Sexy Baby and Meat Curtains

the other day i watched an intersting documentary called “Sexy Baby“. it’s the story of 3 women.

one is a former porn start who now operates an agency landing roles for other adult actors. she’s married and trying to have a baby. YAWN!!!!

the second is a 12 year old girl whose parents are VERY progressive. both mom and dad are self-proclaimed “feminists”. it was very interesting watching this young girls shift from obsessing about her gymnastics to “dressing sexy”. as her portion of the documentary progresses, we see her duckfacing and posting TONS of her “sexy pics” on facebook. it was painful to watch, YET……i wanted to laugh right in the face of mommy. yup. yer little princess too toots. i don’t think anyone that’s red pill is in ANY way surprised.

the third, and what i found most interesting. 22-23 year old assistant kindergarten teacher whose decided to get a labiaplasty. she was VERY uncomfortable with how her vagina looked. NOW, i’ve long known about the procedure, but hearing young guys make fun a girls vag made me really wonder when was the last time the ACTUALLY SAW one. and girl was CUTE. she’s a hard 7. google “labiaplasty” for before and after pics. obviously NFSW.

maybe i’m just weird, but i LOVE big pussy lips. seriously. i like a chicks vagina to look like a chimps mouth. and PUBIC HAIR. i posted last night noght how i like a girls that has some hair down there. personally, i like the classic “triangle”, but the landing strip, aka “the hitler moustache” is hot too.

AND, pheremones are produced via the hair. TROOF. i knew some women were self-concious of “meat curtains”, but i love um. and i had no clue as many women were getting the surgery performed as there are. My friend Lilly managed a plastic surgeons office in beverly hill, ca. just got off the phone with her and she told me that her clinic didn’t do many of said procedures procedures, but 90% of the clientele was female. i looked into it  and found a boring article at the UK Guardian site.

so ladies, for the love of all things holy (c whut i did thur?). be proud of what God gave you. because it’s fucking beautiful au natural.

stay up

39 Comments on “Sexy Baby and Meat Curtains”

  1. Pardon me for self-promotion, but this post is apropos. Fur is a wonderful thing.

  2. M3 says:

    I love me some meat curtains, all shapes n sizes. my tongue loves washing the windows or diving between the blinds.

  3. RojoC says:

    I feel as if the idea of banging a “natural” chick were almost like some kind of homage to humankind before us. It always makes me think, “this is what the man before me saw, and the man before him, and so on.”

    When/how did bald vulvas become in? And in reality, what’s more common out there?

  4. Young Hunter says:

    What’s great is it, ya know, grows back. Variety and all that.

    I too have heard of the surgery and think it’s a bit out there. Superficial genital plastic surgery… Sounds so wrong.

  5. Asf says:

    100% agree with you on pussy topography.

  6. taterearl says:

    but hearing young guys make fun a girls vag made me really wonder when was the last time the ACTUALLY SAW one.

    Are you sure it’s guys…I’m of the opinion most guys would be greatful to see any vagina. I suppose it could be effeminte jerks that would say that.

    This sounds more like another women shaming women tactic.

  7. MissMarie says:

    Yeahhh, I don’t understand the whole plastic surgery thing, it’s not like we take it out on parades or something… The hair thing is another story, I’ve met men that were dead set against removal, and others that were dead set against any hair. And some that didn’t care, as long as it was clean. Seems, in general, the younger ones prefer less hair. I’ve never had a man over 40 suggest that I shave closer.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i realize every guy is different and i agree with the younger girl comment. the funny thing is i’ll ask women directly, and the 18-24 yo’s usually go with completely shaving it bare. then PREDICTABLY they ask.

      “what do you prefer?” lol.

      i’m honest with them and they usually giggle and say they feel weird about having pubic hair.

      • MissMarie says:

        I’ve never found it ‘weird’, I don’t like it really long, kinda irritating. I usually go with clipping it down to about 1/2″ and shaving the undersides because that doesn’t seem to get irritated like the top does. Only had one guy insist I keep it shaved, and then it was only good for that evening, by the next day it looks like brushburned chicken skin, which is soooo not sexy. As long as you’re clean most guys don’t seem to mind terribly. Way too much ado about pubic hair if you ask me…

  8. Emma the Emo says:

    I usually defend plastic surgery and less invasive procedures as a way to maintain looks longer (can be done without looking like a plastic doll, really), but labiaplasty “to make it prettier” is the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever heard about. I recently read an article on this trend. They are blaming porn and men’s shifting preferences. Porn can, I heard, do a number on a man’s brain, but I’ve watched lots of porn and there is NO trend for small labia pussy in there. Porn, even mainstream, “typical” porn, has all sorts, big and small.

    Then I read men’s discussion of this on forums. It seems 50-50. Half of men like small, half like meat curtains. This, I think has nothing to do with men, but rather it’s due to ability of women to conjure up body hysteria out of nowhere. I don’t understand it, despite doing the same in my teen years.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      OOOOOOOOH!!!! miss emma stopped by my place.

      yeah. blogging about it and actually watching/listening to this woman…..i WISH i could say this attitude weren’t common. i felt REALLY bad for this girl. but the guys talking shit, that was laughable. i do blame porn for younger dudes attitudes about women.

      so when the guys are talking shit, they’re comparing normal women to porn stars, which shows how little experience they have and how little they know and/or have success with women.

      and trust me, i’m friends with some pure alphas. they’d NEVER talk shit as trivial as what a girls vag looks.

