Sorry for the Delay

sorry, i was busy last night.

i LOVE my local skrip club. it’s like mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom of the SMP. look, 98% of my time there is me nursing a beer and watching the girls work the guys. and most of the guys there have ZERO game. besides watching it unfold, the girls readily admit it to me when i bring up. you see, they laugh and  tell me  how clueless most of the guys are. look-

i never get VIP’s, i tip SOME of the girls, and i stick to my own affairs. i NEVER bother the girls while they are working the guys. EVER.

most of the girls, when i first talk to them, ask me why i always sit by myself. you see- when i DO sit for a girl and tip her, i have a little trick. i knife my hand over my mule and the girl ALWAYS grinds into it. you see, no one can see what we’re doing, and the girls always smile at me as she grinds into my hand. look, these girls are sharks. but, i work them like it’s cool. you see, as i’ve stated before, being 38- i really don’t care about getting laid. to me, knowing i can work these women the way i do is good enough. i number close CONSTANTLY, but do i call- RARELY. but the attention i get is more than enough for my old ass. case in point.

last night, i spent my night at the strip club (the local was PACKED for trivia night) sitting at a table with a petite brunette in my lap. i was massaging her shoulders and feeling her up. now look, 1- she’s married, 2- she working there as a “bucket list” thing. she won’t be working there long. it makes the interactions perfect. see- i don’t fuck with married women. so there’s no pressure to “close” her. but considering she’s in an “open” marriage i have ZERO problem with messing with her. she’s had her tit’s done and most girls that get them done LOVE to show them off. so she was sitting her in my lap, i was rubbing her shoulders and watching a cute, petite brunette work a guy. i KNEW she was gonna VIP him.

eventually, we switched it up and the girl was rubbing MY shoulders. i got about 3 songs out of her before she asked me if i wanted a “table dance”. that was it. i knew our time was done. no harm no foul, she’s there to make money after all. i told her i was going to go talk to the DJ to give us a polite reason to end the interaction. i walked to the DJ booth, then immediately walked back to the table. girl ended up table dancing for an older dude. and i laughed as i saw the other brunette cop her VIP.

when she came out the VIP, the guy went to the bathroom. i made me move. OH wait……

i sat down for this same girl earlier. she mentioned as she sat in my lap that i never talk to anyone. she’d been working there for about a month (from what she told me) and i can tell you she’s a solid 7. 4’11, brunette, small breasted, GREAT ass. i always use the same line on girls. i ask them, “do you have any idea what i want to do to you.” they ALWAYS want to know, and i reply, “i’m not really sure, but i do know it ends in a 9 month gestation period.” it ALWAYS gets a smile/laugh. use it please, i’ve never had it fail. now out here in jax, the “strip clubs” are actually “bikini bars”- meaning the girls dance in TINY bikini’s. i’ve NEVER had a girl not show me her tit’s, even though they aren’t supposed to. i also told her as she was grinding on me facing me, ” do you realize i have a drop of clear stuff the size of a grape right now?” she flung her head back and laughed. look, i’ve learned what works for me, but i run this on ALL women. and they love it. it’s not a line if it works. lol.

so, girl is working dude and i’m watching, waiting. FINALLY she VIP closes him. when they came back, i waited for my moment to approach. see…..i can’t/won’t bother her while she’s talking to someone. i mean….i could, i have before; but i let the girls work and rarely bother them. well, when dude left to go to the bathroom, i approached. i grabber her ass and she spun around and smiled, “HEY YOU!!!!!” and she threw her arms around me. i congratulated her on the VIP and she told me how she planned on getting another out of him. i handed her my phone and told her we needed to “hang out” sometime. she happily punched her number in and i texted her. she pulled out her phone and as my number came up it read “kenner, La.” she asked me if i were from LA, i laughed and told her i was from new orleans.

now…..will we ever hang out? who knows. now i texted her earlier, and she replied back. good sign. so…..we’ll see.

the purpose of this post is to show that if my short, pale, OK looking ass can do this……ANYONE can. looks don’t matter, social status HELPS- but can be side-stepped. game makes up for EVERYTHING if you know how to use it. i realize younger guys reading are mostly about getting laid, and that’s cool. but for me, game is about being able to talk to damn near any woman and being able to gauge her receptiveness. if she’s not giving IOI’s, i move on. most women (ok, red-pill and younger ones) admit that game works on them. PrivateMan calls it “charisma” but you can call it charm, game, whatever.

i post openly as a testament to red-pill philosophy and game. i post for the guys that don’t think they are capable of doing well with women. does it take work and time, YES. but, in the end, having game will make you a better man in general. so it’s well worth the time to invest in learning it. you can go dark- i did in my 20’s. you can go “au natural” as i do now. i, now an “older man” i prefer to be honest. as the great sage Patrice O’neal said, “as i get older i’m still horny, but God turned my horniness into creepiness.” he states that he can just enjoy watching a pretty girl.

i get that. now- at 38….it makes sense. i DO NOT CARE if i get laid or not. girls can sense a “pussy agenda” a mile away, and when they do…..they toy with you. with game….they still KNOW you wanna fuck them, but they become more receptive of being around you. you’ve gotten past her initial “bitch shield”, and she’s validated you. outcome independence CANNOT be faked. damone puts it best.

