Attitude and Balls

anyone remember the yawn-fest of a BCS title game? if you do, maybe you recall a certain old commenter calling alabama’s QB gf “beautiful” and being wowed over her looks. then MAYBE you recall all the BS in the MSM about his “inappropriate” comments. and MAYBE you know she went on record and said there was no reason ESPN should have made the old man apologize to her. well, here’s a NICE little update and interesting little update to the whole matter. OH, this is another funny little facet to add. and i’m just posting this link because i hate alabama with enough passion to fuel 5 suns. FUCK THE TIDE!!!!!!!!!

alabama’s center decided to call an audible. then when the QB went into a diva hissy fit knowing he’s going to be picked in the 7th round of the draft and get cut in training camp only to run a car dealership in mobile, the center decided to put mccarron in check.

he might be a spoiled diva bitch, but he’s totally controlling the frame with girl.

9 Comments on “Attitude and Balls”

  1. taterearl says:

    You’d think he’s controlling the frame until you see this video. Deer in the headlight look.

    Now as for me…I’d shrug it off, say “cool”, and start looking to tag the runner up Miss Alabama.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yup. he’s a self conscious diva. she’ll dump him eventually.

      • taterearl says:

        Another reason she’ll dump him is because a story I read she is living in Cali and was tired of the players there and wanted to date a nice southern gentleman.

        Makes me want to head to the south…they have some fine women and brainwashed guys.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Us southern boys do have a certain appeal.

        He’s a douche though. But you gotta respect her complete surrender to make him happy. She’s a good egg.

  2. deti says:

    Maybe I’m dumb. I know I’m missing the point.

    Is the point that McCarron was a diva on the field and a beta because he can’t figure out why his GF got all this attention for her looks?

    Or is the point that McCarron’s not really alpha. Sure he has a hot GF but he was a bitch on the field and the center called him on the carpet for being a bitch?

  3. CLG says:

    I fucking hate the Tide (Get’em Gata), and I loved watching that. O-line are usually the smartest guys on the team and the center is AJ’s Roommate. You gotta respect that there is something important you might be missing if your center is contradicting you like that. that was like watch one dog skull f*** another.

  4. ARoss says:

    If A.J is a beta, would that make Te’o a Delta or Gamma for having a fake girlfriend?

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