My Humble Beginnings and My First Soft Harem

Decided to kick off 2013 with a post for the younger readers. I’ve decided to try and post more for the younger readers that are coming up. Which means stories of my successes and failures from the past. I guess I’ll be explaining how I got where I am.

Let’s do dis’ Lucas.

I arrived in Charleston October of 1996. I was 20. I accidently slept with an Officer I picked up at the Tree House, a house club back then. Total accident as in we didn’t realize we were Military. Funny story.  Long story short- the next morning I noticed her uniform in her closet. I asked her if she were Military and she told me she was an Ensign. Once she realized I was an E-1, she started to freak. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Thanks Ma’am.” She looked HORRIFIED. Her name was Rachel and she was a 23 year old Nurse. We kept it secret of course, but every time we passed each other I’d greet her with a smile and a, “Hello Ma’am.” She return the greeting and blush slightly. My LPO caught on eventually and asked, “You cutting into the nurse corps Danny?” I simply replied not a chance in hell and walked away. lol.

Back to the point of this post. I was at the same club when I saw this BANGING Indian chick. I watched and waited and finally ascertained she was there alone. I approached and said, “Well, you look like you’re having fun.” And smiled. She smiled back and said she just wanted to get out of her room for a while. We talked for about ten minutes and I got her number. I told her I’d be in touch and I went back to my friends. I called a few days later and we talked a few times before I ended up going to her dorm and we fooled around. I found out she was a virgin. Eventually I called her and I told her I wanted to see “Interview with a Vampire.”  She –


She agreed and we saw the movie. And then she asked to see my place. Now, by this time we’d fooled around enough when she asked to go back to my room. We’d never gone to room before, and I lived in the barracks. She knew I was Navy and she didn’t care that I was a POS HR (E-1). Well her parents owned a hotel in Myrtle Beach and I suggested we go to Myrtle Beach and she told me, “Um, look Danny listen, this is fine and all but this is all this will ever be. I can never introduce you to my family.”


“I never mentioned meeting your parents, I just wanna visit MB. “ The red flags flew up like a mother fucker. This was obviously something that had been on her mind for a minute. I didn’t know anything about shit tests and everything back then, I was just a young, dumb and full of cum 20 year old Sailor. But I KNEW something wasn’t right. I don’t know why, but I just let it go. Look girl was a hard 9 with a slamming body.

Well, one night we were out getting wings and I made a comment about a waitress and she got annoyed. Now, my game was pretty raw back then, but I was schooled by some SERIOUS players that were my best friends in Charleston. I looked at her, and reaffirmed that “this is all this is ever going to be.” When she nodded that it was, then I informed her that that meant I could fuck other women if I wanted. Her face went blank, “You’ve been fucking other women?” I knew I had her. I told her “maybe, hell why shouldn’t I, you’ve made it to where I’m basically a booty call, so why shouldn’t I offer my services to other women.” Then I told her I wasn’t fucking other women, but said, if it came along, I should. That didn’t go over too well with either.

“I will NOT be the only one with rules in this little dynamic. From here on out, I’m instilling my own stipulations. The first being, is if I meet someone who might be relationship minded, I’ll pursue it.” She said that if I did, just let her know and we’d end things. I kept my frame and told her, that if she gets to keep me a secret from her family, I get to keep her a secret from “other girls”.

Needless to say the drive home was pretty silent, but I FELT.GREAT. I KNEW I had done something serious. As soon as I dropped her off, I went to my boys apartment where 2 of the 3 players lived and told then what went down. Ray (the oldest of all 4 of us) told me I held my ground and asserted myself, then told me to hang back a bit and wait for her to call. I told him that would probably take forever. He laughed and said, “yeah, 2-3 days TOPS. Trust me, she’s gonna stew over this one. Remember, you took her virginity.” I told him about the stipulation she made by coming out of the blue her family. Ray told me, what I had done was taken away her power. She was holding all the cards, she had it all: she was getting dick, commitment, and then when she was done with me, she was just going to me go. I was right to shake things up, but since I took her virginity she just couldn’t “forget me” and she actually did have feelings for me. I was assured she’s call.

2 days later she called.

