i want all of you reading to get your hands on “Elegy” and watch it, then watch it again, and again. it’s game 101. old, ugly, but alpha dude; hot as fuck girl that bangs old dude. learn from it…..and get to see penelope cruz nakie in the precess. it covers EVERY facet of the male perspective within the SMP- banging a hottie, insecurity, delving into a relationship….

look, the protagonist is a divorced MGHOW, and a PLAYER. did i mention penelope cruz NAKED in much of the film.

this movie provides such a great red-pill blue print that i can’t stress it enough. I like tha fact that it doesn’t end happily and the story itself is amazing.

your looks, your age….DOES NOT MATTER. just be interesting and have game. after that, all else is irrelevant. a quick snippet.

Also, update on a girl from a burger place that remembered me. She gave me my receipt and told me her name  was highlighted and she would appreciate me doing the survey she highlighted. I answered with, “Yeah i see your name, but there’s no phone number.” She just smiled and said, “Sorry, no phone. But my boy-friend has one.” She was VERY cool about it. I just smiled and told her he’s a lucky fellah and drove to work.

Oh, well. At least I tried. tomorrow night, I’ll share a trick I learned to use in Clubs/Bars, and a comaptibility test you’ve never heard of.

Saty Up.

9 Comments on “Elegy”

  1. freddy says:

    Mr Danny, where is your RSS feed button, I may be blind but I’m sick of only coming to your site from the delusion damage front page. Also I’d like a copy of the Christmas card, my apologies for lateness.

  2. MissMarie says:


  3. Sean says:

    She’s got great apples indeed. Just finished watching it about half an hour ago. He’s not the most alpha guy I’ve ever seen (that’s a serious dose of oneitis but amidst a quasi-soft harem) but a pretty decent movie.

  4. RojoC says:

    Holy shit her eyes. Goddamn. Mmmmm

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