The Panty Game: 3. Style

Now, let’s dig DEEPER shall we. This is the advanced class. We’ve already gone over the basics of “The panty game”, yesterday we covered what the color indicates. Today we’ll cover the STYLE of the panties. So, guess what STYLE she’s wearing. Once she confirms the color, ask, “Ok, let’s see what ‘style’ you’re sporting for me.” This comment is PERFECT. You’re being assertive and making a claim that she’s already yours. 

Basic bikini- Cool girl. Nothing flashy, just feminine, low maintenance chick.

Thong- order shots if she’s 21. Very possibly a party girl. 18-19, BET on party girl. 21-25, possibly DTF that night. But you could still blow it. I’d bounce this girl a few places. See if she wants to beat you at pool. My favorite line with this girl is, “Let’s make a bet. If I win, you come home with me. If YOU win, I’ll go home with you.” CLASSIC. She WILL laugh. This can be fine tuned for ‘day’ and ‘night’ game. More on that tomorrow.

G-string- this is usually on a woman in a skirt or paint on jeans. Def an exhibitionist. This girl likes doggy style, and compliment her ass. She’s obviously impressed with it and showing it off. If she’s wearing a color that CONTRASTS to the pants (blue jeans, pink g-string/thong), she WANTS you to notice. She’s probably on the carousel. High probability DTF. If she won’t close, you probably blew it and you’re in LJBF land, or expect heavy making out and “touchy feely”. COULD be a tease too. Tease and or no escalation= BAIL. Never contact her again. 

Ruffles, bows, or lacey- DTF. She’s wrapping herself up like a gift. She WANTS you to see this outfit. Be cool, have fun, ask her in for a drink. Now go read “You have her back at your place, now what”. But to be subtle: once at your place, walk her in give her a quick kiss, and ask if she wants the tour. This outfit is the most likely choice for when she’s decided it’s time for her to give it up. She usually won’t admit to wearing this since she wants you to ‘unwrap’ her at your place. 

Boy shorts- Girl next door cool chick. GIRLY. She’ll probably wipe the floor with you in Halo. She likes to tease and play hard to get.  Use TONS of foreplay. Most likely for a younger chick that wants you to “work for it”.

Logo- I LOVE this one. If she’s got something written over her ass or place, she WANTS you to see it. Unless it’s a favorite sports team, which…in that case- propose. Lol. At the very least- Look her in the eye and say lovingly, “I love you.” And act like you’re tearing up. Lol. But usually the choice for younger party girls and cougars that think “I still got it”.

Commando- “Check please”. But to have fun, tell her you don’t believe her and to prove it. When you have her outside (she’s very likely an exhibitionist) get her alone someplace private, kiss her, and feel between her legs.

I think I covered it all. Now. This was learned via personal experience, and knowing MANY MANY MANY women. Most will talk openly about this shit. Tomorrow we’ll break down “Night game Panty Game” and “Day game Panty Game”. YES, there is a PROFOUND difference.

OH. I updated “another brick in her wall” with a picture of the woman i was writing about.

Stay up.

The Panty Game- 2

Yesterday I covered the game itself. TONIGHT, we will discuss the COLOR of the panties. Color tells you a lot about a woman. We started with ‘print or solid’.

Now, if she answer’s ‘print’ you’re basically going for the background/predominant color. This is what my experience has shown me. Women wearing warm colors- red, orange, yellow- tend to be playful, but the closer to red you get, the quicker she’ll sleep with you. Black. Black panties are sexy, they make a woman feel dominant and independent. This woman MIGHT ONS you. If she’s wearing a black pair that turns her on and she’s vamped up; she probably wants you to see her in them. Pink. Another classic. Pink is GIRLY and also mostly likely worn by 18-20 year olds. If you guess and are right, say- “Lemme guess, hello kitty.” Red. I know I listed it in the warm section, but it’s a sign she’s VERY sexual and playful.  Now Blue. Blue is a different animal. Blue is usually the color of an artsy type girl. Even a gamer/nerdy chick.

