ITLR- Marriage is Inevitable

ladies…OUT. you’ve been warned.

i was at my local, having a beer and watching some football. btw, fuck you atlanta. i still hate you. i was talking with a friend (also manager) and bartender about football and tebow and the jags. there was a guy sitting about 4 seats down from the manager and he started chiming in. eventually, he moved closer to the manager and the 3 of us were talking football. kewl.

then he asks the manager and bartender , “mind if i as a hypothetical?” oh noez.

“So, my wife, she’s 29 and i’m 48 mind you, cheated on me. but it was with another girl. should i be mad? she was confused and upset that i’d be mad about it. so…….should i be mad?”

the manager went quiet, the bartender went silent and i waited. he droned on for about 10 minutes before the manager (married once, now divorced and is a MGTOW), told him he had every right to be upset and yada yada yada….insert red-pill logic…….HERE. he’s got 4 kids. 3 from his first marriage and 1 from his current marriage. as i listened to his his tale of infidelity and alimony, i finally chimed in, “and that’s why i’m NEVER getting married.” his reply to me was fucking earth shattering.

“don’t be silly man…..c’mon, it’s inevitable.” i immediately went into the red.

i would never, NEVER call into question another man’s decision on anything that he rationalized to me. so i cooled it and explained why i have no intention of getting married. again….he told me i’ll eventually find the right woman. holy fuck…

“dude….what part of i’m NEVER getting married do you NOT understand? if i DO meet the right girl….GREAT, that doesn’t mean i’m going to marry her. and EVERY woman i become intimate with is told up front if she’s relationship minded…cool. if she’s marriage minded, i’m not down with every getting married. it’s too much of a risk for me. i watched my brother in law get butt-fucked by the family court system and the BS my sister had to deal with because of that emotional/financial nightmare. no thanks.”

he STILL tried to rationalize the need to get married. by now, the bartender and manager had walked away. they know about the blog and my opinions on marriage. they’re not dummies, they knew i was gonna wipe the floor with this guy.i let him prattle on before i cut him off and said, “dude, you’re in a sports bar, asking guys about should you be upset that your 29 yo gf cheated on you, and you have the fucking audacity to tell me i need to get married. you’re a fucking tool. dude, you’re batting ZERO in the marriage game. i’d rather trade sean payton for mike malarky than take relationship advice from you. you have OBVIOUSLY failed.” he responded by telling me he’s 48 and landed a 29 yo wife. i asked him…..”how fat is she?” i heard the bartender laugh and the guys face dropped. “yeah dude, show me a pic of the current wife.” much to his credit he did, and she was a TAD overweight, but was a solid 4.

gee……i can’t deconstruct this dynamic quick enough. i have a VERY black gift for know the neurosis root of people. i said to him, “you landed and 29 year old with LITTLE options in the SMP, and she found a sucker to marry her. now she got you by the balls and she’s gonna do what she wants. she cheated on you with a girl. tick tock….tick doc….tick tock….till she fucks a dude.”

dude’s gonna get cleaned out AGAIN, and i have ZERO pity for him. you know, you’d think he’d be behind my rationale considering what he’s been through, but as i’ve learned; SO MANY men have been deprogrammed by the blue pill that there’s no getting through.

look, personally, i don’t have anything against marriage. you wanna get married, cool.  but when you’re a fucking failure, don’t try and school someone in a department you’ve had ZERO success in. when he re-emphasized his being 48 and landing a 29 yo, i told him, “so the fuck what…i’m 40 and i banging 20 yo’s too. on the plus side, i get my dick wet and don’t have to worry about losing half my shit. oh, and you know…..i’m RETIRING in one year, have a GREAT house, a fantastic dog, and ZERO difficulty landing attention from girls.” after i said that one of the waitress walked passed me. i grabbed her by the waist, whispered to her how she looked cute tonight and started lightly kissing her neck playfully. she giggled and squirmed to get away. i slapped her ass and let out a playful….”DANNY!!!” and off she went. oh, she’s married btw and a solid 7.

i looked back at guy and said…..”thanks for the advice chief.” i finished my beer, and walked out.

i hate having to be a dick. but sometimes a guy needs a punch to the gut. this guy was so omega that it’s silly. so yeah, i’ll get married one day…..inevitable.

die in a fire dick-bag and get some therapy.



