Merry Christmas

i don’t wanna do some hokey post about Christmas, so i’m giving you readers a Danny Special Ed class Christmas. i hope everyone enjoys their holiday and gets to spend time with family and loved ones. ol’ danny had to work today, and tomorrow i’ll be standing Chief of the Day from 0730-1930. yup, i’llbe grabbing my ankles and hoping to get it hard and fast. today was actually busy as FUCK, since everyone and their momma decided to got to the ER. welcome to solicalized medicine. 10% of the patients seen there today were actually emergencies. they go because, “well…it’s free, why NOT go.” yeah. i’m sure it’ll be more of the same tomorrow, but i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

tbh, Christmas just doesn’t register with me. i usually always pull duty. back in san diego i found an ex committed suicide a year after losing her grandmother in Katrina. her grandmother raised her. i felt like shit because i found out she lived about 10 minutes from my apartment in NO, and i honestly tried looking her up when i got stationed there. i KNOW had i found her, i’d have been able to be there for her. she committed suicide on Christmas morning. i found out via my sister (she went to HS with her). i was numb. i drove all over san diego that day listening to a replay of a live pearl jam concert in SD. i ate chinese, and went home around 5pm and just sat alone in total disbelief. to this day i light a candle for her on Christmas morning. RIP baby.

thank you SpaceTraveller for the lovely email. it was very sweet of you. also, i wanna thank all the readers for participating in this train-wreck of a manosphere site. if it weren’t for you guys, this site wouldn’t exist. thank you, sincerely.

now…..let’s get to some of my Holiday fave’s.

a New Orleans classic. the sad thing is 2 of the shops mentioned in the first vid (landmarks in NO) are out of business. oh, and the house in the final scene, that’s Metairie; where i grew up.

LOVE THIS SONG. it’s so Metairie/Metry. this song resonates with me as i sit far away from my people/family. Metairie is the city just outside of NO, that connects to Kenner, where most of my family live. click the link to see the video. press play and click “watch on youtube” to view.

big up to jasmine at wok and roll for hooking me up on my christmas tradition of eating chinese. jasmine is a 9 year old girl that works the cash register. her family is from just outside hong kong on the mainland. in her families restaurant there’s a large picture of the temple of heaven in Beijing. i know it, because….well, i’ve been there. today as i went to order my spicy boneless ribs and teriyaki beef sticks, jasmine hooked me up with HUGE chunks of beef and actually upgraded me to a large ribs. FUCK YEAH.

to me, this is the true essence and power of game. her family lives in my subdivision, it’s not like i go there often either. well, today i showed her the picture i took at the temple of heaven, and she looked absolutely amazed. she excitedly showed the pic to her grandfather who does all the cooking. he said that i’m very fortunate to have been able to see the temple. remember, game isn’t just about getting laid, it’s about being a person other people want to be around. it doesn’t JUST get you laid, but it has many other benefits as well.

temple of heaven. how cute is this kid.

temple of heaven. how cute is this kid.

emperor ed. bring on the dancing lasses

emperor Dan. bring on the dancing lasses

at my favorite BBQ in hong kong's wan-chai district. to this day, i could find it.

at my favorite BBQ joint in hong kong’s wan-chai district. to this day, i could find it.

it's a pretty big wall doncha think.

it’s a pretty big wall doncha think.

Merry Christmas, and God bless you and yours.

stay up.

28 Comments on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Bill says:

    Merry Christmas, Danny. Thanks for standing watch. And thanks for the blog. Call me when you get to San Antonio.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Tell me the Temple of Heaven kid tried to steal your wallet.

  3. Faust says:

    Being sick on Christmas sucks ass. Glad you’re there at the ER to make things better for the poor bastards that need your help.

  4. Chewie says:

    Merry Christmas from Korea, Danny!
    Thanks again for posting some cool pictures. It’s always interesting to hear about your travels and the places you’ve seen.

    I know what you mean about the food; I’ve never been too huge on the typical Christmas turkey because my family always liked to get something we didn’t eat much of during the year, like steak or ribs. And now that I’m in Korea, well, Asian food just tastes better. My girlfriend and I went out for some *excellent* dalkgalbi earlier for lunch. The mother of one of my students runs the place and she hooked us up with extra meat. Hookups like that happen often here because many of the restaurants are run by the students’ parents and they love it when I or the other foreign teachers come in to eat. They appreciate the patronage and we appreciate the great food.

    Carry on.

  5. driversuz says:

    Merry Christmas Danny!

  6. mothersmurfer says:

    Merry Christmas, Daniel-san!

    Once, when I was stationed at Ft. Polk, a platoon mate was scheduled for the watch. We, the Aaaarmy, do it for 24 hrs. I was single and he was married with kids. He asked if I would pull the shift for him. Naturally, I said yes. Then he tried to pay me to do it. “No! You use that money on your kids.” Seriously, what the fuck else was I gonna do? Sit around the barracks feeling lonely and sorry for myself? At least, he got to spend the time with his family.

    Another Army tradition is that on holidays the officers serve the enlisted men in the chow hall. A lot of people were allowed to go home at the time but most of us are there to do our jobs. So, the officers are serving up the factory-fresh official turkey dinner. The captain brought his wife and young children. “Mrs Captain,” I says, “Don’t bring the children here. You’ll stunt their growth!”

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. deti says:

    Merry Christmas, Danny, and all you dannyboys out there.

  8. Fist of Vulkan says:

    Merry Christmas dude! Hope the drama stays at a bearable level for you and your crew.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      nothing i couldn’t handle. when my relief showed up (he’s also an E6), i kicked out the junior guys and spoke to him about the days events. you NEVER bitch and moan in front of juniors.

      it’s odd how it goes from total camaraderie to, “get out and close the door, this is senior enlisted shit.” and the guys snap right to. “aye aye HM1.” see, i take care of my guys and when your guys KNOW you support them, they will bust their ass for you.

  9. deti says:

    That emperor Dan picture is 50 kinds of awesome. How did I miss that before!

    Gunga Dan. hahahahaha

  10. CLG says:

    Seriously man, you post a picture of Wan Chai and its of FOOD? Only you…

  11. Spacetraveller says:

    Je vous en prie, Emperor Dan!
    Hope you and Mr. B had a good one!

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