The Grudge Fuck and the Sweetest Revenge

i was in italy, in between gf’s and i was still learning about how bad the SMP is in the military.

i had an apartment in Motta’ Sant Anastacia, just outside Catania(Sicily). my next door neighbor was a pretty popular guy and he aways had parties which included girls from the base. i was ALWAYS walking right in the house and mingling. i met a girl that came by my place 2-3 times. BUT……she’d never fool around and LJBF’ed me. i quit letting her come over after the third time she pulled that shit.

fast forward just over a year. i was stationed and new orleans and she ended up getting orders there as well. since i knew her, i was appointed as her sponsor. that means i pick her up from the airport and help her check in. got an email from her and she was seemingly happy i was her sponsor. now, i knew this girl. she was a party girl. red hair, HUGE tits, 4’11, solid 7.

i finally found her at the airport and predictably, she wanted to go straight the the Quarter after she dropped off her luggage at my place. you see, it was too late for me to bring her to the base to check into the barracks so she HAD to stay at my place that night. so….we went to bourbon, and she wanted a Hurricane. so i took her to Pat’O’s and she got one. when i told her only tourists drink hurricanes and that locals down Hand Grenades she wanted one. we went to tropical isle and i got her one. then she wanted another. i told her that that wasn’t a good idea. she bought one anyway.

as we walked bourbon it was clear she was feeling it. now, this girl could throw down. she held up, but i ended up having to take her off the streets. we went back to my apartment and as we approached my door i asked her how fucked up she was. she answered, “drunk enough to fuck.”

well well well.

now, this girl had a BF. she talked to him an hour before we went into the city. now i knew she messed around in italy so i was SUPER serious about wrapping up. well, she kept trying to take off my condom. look, i was on a mission here. i was banging this girl HARD. pure jungle fucking. choking, hard doggy, bending her legs back hard, hair pulling; all the moves. after about an hour of fucking i was annoyed, and decided to shower. she joined me about 5 minutes into it and next thing you know, i have her bent over, facing the back of the shower and we’re going at it.

it’s VERY rare i go raw, but considering i did, i knew i was gonna finish soon. then it hit me. as i felt myself about to pop, i pushed into her HARD, and finished. i slowed my pace and eventually she gave me the fish eye and said, “OH FUCK NO!!!!!!! YOU DIDN’T!!” i apologized and told her i couldn’t help it, but secretly i was giggling inside. when she asked me how i could brick inside her i told her , “Sorry, but tell your BF i said thanks.”

asshole. YES, i admit it. but i HAD to get back for the bullshit she put me through. and i did. i ended up banging her again on sunday and after i got her to the clinic, i ignored her. she got fat, and she ended up an SMP cliche. but hey, at least i got it in her prime.

18 Comments on “The Grudge Fuck and the Sweetest Revenge”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Danny DNA pickled her womb.

    She had it coming.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Took her to get her plan B Monday when she checked in.

      The scare was worth it though.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Vicomte says:

        Something tells me that wasn’t her first time at the rodeo.

        On a related note, Plan B makes for a very useful slut-screening technique. Casually bring it up in a conversation, and your sluts will immediately respond how much it hurts their wittle insides.

        Tell your friends, kids.

  2. Keanu says:

    lol @ viconte.

    RRRg. Angry sex. I’m guessing this was a while back? Would you consider it one of your first journeys into the the dark side were you already there?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah, this was 2000. and i had left my dark game days, but she brought it back out in me.

      let’s be clear. she flashed her tits on bourbon, got drunk, i showed her how much i knew about the city which impressed her, AND she mentioned the sex before i ever did. IOI’s like a mother.

  3. -She- comes into the shower, you fuck, and then -she- gets moody because you cum inside her? Semen tends to be fired when having sex without a condom… It’s not exactly rocket science. Oh, the irony. Women are hilarious sometimes.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It was her hamster disappearing and the reality of “you just cheated on your bf, and NOW there could be proof in a few months” moment. Lol.

    • Chewie says:

      And she went for another round with you after the trip to the clinic? That’s too much. I get the idea of getting revenge, but it isn’t for me. More power to you for doing it, though. What gets me is that she talks to her boyfriend after arriving in the city and proceeds to act as though she’s never heard of the guy with you.

      Something tells me her and that guy didn’t too last much longer. She sounds like a loose cannon.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        No no no.

        I was going to drop her off at the base Sunday. She thought I was going to drop her off and take back to the quarter. When she realized she was going spend all day in the BEQ with nothing to do she asked to sleep over one more day. I told her no.

        When I told her she could only sleep over if I could hit it again. She begrudgingly agreed to fuck again.

        And no, they broke up about a month later when she started fucking this other guy on the base.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • maven8 says:

        another chick hits the wall…

        however, it was risky if she decided she wants baby – you will have to spend time with cheating chick

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        you call it blackmail, i call it “i ain’t a fucking hotel”. put out or get out. is it harsh, YEAH. but it’s honest. lol.

        plus, after what she put me through in italy, she DESERVED it.

  4. redpillwifey says:

    Oh man, military chicks. Hilarious.

    I really need to post some military stories.

  5. deti says:

    What a story. Trouble is, I can believe it. Pre red pill I used to genuinely wonder about the stuff women did: cheating on BFs with me for a fling, then me thinking “how come you don’t wanna dump your BF and get with me?” And the way they would act — jeez. Go from clear thinking to dumb and back again.

  6. Athor Pel says:

    Once I found how easy it was to seduce women I lost the last shreds of feminist-society induced respect I had for them. I’ve always been an enabler or petty corrupter of girl’s morals but once I figured out the depth of their inborn weakness, that was all she wrote.

    It comes down to this, if it’s ok with you then it’s ok with her. Enforcing your frame is everything.

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