Now, for my FAVORITE. Flesh colored. Flesh color is a down to earth cool chick. She’s out with you because she generally likes you, and you’ve probably got a LTR possibility with her. She’s a ‘girl next door type’. It’s not a flashy color. It’s a ‘comfortable in my own skin and being around you’ color. Don’t expect more than a kiss. BUT…GO FOR THE KISS. Every LTR I had featured a kiss BEFORE I dropped her off. I’m not talking tounge down the throat make out. “Church tounge”. Lol. Just a quick intimate 2-3 second kiss. Then Back off. It’s shows assertiveness, boldness, and the ‘taking the lead’ function women crave.

Any other color is usually a girls favorite color: purple, green.  This girl will watch football with you.

Yellow and/or Green- she’s a Packers fan. Lol.

Most won’t wear white. But white typically is a good girl’s color. Kiss at the door, expect some cleavage. Lol. But also worn by a girl that’s comfortable with herself, and low-maintenance.

Come back tomorrow for part 3: “What her Style of underwear will tell you”.



The Panty Game

This went from a single post to me rethinking it and breaking it down into 4 parts. This is something I used to run when I was a younger Danny, but I recently did it and thought, “NEW POST!!!!!” Over the next 4 days we will deconstruct how to use a woman’s choice of panties to run game on her, determine her personality, attraction to you, and the difference between it’s application in “day” game and “night” game. Let’s have some fun.

This is a fun little game I used to play with a woman I’m out with. I used it as a tool to determine how quickly I’d “put it in”. And/or get a feel for her personality. Also VENUE is important. If you just met the girl and you’re in a club or bar and she’s at least SORT of dressed up, this works like a charm. If it’s day game and she’s meeting up with YOU she choose what to wear with YOU in mind. More on that later.

After you’re sure she’s comfortable and you’re both settled and aren’t going anywhere soon- ask her, “So what color panties are you wearing?” if she doesn’t crack a smile, bag it. You ain’t getting it, you in LJBF land. And back tracking is supplicating. This girl is VERY uptight. Don’t waste your time/money. Also, if she doesn’t wish to participate- DROP IT.

I’ve RARELY had a girl not crack a smile and look away, or just smile and shake her head, “OMGOOOOD, you’re relentless.” Usually they’ll say that they aren’t going to tell me. So, I tell them if I guess it will she confirm. This is where the hamster comes in. She doesn’t mind telling you, she wants to play this sexy game, and her hamster will tell her I’ll NEVER guess. Please tell her that any derivative or the basic color scheme is off. No mauve, taupe, olive, etc.

Now logistics. I tell her she HAS to answer one question. That question is-

“Print or solid?” This usually gets a BIG smile cuz she knows I’ve narrowed the field tremendously. If you want to make her laugh say, “You’re not wearing your (name the day of the week)’s, are you?” And you  girls reading know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Also, make sure to ask if she’s matching. Differing bra and panties= PSYCHO. Run. That or she lives in her car. Most girls will tell you this is a faux-pas for a “date” or night out.

Now, print means you probably aren’t getting any that night. Also most likely worn by younger girls.

I LOVE the panty game. It’s a great game tactic as it’s intimate, sexy, flirty, bold and assertive. Women LOVE that. It’s a GREAT escalation tactic and it’s CERTAIN to bring out easy to read IOI’s. Plus, a girl on the carousel is ALWAYS down for this game. 


Another Brick in Her Wall

So when last we checked, our intrepid Sailor left Sicily for New Orleans to go to college. I was about 26. I was still hurting over the loss of Sonia. I wasn’t really interested in dating, and really wasn’t pursuing much. I had a few ONS’s and brief flings with girls I met from UNO, but nothing serious.

Then I met Beth. Beth ended up pulled from reserves to work for a year at the base legal office after 9-11. I had seen her once before in clinic, even checked her in for an appointment. Well, a good friend of mine told me he was messing with her. So I never stepped to her. I DID know (by talking to her as I checked her in): she was Mexican, had never really gone into the city, was HOOOOOOOOOT, and was 23. But….I NEVER come on to patients.

One day fate stepped in.

One of my coworkers asked to check her in, I told him she was a walk in for a Doc. He checked her in, then after 5 minutes, said coworker informed me the Doc wanted to see me. I screwed up.

She wasn’t supposed to come in today, I told her to follow up, but she had seen a different Doc. I made a mistake. I apologized to her and Doc said I needed to make it up to her by taking her for ice cream. I informed him her BF wouldn’t approve, she snapped back, “I don’t have a BF.” I apologized to her, and ask Doc to be dismissed. I went back to front desk.