She told me she didn’t like the idea that I would sleep with other women. I told her I didn’t like that fact that I was being used. She asked me how I was being used and I explained what Ray had broken down to me. She went silent for a moment and started crying. She told me she never thought about that way before and she never meant to hurt me. I told her I wasn’t upset, but I wanted her to see things from my perspective. She explained that her family was very traditional, and she could never marry a non-Indian man. I completely understood that. Basically, I started my first soft harem. I saw her less, but I started banging one of the waitresses at the steak house I was working at. Then I started banging the sister of one of the waitresses. I had my first soft harem.

I still saw the Indian chick, but I started seeing her less. She was actually busy with school. Eventually, she told me she met someone and she wanted to start dating him. And that what she was doing to me was unfair. I never quite got it, but I told whatever she thought was best for her. I needed Ray’s sage-like wisdom. Ray told me-

“She met a dude that was going to toe the line about her parents and not care that she’d dump him when she was done with him. Basically she found a simp, she’s probably fucked him already. So she’s ripping the band-aid off now. Trust me, she’s NEVER going to forget you. Besides aren’t you tapping those 2 Latina chicks?”

It all made sense.

I kept up with the 2 Latina’s until I transferred to Italy. Lina knew about Kenyis, but Kenyis was clueless. She was the typical “hot headed” Latina- Panamanian. Lina was more laid back- Puerto Rican. Aside from the 2 Latina’s I was usually tapping one of the girls in the barracks. EVERYONE in the barracks knew about Kenyis and Lina because we were fucking in my room. Guys would stand by my door to listen to them scream “PAPI, MAS DURO, MAS DURO, DA ME SU UESO PAPI!!!!! SI PAPI SI!!!!” I know this because they told me. once, after Kenyis pissed me off, I told the guys I’d give them a treat. I cracked the curtain at the foot of my bed to give the guys JUUUUST enough room and told them STFU. I had Kenyis ride me reverse cowgirl, and I pulled her hair back and let the guys watch her fuck me. I was the BEQ hero. Now the interesting this was that ALL THE GIRLS knew about this so I usually had first pick at a new girl when one arrived at the BEQ. You know how girls are. One was a good friend and she told me they would say, “Oh, yeah, that’s Danny. He’s the local slut. He fucks these 2 Spanish girls.” On weekends everyone would drink and go from room to room. Eventually I’d meet the new girl, and they usually asked, “So I hear you’re the local slut.” I used to use a line from “Don Juan DeMarco” that went, “No no no no. I NEVER use women, I just GIVE them pleasure. And it is of course the greatest pleasure they’ll ever know.” Cheesy, but it worked. 2-3 drinks later I had her knees to the sky and clawing my back.

I hope you guys got the message from this post.

First, FRAME IS EVERYTHING. I took control with Indian chick and asserted myself.

Lastly, my time in Charleston proves Game and red-pill philosophy DOES work. The sexual double standard exists. Sorry, but it’s true. When a woman know a 5’4” mediocre douche is banging 2 hard 8 and 9 Latinas…..they HAVE to know what’s so special about him. Young women, well at least MOST young women, cannot resist a cad. But this phenomenon typically runs true only with younger women.

Running a soft harem requires decent time management, and yes, can entail lying. Like I said, I was 21 at the time. But you can’t beat variety, especially in your 20’s.

Stay up.

4 Comments on “My Humble Beginnings and My First Soft Harem”

  1. Wald says:

    Stay up good sir. I am starting to see a similar dynamic as I am getting more advanced with game and going through Au Pairs.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Good on you. A soft harem is def a great option for a non marriage mined or young man.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Brian says:

        I will say that a soft harem can be challenging if you already have a demanding career and also compete at the level that I do. But I do always find it amusing that the woman I’m involved with (a model) has had a slew of professional athletes and very wealthy men showering her with gifts and attention…but I’m the one she’s madly in love with. I especially enjoy nights where she starts commenting on me being a slut because I’ve been with so many women, because those are the nights I know she’s going to want it especially rough and animalistic.

        It’s no coincidence, I’m sure, that those nights she is the most aware of my sexual history (which she actually assumes is even higher than the actual count) always seem to be in close proximity to when she’s ovulating.

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