Japan is just the canary down the coal mine because their ‘salarymen’ are the archtype of hardworking beta husbands. Those guys were getting divorced up the wazoo and literally dying from overwork to the point that they invented a new word for it (Karōshi). Why would you sign up for that?

    And as usual, women are trying to shame the ‘peter-pan’ MGTOWs into signing up for a life of servitude. Honestly I don’t think these girls will get it until they are either thrown off the carousel and can’t land a beta, or are herding cats.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Please read my response to Fist. Lol.

      It’s pretty much, the older I get…. The less I give a fuck.

      I just feel bad for my mom, she wants grand kids from me. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Fist of Vulkan says:

        I know the feeling regarding your mother. Mine is always on me to “settle” down and start a family.
        The me from two years ago was amenable to this idea, but my current, post red pill self doesn’t really want that stuff anymore. Hell… She’s even got my father and sister in on the pressure. I think I’ll stick to banging the eager young single mom’s and early 20’s college gals for now. I’ve got a lot of poon to chase to make up for my former incel status.

      • Infantry says:

        Yeah, yeah I know. The problem is that when the good guys start checking out, civilization isn’t heading towards a good place and that makes me sad, despite how it affects me personally.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        tough luck. i’m more concerned with myself than civilization in general. either you’re a survivor or you’re not.

  6. ratdog says:

    Dude, long time lurker here– awsome blog– so don’t take it offline like Mentu and Solomon.

    I’m in JP right now– you’re right– a different world. Yup, the Japanese pretty much ignore you when you live off base. Race relations? Not here– if you’re gaijin– you’re a ghost in the machine. you don’t exist. Actually, I think this comes from a lot of the Japanese shyness and them not knowing quite what to make of a foreigner who tries to interact. It lessens the closer you get to Tokyo.

    As for the talking trash, yup. My theory is that the bigger base it is and the more important to the local economy it is, the crappier the behavior gets, both japanese and american. That, and certain heated incidents in Okinawa don’t make good relations. Just had a marine Lt. recently break into someone’s home and pass out on the couch.

    The more cosmopolitan the Japanese person, and the further away you get from a base, the more normal things become.

    As for the herbivore articles– seems a little blown out of proportion. The herbivore types here seem just like the type in America– but combined with that Japanese shyness make it painful to see. The main difference I see here is that the Japanese alphas are the ones married young with kids– I always see them on the train.

    As for the older single women, dead on. They don’t really place much emphasis on marriage here so you see girls that shack up for 10 years, then the relationship ends, they’re 35 years old, and what the hell does a single woman do then? If I were 50, single, and looking to settle down, I’d come here and find me a Japanese woman in her 40′s. Plenty of single bonerworthy ones here.

    Ok, that’s my two cents. Keep writing. Stay up.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for chiming in. you in Yoko or Oki? i read in navy times that Yoko just got hot.

      • ratdog says:

        I’m a bit further up north than Yoko or Oki– local area is waaaay different than Oki.

        After another rape allegation a while ago all uniformed US Forces Japan is on curfew. The accused are navy so that’s probably why Yoko got hot– some admiral trying to look like he’s “doing something.” The marines are standing around going, “thank God they can’t pin this one on us. We’ve never lived down 1995.” AF field grade are busy making snide jokes about how the sea services just can’t behave themselves. A complete international circus started by a few dumbasses who probably didn’t know how to game a bar girl.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        which island are you on? you in saseabo? oh wait……you’re in yokota?

  7. Athor Pel says:

    If the area you lived in Japan was just outside an American military base then the locals are going to be not so nice to Americans. Doesn’t matter where in the world the base is. I saw it in Song Tan right outside Osan AB. You rub two different cultures together long enough and you get friction.

    This is not an excuse for how shitty your neighbors treated you. You don’t know what racism is until you’ve been to a highly ethnically homogenous country, particularly in Asia. And your Japanese neighbors were shitty. If they don’t follow their own rules of etiquette for you, the foreigner, then they only follow them under duress for other Japanese. Which means they’re shitty people and are not to be trusted.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Like I said, after a year of trying….I didn’t give a fuck. I don’t want to dole on about anti-American BS. But my bartender friend really opened my eyes.

      In Spain and Italy, at least I could understand them.

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. Altimanix says:

    From the second link
    “I think the problem with men is just that they aren’t very “manly” anymore. They’re not even “menly.” I myself am not very impressed with the modern Japanese male. I am, however, very impressed with his girlfriend or wife. These women are lively, interesting and inspiring to be around.”

    yeah, that’s all very well princess, but didn’t you get the memo about them not giving a fuck what you thought about anything whatsoever?

    what a dumb bitch, but hilarious with it

  9. Altimanix says:

    nothing wrong with ‘normal schools’ – me too.
    strangley ‘public schools’ are the posh ones in the UK – the pay for ones. long ago they were the only ones open to the public (that could afford them).

  10. Vicomte says:

    Japan needs to sack up and build some nukes.

    I guarantee a steep decline in herbivority thereafter.