After 10 minutes, she comes to the front desk and said harshly, “When I feel better I’m going to have my imaginary BF beat the crap out you.”

Wow. Talk about an open.

 I was speechless. I told her I really felt bad, and she replied, “Well then, you have to make it up to me.” I asked how she proposed I make it up to her, and she said that she lived in the barracks and her number was in the system. When I figured out how, just call her. And off she went. The ENTIRE front desk witnessed this. One of my female coworkers said, “If you don’t fuck that, I’ll NEVER let you live it down.”

Long story short- we met 4 months before she was set to go back to L.A. I broke every rule with her- We slept together on the first date, and she basically moved in with me. We spent every day together. I fell HARD. Then it call came crashing down on her last weekend in NO.

All the shit above is just filler. THIS is where you need to pay attention-

I was going to UNO, I had class 8-12 each Saturday. I’d go to B’s room and pick her up. I went to her room and knocked on her door. Nothing. I went downstairs and called her room. Voicemail. I went home and didn’t see her all weekend, but i left a few voicemails. I get a call from her SUNDAY around 6pm. She was frantic as she asked what the hell was wrong with me and reminded me she had told me she had a friend flying in to visit. She did in fact tell me this. I told her I forgot, but apologized and then she informed me that her and him….

Yeah, it was a dude.

Spent the weekend in the Quarter and she was showing him around. When I told her she never mentioned a GUY was coming into see her, she went to the classic “you don’t trust me” crap. Then I asked her point blank. “So our last weekend in NO together, did it ever occur to you to maybe spend some time with your BF.” There was a brief pause then….


Well, well, well. I was fucking stunned. I told her I’m glad she had a good time and she’s safe but I needed to go. The following week (she was leaving on a Thursday), was her being argumentative and unreasonable. On Tuesday, I told her, “When my GF gets back tell her to call me, I don’t know who the hell YOU are.” Thursday she showed up at the clinic a docile little lamb. I asked her why she was there and she said she didn’t want to fight and handed me a piece of paper with her address and phone number and told me to stay in touch.

I called 2-3 times but she was cold. Lifeless, a shadow of the bright and beaming girl I knew before. I threw away her number and blew it off as “it was fun while it lasted.” 3 months later, a WALL of depression washed over me. I was a fucking wreck. This is really embarrassing to admit but I was a sorrowful, crying, depressed douche. I’d taken her EVERY WHERE in the city that was dear to me. I couldn’t escape her. My apartment became a prison, and I didn’t want to be there.

I dropped out of college (decided AGAINST trying for my RN), cancelled my shore duty and asked for a ship in Japan. 2 years later I ended up dating what would be my GF for about a year that I ended things with to go to x-ray school. In Spain, she started a myspace page and I saw it on a common “friends” page. We caught up, and started talking on the phone. I found out she went to Iraq and got PTSD. I ended up booking a flight to LA to see her. We got into it before I left and I ended up saying fuck it, never been to LA…I’mma have fun. She called my hotel when I got in and asked me to come over. We…well, you know. It was cool, then on New Years Eve, I was flying out the next day, she asked me to come sleep over, got a migraine an hour later, and went to sleep. I listened to my ipod, then went to sleep.

Next morning she was LIVID that she couldn’t sleep as I listened to my ipod. Dafuck.

Went back to Spain, I quit talking to her. Went to Kuwait, she contacted me before hand, and called me when I got to Pendleton. I lost the signal and she thought I hung up on her. I know. I know. I know. I didn’t try to contact her again.

Then I get to Jax. By now I’m on FB, said myspace common friend had a FB, B ended up on FB….and I commented to common friend that I wish she hadn’t started a page. Come to find out, dude had harbored a crush on B, tried to get with her, and she shot him down.

You can’t make this Soap Opera up. Lol.

