Beginning my Red Pill Journey

I began my red-pill journey around 2002-3. I used to listen to Opie and Anthony a lot starting in 1999. Whenever Patrice O’neal would come on  it would ALWAYS turn to relationships. I learned from his insight and applied what he said. What I learned-

VALUE YOURSELF. You come first. Period. If you aren’t in a situation that is optimal to YOUR happiness- walk.

Never defer to a woman’s beauty. EVER. He said the best way to get into a woman’s head is to let her express an opinion and ask her, “Really, why?” You see when most guys interact with women, especially a beautiful woman, when she expresses an opinion most guys agree and try to relate to build common ground and win her approval.

Big mistake.

Patrice often said most women just aren’t interesting because they don’t HAVE to be. Blue pill men have placed such an emphasis on pussy that many women think that by virtue of having a vagina, they’re of high worth. Sad but true. So if you’re talking to a good looking woman, don’t be like most guys and agree with whatever she says (and trust me, I see it happen ALL THE TIME), be different and ask her WHY she thinks like she does. Then, listen…..and call her out on her opinion if you disagree. I’m not saying be a dick, but have an actual conversation. Trust me, I’ve asked beautiful women why they believe the opinion they state and most of them look like a deer in head lights. NO ONE ASKS HER WHY!!!! Most men usually nod and agree and take her at her word. Trust me, if you ask her “why”, you’ll stand out. It simply shows non-supplication.

Be nice, but be honest. I’m never a dick to a woman unless she brings it upon herself. I’m ALWAYS nice. You can ask any women I’ve ever had a conversation with. I’m a charming bastard. WHY? Because I HAVE to be interesting. Do you think a dull, boring guy makes a woman tingle? But, I had to LEARN to maximize what I’ve been given. I’m not tall dark and handsome, but it just doesn’t matter. Patrice taught me that. He was a fat fuck, and he admitted as often as he could that he could not fuck an ugly woman. He just couldn’t; I understood this perfectly, because I’m the exact same way.

I was going through a dry spell and one of my friends said I should hit one of clubs on bourbon and pick up a 4-5. “Uh, yeah….I can’t fuck anything beneath a 7. If she’s a 6 she better have GREAT personality and some money.” He replied with, “Damn, that fucking sucks dude.” Well, since most women are going to make work to get it, I’ve learned game. Yes, it did take time. But my blog exists as a testament that if my dumb ass can do it, so can you.

Stingray is having an interesting discussion on her site. Deti’s comments alone make it worth reading.

16 Comments on “Beginning my Red Pill Journey”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve come to understand the Red Pill much more recently. I still have lots of very bad reflexes. I’m also slow to learn (ok, I’m an old man) and do a lot better with a bit of mentoring. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any solid folks to hang around.

  2. Keanu says:

    “How the hell are you going to like me, and I’ve got no bitch. I’m either gay or sick!”

    “My dogs, they need me right? But they don’t act like they DON’T”

    “He don’t sit there and sulk because he think I’m supposed to KNOW that he wants to get up on the mothaeffin couch.”

    Goddamn was he a genius.

    R.I.P. Patrice.

    Matt- I have some of his highlights linked on my blog if you are wondering where to start:

  3. Keanu says:

    Alright I could go on quoting PO all night, but I won’t. I’m dying laughing right now listening to Mr. P.

    Also Danny- You are in NO right? If so, I was wondering if you have a tight suggestions for what to do in New Orleans with a girlfriend? As luck would have it I’ll be there this coming week what what!

  4. Vicomte says:

    Patrice tries a little too hard to be ‘Pimp Daddy’ for my tastes.

    Maybe it’s because he has a girl’s name.

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    Surprising as it may seem, I agree with your principles here, Danny.
    Both men and women have to value their own selves FIRST.

    And yes, over-valuing a woman’s beauty leads men to bad, bad places.
    Value it, but don’t let it cloud your judgment. It’s a two-edged sword if you over-value her at the beginning: you lose your apparent self-confidence, and the woman loses attraction for you.

    A woman doesn’t have to be interesting at the beginning of her encounter with a man.
    But she sure does, at some point 😀

  6. Stingray says:

    be different and ask her WHY she thinks like she does.

    This is so huge. I know this is very true of me, and I think it is of many women (though I admit I’m not sure on this), but we want to impress you. We want to work for that look in your eyes that you find us worth your time. Just getting it because we’re women is, well, tedious. It’s got to be the pedestalization, I guess.

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