Klonapin Kroniclez- I Haez the Watch

what did danny do for christmas…..sure, i’ll play along.

i woke at 6am, was out the door at 0615 and arrived at the hospital around 0645, and got to the quarterdeck at 0700. one of my guys didn’t show up and my boss was having a fit and it was throwing me off. i FINALLY got a replacement and i had all 4 my guys.

0800 is colors. i ALWAYS do colors during a holiday because we have to fly the HUGE flag. the formation is- the American flag goes in front, then the MIA flag, i was in the rear. when the trumpet sounds the 5 minute mark, i ordered the detail to march forward, and we approached the flagpole and i set up the flags. the 2 others held the flags. when the Star Spangled banner began you quickly raise the flag and the other 2 HM’s saluted. i secured the flag and saluted. when the music ends i reformed the formation and we marched back to the hospital.

at the top of each hours i make rounds. i checked the ER and it was dead. finally 2-3 hours later i check the inpatient areas and only maternal infant unit was really busy. cool. around 1300 i decided to blow off some steam, so i took securities cart for a spin to do “external rounds”. that little fucker gets up to 30 mph. i zipped around the hospital grounds searching for “the bad guys”. i heard the theme music for “mission impossible” was racing in my head.

i report to 2 people and 2 people only. one, i RARELY see. i sit in my little office and let my guys do their thing. basically my job is to put out fires before they get big. i have to know EVERYTHING going on. it was dead until about 2-3 hours before shift change. then a fuck up grenade went off. the code blue pager test had 2 people not respond, and one on the code caesar pager test. don’t ask. i had a red cross message come in, but it wasn’t going to affect my shift. ok. then we did evening colors and i did that too. the flag CANNOT touch the ground and one of my guys in xray wanted to watch it go down. when it was over, i explained morning and evening colors to him.

then radiology got SLAMMED. i left the QD and went over to radiology to help out. then, after they got caught up, i went back to the QD for the last hour.OH…..did i mention i got called to the ER for excessive spiders on the ambulance bay ceiling. yeah. THAT’S the type of odd shit i was dealing with all day. i had my 2nd hand man make sure the log was in order.

by this point my office smelled like a fucking sewer because food had been sitting there all day, and one of the guys at the front desk kept shitting himself and it would filter back to my office. so basically, i spent the last hour running around keeping shit from getting out of hand.

FINALLY 12 hours had passed and my duty crew’s relief showed up. i DO NOT leave until all my guys are done. that’s kind of old school Navy shit. all my guys were finally gone and my boss told me i could go. i walked out the hospital around 1945.

so basically, i spent 0730-1500 yesterday doing my job, then 12 hours today standing chief of the day (COD) watch.

i stopped off for beer and my Christmas tradition of grabbing some chinese food and beer.

merry fucking Christmas. God bless the US Navy. oh, and i feel the need to explain that i ALWAYS stand watch on christmas day.

stay up.

Daddy at work.

Daddy at work.

14 Comments on “Klonapin Kroniclez- I Haez the Watch”

  1. You’ve got reveille at 0800? or is that only for holidays? I remember we had reveille at zero six every morning and of course being 10 minutes prior to the five minutes prior how much of a pain it was to be stumbling around the PT field so early in the morning. Oh, those were the days. And I’ve worked my fair share of holidays in the military as well. FWIW, I’m glad we still have fine young motivated men and women willing to put in an honest days work, even on Christmas and New Years so Thank You. You still get 4 day weekends though, right?

  2. Faust says:

    OK, I’ll bite.

    Excessive… spiders?

  3. Michael of Charlotte says:

    Love the photo man. I’m off to work today myself. Merry Christmas man, and thanks for all you do.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you for thanking me. all in a day’s work. i’d rather stand the watch than have someone with a family be there. what the fuck am i gonna do all day christmas day.

      sit home and scratch my balls?

  4. MissMarie says:

    Being scared of spiders negates the penis effect on me ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. deti says:

    Thanks for standing watch, danny, and for being one of the rough men ready to do violence on our behalf. Even though it sucks.

  6. Athor Pel says:

    That is one weird looking ID badge.

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