  11. Andrew Medina says:

    “Is it any wonder why I’m perfectly content with my travel trailer parked on 2-3 acres just outside of San Antonio?”

    No shit? I’m on the northside of San Antonio actually. BTW upgrade that to at least 5 acres so you can legally hunt and shoot on it. Game wardens down here DON’T fuck around.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      if i can afford it i will. shoot me an email when i get close to retiring. we’ll have a beer and have fun. i’ll introduce you to some interesting persons.

      and we’ll chase mexicanas.

  12. ASF says:

    Danny I’m reading a book about your beloved navy at the moment (Pacific Crucible by Ian Toll). Great book so far. The things that the Japanese did before and during WWII to their neighbors is almost unimaginable. A lot of SWPL and nerdy types have rose colored views of Japan informed by Japanese politeness, technological and aesthetic sophistication, and the wide-eyed sexy anime girls running around in plaid miniskirts.

    It is a complicated culture and I don’t think a gaijin would ever be fully part of it or considered Japanese. Hell, some Japanese who live abroad for too long are probably not considered Japanese either. I suspect being in the military made you more disliked than normal.

    Regardless, I still want to go there and see things for myself.

  13. Halfbreed says:

    Hey Danny!

    My experiences were similar. I went on solo trip to Japan this summer. I have never felt as socially isolated as I did during that week by myself in Tokyo.

    Millions of Asians surrounded me and I felt utterly alone. However, I am a loner so I enjoyed the vibe. Like you, I use isolation as an opportunity for introspection.

    The social seclusion was also highly motivating for me. It forced me to approach women relentlessly while I was there…

    I loved Japan. I cannot wait to go back.

  14. […] The myth of the Peter Pan Manboy in statistics. Related: Danny on herbivores and isolation. […]

  15. Faust says:

    It’s a wonderful place to visit. Some really great literature too, if you can read the language. And the girls go gaga over anybody with pale skin, just ’cause you’re so different than anybody else they see. When I went in college I was as omega as you can get and I still wound up dating kimono models and TV anchors, just because of the color of my skin and the fact that I spoke English.

    I would never, ever, want to live there in a million years. Packed trains. Horrible working conditions. Awful weather. Layer after layer of social rules, and you won’t know if you break one till everybody starts hating you. Just bad news all around.

    Still, great place to visit.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. it’s a VERY interesting place. but i tried to fit in with the locals and HELL no. they threw trash in my parking lot.

      i ended up just going full on dick. i watched movies at WAAAAAY high levels late at night while playing EQ. i cranked up the volume on porn. i cranked up OandA as i listened to it. i kept the typical quiet of the neighborhood off the charts.

  16. RojoC says:

    I always thought that one of the reasons they turned faggy like that was due to the massive defeat and the fact that we tore them a new one so that they all became like peaceniks and shit.

    Anyway, I saw this on Facebook about a year ago:

  17. Georgia Boy says:

    This raises some interesting game questions. Most of all, what approach strategy you would use where girls would likely be receptive to you, but being receptive in front of local men could get her shamed. (Come to think of it, Ricky Raw was writing about shame in his current post and someone in the comments raised asian cultures as more shane based.) I’d want to be smart about this to avoid raising the antislut defense. Have American guys over there developed any practices about this? Not that I’m planning to move there but there would be other applications for that skill.

    As for black guys being popular among japanese girls, my crude but I suspect accurate guess is because they they’re hunting for big dicks. I’ve definitely noticed some asian chicks are size queens, and not afraid to make snap generalizations either.

  18. ratdog says:

    I’m at Yokota. Ping me if you’re TDY and we’ll grab a beer.

  19. Marellus says:

    Great post.

    I do suspect though, that what is happening in Japan, is coming to a country near you.

  20. Chewie says:

    Thanks for the information about Japan. It’s similar to what I’ve experienced here in Korea. No one expects me to anywhere near as social as people do in the States. As long as I smile, make the appropriate bows/nods, attend the dinners, and teach classes well, all’s well at school.

    As for the isolation and loneliness, yes. The close proximity to other people only exacerbates the loneliness because even though people are all around, you don’t know any of them and can barely talk to them. At least now I’ve got the survival Korean down and have moved onto conversational Korean, but even so, those language barriers can make things difficult.

    “So, to be clear: we’re sexist, misogynistic pigs for wanting to think of women sexually AND we’re total spineless, useless bundles of flesh if we DON’T chase women.”

    Yep. That seems to sum it up a large extent. It’s reminiscent of Catch-22, wherein you’re damned if you and damned if you don’t.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      all the AF guys i met in korea LOVED being there. the local girls were always looking for american bf’s. i ONS’d a 32 yo bartender in Pusan.

      have some korean fried chicken for me. i think the place is called kyo-chon, or something.

  21. Retrenched says:

    “So, to be clear: we’re sexist, misogynistic pigs for wanting to think of women sexually AND we’re total spineless, useless bundles of flesh if we DON’T chase women.”

    Apparently Japanese men haven’t quite figured out the recipe for fried ice either.

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