Getting my Roosh On

Roosh has eastern Europe covered. i’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in Spain, and Italy. when i lived in italy i was in my mid 20’s and went all over europe. european guys clean house when they come to the US, so- take a play from their book. if you have the means and decide to travel to europe- here are the countries i did best in.

england, scotland, ireland. CLEANED HOUSE when i went out. post up next to some girls, and order a beer. when the barkeep asks you what type you want- act confused. you see: for the uninitiated in england it’s not just beer. it’s: lager, cider, port, stout, ale, etc. then it’s pint or half-pint. sound as AMERICAN as possible when you order. and be within earshot of the lasses. i ALWAYS had a girl ask if i were american. next thing you know. i’m part of the group, and had typically singled one out that was going to take me back to her flat or come back to my TINY hotel.

pro tip- if you go to a major city, find the local college and hit up the college bar. it’s OPEN SEASON. i closed 2 a night at uni of edinburgh once i discovered the local college. and pub crawls. pub crawls ALWAYS have tourist chicks that are dtf.

italy- italian and latin language country women are VERY open sexually. now since i lived in italy, by the second “date” it was pretty clear we were headed to relationship, and the sex came naturally after spending VERY LITTLE time and talking on the phone. i never ONS’ed an italian girl. but after i learned italian, i found them VERY easy to approach.

spain- lived in spain for 3 years. i only slept with one local girl in cadiz. my hunting ground was the hotel behind my house. it always had a bunch of english, swedish, and german girls. i’d hit up the hotel bar around midnight (in europe clubs are DEAD until 1-2). everyone pre-game’s before going to the clubs at 3. there was a club about a 5 minute walk from my house at 3 Bayo Ramon Valdez in el puerto de santa maria. the girls are pretty down, so i’d recommend Madrid and Barcelona. if you can, ibiza in the summer is always great. never made it out to the canary islands, but heard a few good stories about the night life out there. marbella is TIT’S. is where celebs go to vacay, and it’s on the med. the beach (la playa) is money. sleep late, lounge at the beach, get some digits, and sleep. get to the bars around 11-12. the clubs don’t go off until after 2. don’t forget siesta is 1/2-5/6.

germany- i had to work, but eventually landed a german chick. they LOVE brotha’s in germany. thusly, my having to make an effort. but oktoberfest in munich can’t be beat. when i finally saw munich, i closed a swedish chick. i ended up banging a 19 year old girl who was visiting her brother in kaiserslauten on my weekend trip to Prague, then closed a blonde AF girl on the same tour. the AF close was easy since they LOVE navy guys, especially navy guys with ties to the Marine’s. the civilain chick took a little work, but vacay lowers a woman’s defenses and makes them more likely to sleep with you.  

Prague- i LOVE prague. it’s cheap, it’s beautiful, pub crawls OWN here. i sight see all day, drink all night. the local girls LOVE american men. they always have a bunch of single tourist girls. on pub crawls. ask the guy/girl doing the pub crawl what bars/clubs are best that locals go to. prague (next to spain) is one of the only 2 places i have pics from. i’ll post pics when i get home from work. but i think prague was hands down my fave spot. it was also my only real misadventure in eastern europe. i highly recommend the A. Mucha musuem in the main square and watch the clock tower at noon/midnight. AMAZING.

the game plan is always the same. get a hotel close to the action, in the UK get a B and B. sight see all day. sleep from 6-10, and head out at around 11-12. ENJOY THE CITY. eat new foods, visit historic sights. when i got to italy i was fresh face and eager to see the world. i’d send pics home with elaborate details of the site. by the time i left 3 years later the pics read the name of the place and the city. it was just ANOTHER CASTLE/Church. lol. if any of you reading care, i’ll do another post regarding asia. i’ve been to about 7-8 countries in asia including australia.
tomorrow’s post will feature my first adult decision and WHY i ended up in the Navy.

stay up.

13 Comments on “Getting my Roosh On”

  1. Maybe your reason is much more entertaining than why I ended up in the Navy.

  2. Senior Beta says:

    Looks like Roosh finally has a foreign pussy competitor. Even if your history a little dated. One thing for sure; you were in a hell of a lot more interesting, historically, places than Latvia, Poland or the Ukraine. And got your pussy too. Not bad, HM1.

  3. deti says:

    Like. And interesting how Euro women perceive American men, esp ones with natural game. It’s like “Oooooh, I’ve never seen one of THESE before. I’d like to try it.”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      In Italy I fell in love every 10 minutes. The gf would catch me staring and roll her eyes. When I’d apologize, she’d say, “‘e una cosa di uomini.”

      “It’s a man thing.”

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. nonymous says:

    Australia is a continent…..

  5. ASF says:

    Danny your experiences in Italy are very different from all of the reports one hears about Italian girls: that they are not easy, and are heavily social circle. Now you did live there, and weren’t there on a 2 week or 2 month poosy pillage, and you do have your danny game. 🙂

    Tip about college bars is def a good one in any city.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It’s difficult to explain. You have to experience it. They typically won’t ONS you. But you spend some time. Feel the chemistry, and by the second time time hanging out, it just happens.

      But it’s not like this process where she’s making you jump through hoops. We’d walk around Catania, have a coffee, grab a cheap bite to eat, hole hands, flirt, make out. Date complete. If she see’s you agian…..

      You WILL see her naked soon.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. pops3284 says:

    Do you know A lot of languages? I know visiting the country is probably the easiest method, but it there any other way that is not expensive like roseta stone to learn the language

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