Training for when TSHTF

since the world is gonna end soon i figured it’s my job to help you guys. now he rolls the rem 870, i prefer the mossburg 500 because of where the safety rests (up by the thumb). i recommend handling both and making your own call. however the go to defense shotgun is either the remington 870 or mossburg 500-HANDS DOWN; you make the call. as for 7.62, i agree. i’ve taken the AK to louisiana and plinked full paint cans and they popped 4-5 feet in the air. like he says, it’s not the most accurate, but it is 100% pure stopping power at medium range. you get hit with an AK in the leg, and the lower half of your leg will be gone. i actually prefer my semi-auto to an full-on auto since i can compensate to reset my targeting. watch the video as he opens it up- notice how he has to constantly readjust. i don’t like that. i prefer taking a shot, retargeting, and shooting again. rinse repeat. and like he said, this gun DOES NOT JAM. it WILL fire every time. to me, that’s a huge plus for non military types. and trust me, it’s a VERY SIMPLE design, ANYONE can learn to use it in less than 5 minutes. as for the rem 700, i don’t like bolt action, but i have fired that gun and it is VERY reliable and accurate, and it’s not like i’m the best shooter out there.


oh, my birthday is next month and if you’re keeping score, i’d like THIS for my birthday.

and if you’re REEEEEEALY trying to win me over, you’ll get me one of these-

[EDIT- OK…..FINE. here are my ladies]

AK, turkey/duck gun, deer gun, 22. my 9 is in there as well.

AK, turkey/duck gun, deer gun, 22. my 9 is in there as well.

S&W M&P15. scoped out and layered.

S&W M&P15. scoped out and layered.

home defense mossburg

home defense mossburg

27 Comments on “Training for when TSHTF”

  1. ar10308 says:

    The only thing I’d caveat is to consider wide use of a platform and availability of parts and ammo. Every price station and military base in the country carries 5.56 ammo and AR15 parts…
    Just something to consider.

  2. ar10308 says:

    Where did I say that you didn’t own an AR?
    I was only saying that there are other things to consider. At least more than some guy with a fake Russian accent is suggesting.

    If your AR malfunctions then you should look into why. I have several and haven’t had a malfunction with any of them.

  3. RojoC says:

    Is your newish Smith and Wesson jamming up on you Danny? Give us some details and I’m sure we can give you a basic diagnosis on the fly. Generally crappy mags (with outdated follower designs) appear to be the cause of the majority of failures.

    Otherwise it could be something to do with the kind of ammo being used and/or the action spring and buffer combination.

    Gimme some details and I can try to figure it out. If not, I know who to talk to.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Mine, no…. Not at all. I’m speaking about the general susceptibility to jamming. I fired them many times in the desert, and had jam issues.

      You gotta keep them clean. Here in the states, under sterile civilian conditions- the AR is fine.

      But I prefer the stopping power of 7.62. The 5.5 penetrates, tumbles and causes a good deal of internal trauma- it maims.

      The 7.62 drops you.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • RojoC says:

        Roger that. I’m just down to help if the need arises. Shit, all of you guys are essentially teaching me about shit that my own family cannot. The Manosphere is one of the most important things that I’m currently learning about at this point in my life. I could very well have never come across and lived my life “doing the right thing” out of ignorance.

        So yeah, I’m trying to contribute how I can.

  4. mothersmurfer says:

    Being a veteran of the US Army, I’m familiar with the AR system. It’s a decent all around platform. I’ve since done research and decided on the 7.62 for its stopping power. So, the AR-10 is on my wish list.

    The first time I saw The Russian’s AA12 video I had a sexual accident in my pants. Me want.

    The Russian’s drone video is obviously fake. It’s a promotion for a video game (forget which one). But, you can bet there are a number of people out there working feverishly to put a gun on a drone. Here’s a really real proof of concept:

    I think we can safely assume our government agencies are trying desperately to make that real. That idea makes my sphincter tighten.

    Stay awesome.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The AA12 is sick.

      All my FMF buddies like the AR, but said they hated having to clean it all the time to prevent jamming. back in the desert, i had to clean my M4 before and after shooting. fucking sucked. what was worse were the girls that were completely unable or didn’t care to clean them.

      I LOVE my AR, it’s surgical. But my AK is just raw power. I just wouldn’t try to use it past the length of a football field. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Veritates says:

    What about a 22? Have to have a 22 rifle for food needs and such. And you can build a castle out of bricks of ammo.

    And for the guy on a budget get a course mosin nagants and some spam cans. I see your 7.62×39 and raise you 7.62x54r

    • Phedre says:

      I love using my .22 for taking out grouse with headshots 😀

      My ideal for a TSHTF scenario: a glock in the holster, a .45 UMP in the sling, and a .308 in my pack (for any potential sniping needs). I’m too small to be effective with an AR in a CQB scenario, and I much prefer the minimalism of german engineering anyway.

      But that AA12 is ridiculously cool too.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      OF COURSE i have a .22. winchester lever action 22 long gun. it’s almost a law for all louisianian’s to own one. that and a .410.

    • Matt says:

      I agree! 7.62x54r is far superior (and cheap). I strongly prefer to engage a 500 yards or more and both the Mosin-Nagant and the PSL are well suited to that range.

      • koevoet says:

        Just be mindful of the drop! If you are a hunter you already know this. Not a very flat shooting round.

        As far as reliability on a Mosin, I have found that steel cased ammo works far better than brass. The bolt is nowhere as smooth as a 98k or even a Carcano.

  6. Jim says:

    You guys are leaving out one of the best rounds out there, the 5.45X39. Nasty little fucker it is.

      • Jim says:

        Comparable to the 5.56 but it has the tendency to yaw and tumble when it strikes. Same as the 5.56 did out of the Vietnam era A1 1/12 twist barrels and 55 grain bullets. Afghans called it the poison bullet during their war with the Soviets because of the damage it did. The 62 grain 5.56 bullets out of the 1/7 twist won’t do that. They tend to penetrate straight through.

      • Jim says:

        Let me add that modern AR’s usually come with 1/9 twist barrels to shoot both 55 and 62 grain bullets. Military M4’s and M-16’s come with the 1/7 twist.

        Shooting a 55 grain bullet out of a 1/7 twist will cause it to tumble straight out of the barrel because the twist rate is too much for the weight of the bullet to handle. AK-74 rifles have a 1/8 rifle twist barrel BTW.

  7. kleyau says:

    You just shared this to get one of those shirts.

    I agree with the three choices, though. I love the AR15, but they can be finicky when they get dirty or the magazines get slightly bent.

  8. ASF says:

    For some reason I always thought that you could not buy an AK in the US, only AR. I guess that’s not true.

  9. koevoet says:

    I pretty much agree with you on the 500 and AK. But damn, do I hate FPS Russia. That is the worst accent I have ever heard. Too nasal. If he blew his nose he might sound Serbian, but he sounds about as Russian as GW Bush.

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