So…I’m in Jax. It’s 2010. I had already had the soft harem back in NO. She contacts ME on FB. We start talking. THIS TIME, I wanted fucking answers. We spent about a week sorting through shit. I told her how our “friend” had a crush on her and was hoping he was going to sabotage us by saying I was talking shit about her on FB, that’s why she contacted me. She said she was visiting with our common friend on her last weekend in NO. Which was bullshit because I remember her saying her friend was flying in to visit her. Tsk tsk tsk. I told her I didn’t hold anything against her. By this point…she was 30-31. She claimed that the PTSD made relationships IMPOSSIBLE for her. Then she admitted she wanted to work things out. Then one night something happened and she was PISSED. I got grilled. By this point she admitted she wanted to get married, but I had already taken the red-pill and it was going down slowly, she said she’d never drop her last name…she was gonna hyphenate. I told her I couldn’t marry any woman that was going to hyphenate her name.

I got shit-tested with, “Well I guess I know our future.” I didn’t even reply. But it was in the throes of one of her meltdowns, after a day or two, I was in the shower and “Danny…you don’t need this shit.” popped into my head. I had an epiphany. She hamsterbated me with “That sweet girl you knew in NO is gone. My PTSD killed her.” This was the biggest load of horse shit I had ever heard, and I realized what the truth was- 

She was ALWAYS this way. This meltdown was pretty much the same as her last week in NO. I felt like an absolute asshole.

I rushed out the shower and called her. It was the hardest thing I was ever going to do. I called her, my voice was shaking, and I told her I realized she’s ALWAYS been this way. Her PTSD was just a crutch to give her free rein to be completely unreasonable. I told her, “You’re doing the same thing you did your last week in NO.” This brought out her classic/common, “You know I HATE when you throw old….” I cut her off. “B, I’ll always have feelings for you, I have no regrets, but obviously we aren’t right for each other. Good bye.”

She hung up on me. Then, came a string of angry texts. I turned my phone off.

That was it. I felt the weight of the world leave my shoulders. Yeah I was a little upset, but I KNEW I did something huge. That led me to realize something I’ve told MANY other people and I finally applied it to me. ‘When it comes to relationships, the human animal is as happy as they allow themselves to be.’ Turns out, I was just another brick in her wall.

I was FINALLY unplugged. I KNEW something wasn’t right and finally just walked away. I can blame no one but myself. The pill finally exploded in my stomach. A year later, I found the Sphere. 3-4 months later, I started the site. And 2 years later I score 2 quotes from Roissy. DEE-ZAM. Lol.

Looking back on my situation, I have to laugh at myself for my oneitis, but hey-

Better late than ever.

Stay up.

FB and IM Game

Still working on the oneitis post, so i thought i run this instead.

before i nuked my FB page i used it to hit on women and flirt. it’s easy actually. let’s get started.

post pics of yourself doing interesting  shit. particularly with family and with kids- or your dog.

ALWAYS  comment on “female friends” updates and  pics. i’d leave teases and negs that were pretty overtly sexual and humorous. eventually one of the girls friends would comment on my comment. before you know it, i’ll friend request her. OR sometimes they friend request me. that’s when the fun started.

anytime i’d see her online, i’ll start IM’ing her. PERVY IM’s. she already knew i was pervy so she knew what to expect. i’d start with “doesn’t yer cute ass have anything better to do?” game on. eventually, i’d cop a phone number. THEN. suggest her fly down for a vacay to the beach. we’d split the fare, and well… know.

facebook also provides a GREAT outlet for going alpha. PIC POSTING. notice how girls post TONS of pics. if you want to see guys fuck up on FB, notice how they respond to girls pics. “damn u so hot.” “WOW. pure beauty baby.”


i posted about the girl that posed in playboy (non nude) that i was took out after she caught her BF cheating on her. she posted a pic on her FBof her out in a casual track suit and guys were piling on the compliments. she NEVER addressed guys complimenting on her. well, i commented with, “a track suit. SRSLEE!!!! c’mon, i expect better out of you.” less than 5 minutes later she replied. i continued with the teasing and we each commented 2-3 more times. and that was it.

c whut i did thur?

most guys pile on the compliments when girls post pics of themselves. DO NOT VALIDATE. their hamster is attenshinz whoring.  make her WORK for your approval. don’t compliment her. tease her, neg her. she still gets the male attention she craves, but gets it on YOUR TERMS.

when guys are piling on the compliments. neg the GUY. agree and amplify the compliment with something corny like, “U suh PURDEE. ZOMG, let get married tomorrow.” i’ve ALWAYS had a girl respond to those. it’s aloof and silly and you’re pushing ahead of the beta douches that will NEVER see her naked. maybe you won’t either, but i guarantee you have a better shot than the other guys.

