ITLR- You always pay for it

the “Herbivore” post reminded me of something a friend went through. i was really surprised to see that post take off the way it did.

back in NO, my best friend was a Hawaiian kid whose parents were japanese. he was a VERY cool and laid back guy. well i was out with him one night and i called my answering machine (remember those) to check my messages. well i had a message from my girl brooke. brooke was a stripper at larry flynt’s hustler club on bourbon. well her BF was a bar back and once in a while he’d give me a beer. i knew 90% of the local girls working there. but there was a catch.

i wasn’t paying the $10 cover charge and i wanted a parking spot. she hooked me up everytime.

i told i’d come but i’m hanging with a friend and she told me to bring him along. she’d put our names on the list so we could walk right in. well, the girls LOVED my boy. he’s quiet, almost sheepish and shy and the girl adored him. pretty soon girls were asking me to bring him back to the club. now i never tipped the girls. i was just there to hang out with brooke. well, when you know the girls personally, the other dancers take notice of you and you are taken out of “customer” status. needless to say, eventually  slept with a few of the dancers. brooke would do 90% of the work for me. being in the navy took are of the rest. (9/11) was still fresh in everyone’s head.

one of the girls i poked asked me about my friend and his relationship status. when i explained his antisocial lifestyle. next time i took him to the club a girls offered to home with him

for $150.

guess what he did. a few of the guys in the clinic talked shit about him. and i rationalized. “he’s using condoms and he only done it 2-3 time.” then i reminded him that he had a gf and asked how much of his money does he spend on her. silence. “Yeah he’s paying her, but most guys will drop over $200 in dates before getting laid.” lesson being.

if you’re getting the pu-na-ni, you are in some way, breaking bread. only a small percentage of men (read, guys that know game) get access to sex without paying. or paying very little.


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13 Comments on “ITLR- You always pay for it”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    darn. I was hoping your friend got some free stripper humping

  2. Vicomte says:

    I had a friend who dated a stripper (incidentally a girl I went to school with), and while I never heard of any actual cash transactions, the staggering amounts of goods and services she ‘required’ were, well, staggering. He had to get a second job.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      My expenditures always go up when I have a gf. In Japan my electric bill doubled because I had to hear the whole house since princess couldn’t stand to piss in a cold bathroom.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Faust says:

    No strings attached sex with a hot stripper for 150$? Hell, if he wants to go for it more power to him. Dunno if I’d do it, but it’s stupid to look down on a guy when he’s probably getting better sex for cheaper than most people are.

    I had a co-worker at an old job, decent looking guy, made okay cash, funny, who was dating what we now call a land whale, (5’6 and at least 250 pounds,) with a drinking problem and the personality of a PMSing Mr. Hyde. He eventually ended up marrying her. The wedding cost 20k, and he lost out on a promotion because he took too much time off from work to plan it. Who’s worse off, the guy who’s blowing half a year’s net wages and putting his career at risk so he can play Captain Ahab and ram his harpoon up the dank hole of the White Whale, or a guy who’s spending 1 or 2 days wages to sleep with a hot stripper?

    BTW I want in on this card thing, do you have my email from my posts?

  4. deti says:

    Yes, you always pay for it. Always.

    Good on your boy for dropping his cash early. At least he saved his time, if not his $$.

    Merry Christmas all you dannyboys.

  5. deti says:

    Peace on earth. Good will to all.

    Behold, danny brings you good titties of great joy. Check out his Christmas card.

    • The Lucky Lothario says:

      He’ll yeah, boobs for Christmas! Who could say no.

      Merry Christmas to you and your charming bald ass. Hope you get a new t shirt and can stop wearing that FCUK shirt.

  6. RojoC says:

    I’ve come to terms with learning this, that the man always pays.

    No point in fighting it. It’s life.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      last long time GF i had was shocked to learn my electric bill doubled with her staying at my place. i had to heat the entire upstairs during winter cuz princess couldn’t pee in the cold.

  7. john says:

    ate u still in SA you swarthy SOB? come by for Christmas

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