30 Comments on “ITLR- Marriage is Inevitable”

  1. Chewie says:

    You were right to school him: It doesn’t matter what age she is. It doesn’t matter who she cheated with either, for adultery’s still adultery. Some men will probably think they’re safe because she was with a woman, but even then, she still went outside the marriage and thus has shown her affections lie elsewhere.

    I don’t like to be a dick either, but sometimes it’s got to be done. Life’s like that.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Guy sounds like a tool.

    So does the guy that macked on a married waitress to prove to the tool he’s got game.

    It’s all relative.

  3. Vicomte says:

    Aw, stawp it silly, it’s just average!

  4. BC says:

    Dollars to donuts it wasn’t a current pic of his wife.

  5. zorroprimo says:

    Lots of guys replay their dad’s life script. I knew two brothers who were raised by good people, but dad was a pushover and mom was one of those “why do you always need to have beer?” perpetual whiners. Both guys married women just like mom: today they’re still pushed around like 12 year olds.

    Fucking tragic. Me? I’m 52, never married and damn glad I’m smarter than my own dad. I will never, ever relinquish my rights to the state. “Husband” used to be a role. Today it’s just a legal status, and not a great one.

    • Jerry says:

      Smart, damned smart.

      You’re right about “husband” being a legal status. Little respect, crushing responsibility and when it goes south your money, children and rights vanish. Unless you have game like Danny’s it’s almost sure to be miserable for you AND HER. Even then you sign up for a gun at your head that NEVER USED TO BE THERE. There were always Beta’s, and it was useful to protect them so they’d invest their time and effort into building and defending civilization. And be able to marry and produce more, you know, Betas.

      So I feel for this guy, In hindsight I broke at least 80% of Rollo Tomassi’s Iron Laws – making the whole 20-year train wreck inevitable – but I defended marriage all the time because I was a Christian and thought it was my “duty”.** If I failed at it it was because of a bad attitude on my part, not my sweet princesses or the Christian marriage counselling. After all, there’s a Promise Keepers movement for men but not one for women … obviously they don’t need one … right? Education is expensive, no matter how or when you get it!

      Some of us thought we were the brakes on the speeding car that is Western decline. But we’re not the brakes, we’re the brake PADS. We go up in smoke while a hundred million idiots mash the accelerator.

      Thelma and Louise are already over the cliff. I am relaxed and at peace now that I see that.

      My first kid turns 19 in February (legal adult in Canada), when the boot starts to lift you truly appreciate the glimmer of freedom. Bittersweet, like champagne.

      **(Even in my faith I GMOW now. ; I sleep in Sundays and give to actual poor people. I meet so many guys, many of them much younger, in my same situation. I am able to help and encourage them, and give them advice. It chokes me up how much some appreciate an older guy who’s “been there” and gives a shit. They have NO HELP, A Beta holocaust – what a Godforsaken mess.)

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        You Sir, get comment of the week. Very well said. And I can’t argue anything you posted.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Sean says:

        Could not possibly agree more and largely the reason why I told my most-recent ex why we were not getting married. GMOW in Canada, too.

      • Brian says:

        I’ve been married twice, and was fortunate enough to escape from both with no alimony or child support. Losing half the savings on the first divorce sucked. I love kids, but I’m ecstatic about not having had any, so there are zero ties left to either of my ex-wives.

        Now my life reads like an example story from Heartiste’s site in a lot of ways. I’m a very good looking guy, but wasted my time on average looking women because I had zero game. Now I date models and actresses, and hook up with all the hot single moms and/or former bartenders. The quality is way up, though my game isn’t anywhere near where Danny’s is, so the quantity has a lot of room for improvement. But, to put it simply, I’m not starting a family in my 40s, so marriage has nothing to offer to me that I can’t get without it. There’s a woman I’m dating now who grew up out of the country, and whose reaction on reading red pill advice like this was “Hell, I could have written that advice”, and she lives it. (

        I might end up being with just her an no one else…but I still won’t marry her.