tha banging little hard 9 i met on deployment had a FB pic where her cleavage was SPILLING out of her shirt and guys were trying to slick and compliment her eyes. i followed one guys comment with, “actually that the look she gives you as she reaching for pepper spray.” she commented (had NO repsonses to comments before mine) with, “hahahaha. you always know what on my mind danny.”


when it comes to texting an IM’s i’m a HUGE fan of opening with a text, waiting for a response, then reframing with, “sool, so….what are you wearing.” you should be able to guage whether to escalate or not. i keep it light until she she flirts back and i’ll reply with, “wait a sec. yup, my penis approved of that.” her response will tell you to proceed or back off. late night texts are great, because she might be tipsy and get pervy quicker. lol.

so quit sucking up, and start teasing. use FB and a womans attention seeking to meet women on FB and practice your game. i’ve already showed you how easy it is, so give it a try. or, just tweak what you’re doing now. i mean, what have you got to lose.

stay up

My Best-Friend Saved me from Marriage

 This is for the guys that have taken the red-pill and are considering marriage. I admit that I have no interest in marriage, but I DO prefer LTR’s to ONS’ing and serial dating. But I will wholeheartedly admit.

I ALMOST got married.

We’re all familiar with my living in Italy and Spain. Well, when I was at my A-school to become an HM in San Diego, I met a solid 8 in Tijuana. Met her 2 months before transferring to Charleston. I was DONE. She was great. I was considering staying in SD just to keep the relationship going. But I realized I joined the navy to travel. And I NEEDED to go to the east coast to be eligible for orders to Europe. Sadly, I ended it and told her I was being sent to Charleston.

She was cool about it, and I ended up in Charleston where I began my “player training” for the next 2 years where I had my first soft harem. Eventually, I was in Sicily, had my first local GF (lasted about 7 months), and was single for almost a year (I was too busy running all over Europe).

Just under a year of transferring I met Sonia. I’ve spoken about her before. About 3 months into it, I was hers. But….I was up for orders. I ended up getting orders to NO, and I was planning on getting out to go back to school. I had to end it, DESPITE wanting to stay with her. I KNEW I had to bring it up right away

How I met Sonia- I was in Catania in the infamous piazza collegio. I waved at her when she stopped walking with a friend. Now Italian girls are VERY receptive to flirtation. It’s simple, just say hello. They ALWAYS welcome meeting a new person. And per social norms, she’s “fast” if she approaches you. I number closed her and called her 2 days later and said I wanted to meet up for lunch. I met her at the bus-station (I didn’t have a car) and told her I didn’t know the city that well. Considering I spoke VERY good Italian I should have known she’d have sensed it was BS and told her I just didn’t know many good “tratorrie” for lunch. She recommended a small café and we had coffee (ok SHE had espresso and I had cappuccino) and ate. We walked around Catania where I escalated to holding hands, and eventually made out. She was VERY receptive to escalation.

On the second hang out she asked me about American food. She learned about my cooking and as I named some typical American dishes she suggested I make her something.

See where this is going.

She took a cab to my apartment in Motta, and I had already had the cooking jambalaya. She had NEVER had Cajun before. She hadn’t even heard the word before. I got her a glass of wine and showed her around the house. We sat and chatted in my palatial living room and talked and about every 10 minutes I went to check the rice. When it was done she dug in (Italian’s are PASSIONATE about eating) and of course she LOVED it. She went to the bathroom and came back naked. 

I learned from my first local GF that most Italian girls LOVE anal sex. WINSAUCE.

Within 2 months she was staying at my pad in between semesters. I kept a drawer with some Lira in it so she could pay cabbies. See I was a millionaire in Sicily. It’s not normal for local guys to have their own place in their 20’s. Even more uncommon is for local guys to be APPRECIATIVE of women’s domestic crap. Within 3 months I was GONE. I was off the market. For the first time in my life I was considering marriage.

By this point in my life ALL my immediate friends were getting married and looking at me like a weirdo for not being married.  I can honestly say Sonia was the first woman that made me re-prioritize my life. I was a happy-go-lucky Sailor spinning my wheels. Sonia made me want to get my shit together. I KNEW I needed to step up so I could support us.

