Watching a Wolf Work

Still working on the new post and since it is somewhat serious, I want to take it slow. So here’s a quick nugget. For you to learn from.

One of my coworkers is a former goalie for a MAJOR Uni and has landed a more ass than I could ever hope to have hit. He’s married now and even though his wife is cool as shit, his past is a no-no subject matter around her.

Well there’s a girl, VERY cute and whenever she comes our way he negs the shit out of her. And she always looks at me (since I’m the Senior ranking person there and he out ranks her) and says, “you need to do something about him. He’s mean.” And she walks off pouting.

And for the record- I’ve gamed this girl before and let her know I have NO interest in military girls.

Anyone care to deconstruct what my boy was doing?

[edit- she’s attracted to him. But he knows she’s the typical navy attention whore. While she’s trying to be cute, he shuts her down. He’d NEVER cheat on his wife. He’s already had a ton of pussy. She knows she’s not going to get over on him so she has to trump him by bringing me, the senior guy to “do something about him”.
This is the same girl that when I go to her dept to talk to my friends, she pops up out of nowhere because she hears us laughing and talking loud and having a good time. And she wants to be a part of the “boy fun time”. We ignore her. Lol.

25 Comments on “Watching a Wolf Work”

  1. Lou Sanus says:

    sounds like one hell of an (unintentional) wingman play. if he is the wolf, then you are the lion. thank him with a round, then go in for the kill.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Fostering an orderly work environment through management of inflated self-concept among junior enlisted personnel?

    Target practice?

  3. BC says:

    He’s too alpha to be using hard negs like that. He attracts just by being himself. The neg is used to realign or reverse relative sexual rank (i.e., take the girl off her pedestal so that she is lower rank than you, thus turning her into the pursuer instead of the pursued), so when a guy of obviously higher sexual rank negs a girl, it has a harshly disqualifying (negative) effect instead of a tingle-inducing effect.

    There are some guys who just need to be themselves and be cool.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      nah, he’s cool. i giggle on the inside while he’s working her. you’re right about the pedestal though. but….she know’s NOTHING about his playing hockey or working SAR.

    • Jedi says:

      Bro, if he’s a natural hard alpha he’ll be throwing what look like “Negs” as part of his natural way of being around women.

      Remember that this “game” stuff is just reverse engineered from what alpha types do naturally.

  4. M3 says:

    Keeping a very cute girls ego in check?

  5. Faust says:

    Christ, I have no idea.
    I’ll lay out my thoughts, though.
    1.) Usually you neg a girl as a kind of flirting. It’s an opener. If his wife is cool he’s probably not looking to sleep around.
    2.) Is he negging her just out of habit? I know some guys who are like that. But that’s probably not it, given the subject of your post.
    3.) Roissy said that negs are for when you’re a lower SMV than your target. Knocking them off the pedestal, as BC said. If you’re higher than her, it’s likely to scare them off altogether. So if he’s married, he could be doing it just to keep her away. Again, though, that’s not really “a wolf working”.

    So yeah, I’ve got nothing. Looking forward to hearing the answer.

  6. taterearl says:

    Keeping his game tight for his wife.

  7. driversuz says:

    Is she pursuing him, or has she in the past? If her interest is a risk to his (professional) reputation, might he be punishing her by making her want him more?

    Or maybe he thinks you need help, so he’s steering her toward you.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No. He wants nothing to do with her. We deal with girls like this all the time in the navy. She’s an attention whore, and we laugh after she leaves our dept.

      She not pursuing him, just seeking validation, but she does find him attractive. Thus my boy negging her. He knows what he’s doing, and I have to stiffle giggles as he works her.

  8. Athor Pel says:

    Is this like playing keep away? She wants the validation, (the ball), but you guys keep it just out of her finger’s reach.

    Sounds like you’re torturing an entitled princess. I heartily endorse this practice. Carry on.

    I do have some questions though. Are the negs veiled, in that they are back handed compliments or otherwise easily disavowed? Or are they soft negs like you would use on a little sister that you actually love? Or are they blatant and indignation causing negs that you would use to shut up a loud mouth?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      precisely. it’s all the above. she getting attention, just not the attention she expects. she brings ME into it since she can’t tell him something since he out ranks her. but….

      i out rank both of them. lol.

  9. CLG says:

    IMO negging her like that takes the sex out of it. Takes her from the “cute temptress” to the fat kid from the goonies. If she were really bothering him hard, he would either be viscous or ignore her completely. So if he is not into her, than the negging takes the sexuality out of it and makes her the tag along kid who always wants to play football with the bigger kids and ends up being asked to be the human field goal.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      wow. ok. he’s just not feeding into her “i want attention” attitude. he’s giving her attention, just not the kind she’s wanting/expecting. his being married is irrellevant. i flirt with married women ALL the time. attraction is attraction, and women can’t fake attraction.

  10. redpillwifey says:

    I’d guess he does it just cause it’s just good ol’ fashioned fun to make a girl squirm. Or at least I imagine that it is.

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