      • Brian says:

        BTW, what is “ITLR”?

      • Brian says:

        You may not be anything special, but you’ve definitely got your game dialed down a lot better than I do. My most successful hookups have all happened, in large part, despite my efforts. Learning game has just helped me not fuck it up once it starts down that path, largely from ignoring all the things my single-mom mother told me I’m supposed to do to keep a woman. But I haven’t cleaned out the brainwashing so thoroughly that I’m slapping waitresses I know on the ass or anything.

        Oh, and it’s a shame I didn’t catch your blog back when I was down at Kings Bay every month for work. I never could figure out what to do in JAX when I was down there, because the co-workers were all such herbs.

      • Brian says:

        Roissy and Roosh are definitely my staples, and where I’ve been getting my education (with a side of Rolo in there as well). But I still like to give recognition when I see someone skilled at work. 😉

        I will say one big difference with us regarding single women is that I avoid meeting their kids at first, but it’s under the mind set that I don’t want to step into the kids life too until I know she’s worth keeping around. It’s nice when you very quickly have the SM trying to prove that she’s worth your time.

  6. Daniel de León says:

    Batting zero in the marriage game and defending the system that’s about to fuck him… again?

    He must be on those blue pill laced with heroin.

    Oh and…

    btw, fuck you atlanta. i still hate you.

    lulz. Now send me my Christmas titties motherfucker.

  7. E.J. says:

    You told a stranger at a bar that he’s a failure at life, and that his wife is unattractive? wtf That’s hilarious, but at the same time… c’mon. Overreact much?

    People will wake up out of the blue pill on their own time (or not). You can’t drag a man into reality, kicking and screaming. That frumpy 29 year old cheater is probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Whether you or I could do better or not isn’t the point. He obviously can’t, or he would have.

    • Faust says:

      Dude, you never know when something’s gonna stick in somebody’s head. It’s obvious this guy’s wife is going to be fucking the cable guy within a year. When that happens, he’s gonna have to make a choice to either tell her to walk, or suck it up. And when that happens, maybe instead of envisioning himself cold and alone in his old age, and telling himself that this woman is the only shot at feminine companionship he’ll ever get, he’ll think back to bald Danny slapping the waitress on the ass, and say “God, if that guy could do it, why can’t I?” And maybe, just maybe, instead of putting up with it he tells her to get the fuck out.

      Maybe that won’t happen. But you never know.

      • E.J. says:

        Anything’s possible. I realize the simp did ask for Danny’s opinion, but the response seems outlandishly disrespectful. He basically said “you’re a loser and your wife is a fat slut” in so many words. lol

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        yup. i call them how i see them.

        but i never said he was a failure at LIFE, i said he’s batting .0000 in the MARRIAGE game.

        secondly to tell me my ADULT decision to not get married is wrong….sorry but you don’t ask me my opinion and i politely give my take and you tell me i’m wrong. and i said the pic he showed was of a women a TAD overweight.

        please don’t take my words out of context. and i appreciate you chiming in Sir.

  8. Keanu says:

    holy shit this post was awesome. Followed. Please post more about tooling people with red pill logic.

  9. Richard Cranium says:

    Kudos to you Danny for sticking to your guns and calling a spade a spade. I’m in the same boat never want to get married never want kids and I’m 45 now.

    I almost totally derailed a family reunion a few years back over the same issue. A female relative I hadn’t seen in many years pulled the same thing on me about the whole “So when are you gonna get married and have kids”deal. I said never it’s just not for me. She goes “well everyone does it” and I said well good for them it’s not what I want.

    She just wouldn’t let up about it until I finally had enough and blasted her with “Well look how great it worked for you your first husband left you and all 3 of your kids have prison records and have been in rehab multiple times why the fuck would I want any of that?”

    And of course I was the bad guy but if she would have just kept her big yap shut there wouldn’t have been a problem. I just really hate that whole small town “well everyone else does it” mentality.

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