now, i admit- damone was a “fake it if you can’t make it guy.” but his advice is SOLID. his advice is simply outcome independence, and outcome independence is key. ES LLAVE. lol.

the hard 9 that works at my local taco place flunked out of UofF (i mentioned that before). well, i try and stop in once in a while to mess with the girls. my girl Tara used to manage there, but she got a better gig. i honestly haven’t been in the taco place for a LOOOOOOONG time. as i paid for my order, Amber- now a manager commented, “WOW, haven’t seen you in forever.” i ALWAYS flirted with her. NEVER number closed, never took it part light, flirty behavior.

and even after almost a year……she remembered me. GAME EVERYONE. oh, hard 9 walked past me, smiled and said hello and called me by my name. she’s 20. IF i close it’ll take some time and work. we’ll see what happens. i’ll have a good time reeling her in and seeing if i can close or not. game is fun, do the math and add it up.

stay up.

22 Comments on “Sorry for the Delay”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Let us know what happen after putting in some strip-club game work.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Danny, what is it you like about strippers? I know M3 plies his trade among the Sisterhood That Rarely Indulges Pants, but I get the impression that his is more of a ‘wear the old sneakers to mow the lawn’ kind of thing.

    I’ve never even been to a strip club, so I’m curious.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it’s not so much a matter of like, i ended up there because my local sports bar was packed. i say the exact same things to women at the mall, supermarket, etc.

      but strippers are usually harder to pull since they have guys hitting on them all day. secondly, i’m not really looking for a relationship. so strippers are the best choice as most of them aren’t relationship material or they’re too busy to maintain a relationship so it becomes a FWB deal.

  3. OffTheCuff says:

    Only been to a strip club once. Spent 15 bucks on a bachelors party… So help me. What is VIP close? She gets paid a ton for a lap dance? BJ?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      VIP close means she got the guy to get a VIP. I’ve had 3, never paid. The girl dances topless for a song; 2 if she like you. Some get completely naked.

      Depends on the girl.

      • OffTheCuff says:

        Still don’t get what a VIP is. Is it a private lapdance or something?

        The one time I went they all were naked, and a buck would get you a song with her undivided attention. A few bucks for a lap dance (which I didn’t do – blue pill days).

        But this was part of a bachelor party in the “back room” so maybe that changed the prices… Bbb. Bb O k aafnn bbbbj

  4. Retrenched says:

    You can always tell who the new girls are, because they always flock to the guys they want to get pounded by. The veteran girls know better; they go after the guys they find sexually repulsive. They know the guys they wanna get fucked by are already getting plenty of action IRL and aren’t going to pony up $20 for a mere dance.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yup. I always help the girls hustle.

      • Retrenched says:

        Must be nice. Me, I was always the omega that the veterans would try to get money from while the rookies were hitting on my alpha buddy from work. (The joke was on them though; I was always too broke to pay for anything more than a basic dollar dance.)

  5. Faust says:

    Shit man, you’re from Kenner? I have a client there who’s been hassling me all day. It’s 4:00 PM on a Friday and the bastard just would not stop calling.

    Don’t give the stripper too much of a hard time though. My project manager, a woman in her late 50s who spent 20 years designing sensitive communications equipment for the US government, and who’s lived in California her whole life, also thought the LA on their caller ID meant Los Angeles.

  6. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    I’ve got something for you that should be pretty mind blowing.

  7. Brian says:

    I started learning about game early in 2011, after getting screwing up a sure thing yet again from doing the things my mom taught me when I was growing up. Since then, I’ve become active in a couple social groups in the area that are on (great site in some cities for social groups and hobby things. utter shit in others). I won’t date any of the women there, and they keep pursuing me more and more as a result. But what I will do is use their attention to draw in other women. The best one was when I had 4 of them hanging around me, 3 of them quite attractive, and the hottest girl in the place (24 year-old redhead, and I’m 40) walked up to them, started talking to one of them for a minute, and switched straight over to me. I didn’t even have to open her, she did the work for me. Literally fell into my lap, to the point of giving me her number and email before I even had to ask.

    For those who think game is manipulative, everything in dating and relationships is manipulative to some degree or another. You’re giving them what they want and need so you can get what you want. I’ll freely admit that I’m a really good looking guy. But without game, I’d get nowhere with women unless they were a couple points below me. The stuff works, both with women and even on a professional level with the men at work. The same confidence that will help get you into women’s pants will also make other people at work start to naturally defer to you. When you really grasp that it’s about being a better man in general, it all starts falling in place.

  8. Puzzled says:

    I’ve never been to a strip club, and honestly don’t think I see the point of them. I have no moral problems with the clubs. I just cannot understand why I would want to go to a place with hot women, that sit in your lap, give you a big hard on, and then at the end of the song go away leaving you with blue balls.

    What am I not getting about this?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i go because-
      1- it’s close.
      2- it provides blog fodder.
      3- i have friends that work there.

      but….i don’t go there watch the girls. i go there to watch them work the guys. then, i get to know the girls, then i get dancers numbers….

      see where i’m going with this.

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