      • Emma the Emo says:

        I must have missed it, because I have never heard men make fun of big pussy lips. I got a strong impression that labiaplasty trend is a result of being unaware of how normal vaginas look like, thinking the meat curtain look is a deformity. Even on forums where men discuss these things among themselves, people weren’t judgemental and divided into groups of fans of different types. Seriously, guys laughing at a girl for having meat curtains is like guys making fun of a girl because her hips are wide like Kim Kardashian’s.

        I think she just needs to meet a boyfriend who, like you and many men, like her look, they aren’t rare. And her current boyfriend needs to lay off porn before it fries his brain.

  9. rgoltn says:

    My wife and I watched that movie too and found it very interesting…and a bit sad.

    The porn star’s story is a retread and something we have all see before. The 12 year old’s story was something I watched closely; I have a 14 year old daughter. Her dad was such a Beta puss and her mom wanted so badly to be her friend; not her mom. I can attest it is hard to watch your child begin down a path of independence and self-discovery and not feel the urge to control the situation. Dad showed no backbone and leadership. As a “red pill” dad, there is no way my daughter or wife would get away with their attitude in my house.

    On the other hand, we all know that the more you restrict or push back on a teen / young adult, the more you propel them towards the very thing you do not want them to pursue. So, I have to measure how I communicate; when to provide discipline and when to allow her to “tread out in the waters” alone. While I liked how the dad kept the communications lines open, I hated how he showed no personal strength.

    It is hard raising a teenage daughter; self-esteem is a big issue. If it was not, there would not be so many girls and women taking pictures of themselves all over Facebook and the web. They ALL seek validation and want to know that they are attractive. I am not THAT old (mid-40’s,) but I cannot imagine being a teenager and growing up in a time of mobile phones, sexting and Facebook. It is an entirely different world than the one I grew up in when I used to steal my dad’s Playboy magazine and look at the girls with my buddies.
    The dad’s in-actions and Beta traits will leave a lasting impression on his daughter more than he will ever know. Just wait until his Fox News, high-powered attorney wife ends up screwing “Mr. Big 50 Shades of Grey” and everything goes to hell in divorce. Mommy’s little girl will have some serious issues.

    Finally, I agree on your take of the girl with the “meat hangers.” Like you, I love big pussy lips and even hair down below. Hell, my wife used to have some great bush! I dug it…literally and figuratively. She now has a nice landing strip and I love it smooth texture too. She says having it waxed makes her feel sexy; that means more sex, so I am fine with that all day long. It is all good!

    My wife’s reaction to the girl’s plight was interesting. She had no idea that women had that problem and was really curious. She asked me all sorts of questions and was really into it. I think shit like that impacts all women and their self-concept. I am shocked at how easy females second guess themselves. I think that is why pre-selection, competition and jealousy is so powerful with them. My wife is confident and great looking, a natural 8-9, and she starts wondering if her pussy looks good. Seriously? I had to assure her that everything is great.

    They need validation and to know that they are desired; even married ones. I felt bad that this attractive girl had such a self-esteem hit from one boy who could not handle the fact that her pussy did not look like one from a porn star. You can see why boob-jobs are so popular too. You cannot fight biology. Every girl wants to be desired and assured that they can attract a man.

  10. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    The only thing I care about in a vagina is me.

    BTW: I saw this and for some retarded reason thought of you.

  11. aneroidocean says:

    I can understand a girl getting a labiaplasty if she’s got the inner hanging way, WAY down from her outer. But otherwise, yeah, who cares? Judging only from my own experience, a girl’s “tightness” is not correlated to the way her vagina looks, and who really cares if it looks pretty if it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

    Body hair, it’s just like a lawn as a little kid to me. Sure, can I have fun running around in an overgrown lawn? Yeah. But is it more fun when the lawn is manicured and I’m not tripping over something playing my game? Heck yeah!

    Look, I keep myself trimmed up (I even buzz my armpits down pretty short) and it’s for both hygiene and appearance. It improves both and it’s really simple, I see ONLY upside. I especially like that buzzing my armpits means I go through deoderant at a way slower rate and it doesn’t clump up really ever. I stay fresher longer, I spend less money/time buying deoderant, it’s great.

    I’m also a huge proponent of baby powder/talcum powder. Men, if you shave your balls it’s even better, but if you don’t, a little talcum powder on your balls will keep them from sticking to your legs when it gets hot and will keep you way fresher way longer. Do it over the toilet so you don’t even have to clean up any powder off the floor. It’s the best hygiene improvement I’ve ever stumbled upon. Feels so nice too.

  12. […] Danny’s meat curtain post re-ignited the oral animal in me. I need to find a recipient who wants to be on the receiving end of naughty from this secret Santa. […]

  13. koevoet says:

    I make a habit of not looking a gift beaver in the mouth.

  14. Athol Kay says:

    I think this post is a distraction from the more important issue of anal bleaching lol.

  15. Senior Beta says:

    Anal bleaching? Surely that’s not something Jennifer does.

    • Vicomte says:

      What kind of First Officer has a big brown asshole?

      Tomorrow on MMSL:

      Only one man is going to see it. What better way to say ‘I appreciate and love you…’

  16. MissMarie says:

    I’m nothing if not thorough… 😉

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