Single Mom Game

i was out with a woman at dave and busters (great date spot) and while eating our dinner (i’ve already slept with her) she asked me, “so, danny, what do you like in a girl.”

classic set up.

i made a puzzled look, a look that showed i was contemplating. then said, “you know. that’s difficult. looks, sense of humor, intelligence, femininity, i don’t know. i guess if i had to chose what i like most in a woman is…..well… dick?” and i rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out the side of my mouth. she covered her mouth and started laughing. i told her, “seriously, that’s such a hokey question, look…just be you and i’ll just be me. if it works it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. let’s just have fun.”

a reader asked me in the comment section in one of my posts if i had ever met the children of the women in the soft harem. 3 were single moms, one was a college girl. these girls were all back in NO.

single mom game 101. if the kid doesn’t accept you, you’re toast.

OF COURSE i’ve met the kids of the girls. that’s how i got to mom. i took them to lunch and made sure that they brought the kid. all of them have daughters btw which made it MUCH easier. i’d tease and neg and tickle the daughter’s. they LOVED it. my kid game is so on point it’s sick. so, when i went to NO, i’d get a hotel room for the weekend and i’d have the girls come by for fun. i posted before how i was on the phone with my mom and mentioned getting a hotel room and my step-father was bewildered as to why when i can stay at the house. my mom told him that i just needed a room for the weekend. again, my step-father was confused. “he’s got girls he’s gonna fuck, and he can’t do it here.” lol. love mom. step dad just commented, “oh, oh yeah ok. good on him.”

single mom game is WAAAAAAY different from 20 something year old no kids game. most single mom’s are looking for a partner. yes, they still want vitamin D, but they usually aren’t party girls. secondly, most of them are pretty busy, so the time they spend with you is usually calculated and brief. most of the time, they’re so busy it becomes just about the ocassional tryst.

when i had the SH in NO, it wasn’t like i was having a constant bombardment of sex. sometimes i might only get with one, maybe 2. but in any case, i landed them by gaming the kid, then gaming mom. i never lie to or mislead them. i believe in absolute honesty with single moms. i realize that their child IS and SHOULD be their main priority. look, my mom was a single for for 2 years. and when she dated her current husband she didn’t do SHIT with him unless we were there. so i get it. and i’d never give a SM shit for putting her kid/s before me. and said women knew i lived in florida so i was never pushed for commitment.

as a man approaching 40, i realize most of the women i meet will have a child. and considering i live in the the south, multiply that by 1000. then compound the fact that i prefer latinas, multiply that by 5000. lol. like i said before, a woman with one kid, i can commit to. more the one kid…….negative. sorry. she’s going to be WAAAAAAY to busy for a relationship with me, and most certainly don’t want to deal with baby daddy issues and /or raise another man’s kids. besides, i don’t even WANT kids.

it’s a jungle out there in the SMP, i’m just trying to survive in it. and this cajun/mexican is a fighter…..and lover.

stay up.


LOVE mucha

LOVE mucha

19 Comments on “Single Mom Game”

  1. Solo says:

    I’m approaching my 30s and this is already a major problem. Especially when trying to date black women

    • andrewmichaelmedina says:

      Hey I didn’t know you were a reader here too. Danny’s moving up.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i pretty much stick to mexican girls. i land the occasional white girl, but it’s just a “whatever”. i have pretty decent ethnic girl game. i tell black girls, “well, you know what say. once you white, you gon’ be aiiiiight.” they eat that shit up. lol.

      • Solo says:

        Yeah I’m in Minneapolis so most women here are white, we do have some mexicans and black women but either 1. they are low quality or 2. they are dating white guys

        No hate just truth

        • Socialkenny says:

          @Solo- What do you mean low quality? I’m curious as to your definition of low quality, and why the white girls are presumably high quality in Minnesota.
          Sent from my BlackBerry® device

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the great thing about single mom’s is that they’re usually pretty busy. but they still want vitamin D. so you just basically become recreation cock. and most of them are in their late 20’s early 30’s so they’re in that horny phase of their lives.

      see, the great thing about women is that once you sleep with them, you don’t add to her partner count. the hamster tells her that she’s not a slut for booty calling you, she’s simply recycling dick. i might have to post about this.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    @Danny- I wasn’t getting your updates for months. Thought you stopped blogging or ban me from your site lol.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    Some guys don’t date single moms. Some wouldn’t even f-close them. I think that’s ridiculous and stupid. You fucking a single mom shouldn’t mean having to take care of her snotty-nose kids. Just stick and move or stay if you desire to but don’t make a lame excuse that you won’t bang her just because she has kids.

    • Chewie says:

      The summer before I moved, a friend’s wife was trying to sell me on taking her friend out. I’d been looking for a date or two before I moved overseas, nothing serious. She sounded okay until the wife mentioned the single mom part. At that point I said, “No.”
      “Why not? She’s really cool.”
      “Doesn’t matter. She’s a single mom.”
      At this point my friend interjected, “Chewie doesn’t date single moms.”

      She persisted. “Why not?”
      I stood my ground and said, “Because I’m not playing Dad.”
      “But you won’t. Listen, she’s a really good friend, and funny too.”
      “I don’t care.” The debate continued for a bit longer until I and my friend stopped it. It wasn’t worth continuing. The wife simply didn’t get it. There are two big reasons for this:

      The wife was a single mom herself before my friend came along and married her.
      She took offense at me rejecting her friend.

      I know that one or two dates doesn’t make me Dad, but it’s not something I even want to think about.

      Unless it’s for family, I’m not raising someone else’s kids.

  4. Vicomte says:

    And heeeerrrrrree we are going.

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