I had NEVER thought that before.

I was about to leave Sicily and Sonia knew about it. I told her I didn’t want to stop seeing her, but if she decided to quit me, I’d understand. She was obviously upset, but said she understood and appreciated my honesty. I knew I needed advice. I was VERY conflicted.

I called my best friend. He had been with his GF for 10, read…..not married; but he finally proposed.  made small talk (we hadn’t spoken in 3 years) when he finally asked me, “So….who is she?” I was dumbstruck. He mentioned me not talking to him for years and I always asked for girl advice from him. I gave the story and he paused.

“D….do you love this girl?” I immediately said yes.

“Ok….fair enough. Now. Can you imagine waking up everyday with this woman every day. For the rest of you LIFE?” I paused. I thought about it for a second. The MOMENT I spoke he stopped me.

“Nope….don’t do it. You aren’t ready.”

I asked him how he knew and he said both questions are vital to maintain a marriage. Any man that can’t answer immediately is NOT ready for marriage. “It’s like asking if you love your mother. OF COURSE you do. It’s the same with loving a woman. When you know. YOU.KNOW.”

About 2 months before I left I saw her less and less. One day I called her house and her mom informed me she had moved to Germany to stay with her sister. I was crushed. But I knew and understood why she moved.

I told my best friend when I got to NO. And he said, “D…..that girl’s gonna be hurt for a LONG time. This is gonna sting for a while. Don’t let it keep you from doing what you left her to do.” I knew what he was saying, but he was right. It stung.

It stung until I met the woman that became the root of my oneitis. To be continued tomorrow.

But the main point of this post is the parallels between the 2 women I mentioned. I cared VERY deeply for both and both were WAAAAAY too attractive for my dumb ass, but I put the priorities of my LIFE before them.

And I have ZERO regrets.

There have been women in and out of my life for as long as can I remember. As Deti has said, “there will always be another woman.” I know there are TONS of women out there. Right now, I’m a point in my life where a LTR is just a bad idea and I’ve told people I KNOW I won’t be in another LTR until I retire and get set up. TBH, if I DON’T it’s ok.

I always have Brody.

So remember guys. Make your destiny your priority. DO NOT make women your priority. Go where the road takes you. A good woman will happily follow you on your journey and break her neck to help you get there. When you do- time for a new journey.

Stay up.

Songs of the Women I’ve Loved

the first time, i was 16. i was a life guard at a country club by paw-paws. everyone had their hookups, but i was single. then this girl showed up to spend the summer with her aunt. she was honduran, and we spent the summer together. i WILL send now and summer pics to validate this to a prominent blogger. she WAS a virgin when we started.

look, it was like 1993, i was a z-cavaricci, oak tree dressing club kid. lol. don’t judge me. besides, spanish speaking chicks LOVE this sub genre of music.

i was 26. living in sicily. girl had a whole album that reminds me of her. the first song listed, she would ask me to sing to her. i put on a show. when the guitar kicks in, i went apeshit, and she’s roll over in laughter. i had the songs posted translated into italian by the translator that worked with us so she could REALLY understand the poetry in these songs.

oh, and these guys are fucking NERDS. lol.

the final verse in this song is one of the most poetic and beautiful things i’ve ever heard. “I’m lonelier than God.” perfect. and….it’s a reference to sex.

my case of oneitis. met her when i was 27. got over it at 34. YES i did date others. but she still haunted me. again. interpol’s turn on the bright lights is all about her to me. at least back then it was. still…’s a GREAT piece of work. dark, brooding, and very sexual.

stella. i’ve mentioned this song before on “3 stella’s”

“i’ll stand by all this drinking if it gets me through these days.” lol. God did i suck.

ok. i DID love this girl. but i knew she wasn’t right for me long term. and she as much as she cared about me. she did TAKE CARE of me. i had to let her go. i was her learning experience in the SMP. she’s now married and has a kid. haven’t spoken to her since 2008. but i’m happy in the knowledge that she found what she was looking for. and….it’s fucking SHOEGAZER. winsauce.

as an aside. this song popped up unexpectedly shortly after dropping oneitis girl. LOVE this song. the BEST “fuck off” song for a dude. the red pill sits firmly in this dudes stomach.