Betas ask Alphas DO- Redux

back in spain, i overheard one of the guys talking abut taking his first trip with his wife in europe. he was 22, married 1 year. he told his wife to pick any place she wanted to go, and they’d go there for their first vacay in europe. of course….wifey couldn’t decide. this is where i stepped in.

“big mistake dude. NEVER ask her to choose. your best bet is to find out what interests her and plan that trip, then DON’T tell her about it. just tell her to pack her shit and what type of clothes she’ll need. DO NOT tell her where you are going until you get to the terminal.”

women LOVE a man with a plan. had a girl fly in from the states to visit me in spain, and i booked a weekend paris getaway. i NEVER told her about it until thursday (we flew out friday morning) afternoon. she went apeshit wanting to know where we were going. expect that, hold the frame. you might say it’s beta to take a woman to paris, but i wanted to go- and hell, she flew to spain to fuck me. if you fed-ex the pussy, i WILL reward you. plus….who the fuck DOESN’T want to spend a weekend in paris. LOVE the place, i’m from new orleans for God’s sake.

take initiative and be bold, women eat that shit up. it’s confidence and it’s assertive. NO WOMAN can resist that. case in point.

one morning me and the gf were kicking back and gf mentioned something about wanting popeye’s for lunch. something inside me snapped and questioned her about her want for fried chicken. she simply stated she felt like fried chicken.

“go get dressed, we’re taking a little drive.”

of course she wanted to know where, but i just told her to get dressed so we could leave. the drive to our destination was just under 2 hours. we’d be there around 12:00. the drive was a scenic country route along the backroads of rural mississippi. VERY beautiful, peaceful, woodsy drive. the gf (being from LA) wasn’t used to that. she LOVED the scenery.

the route was a shortcut i took to my maw-maw’s place in monroe, la. our destination was a gas station that served pressure cooked fried chicken that was DAMN good. as we pulled in she asked what was there and i simply told her to come with. we walked inside and i ordered 2 3 pieces and TOLD her to pick out something to drink whilst fetching me a diet coke. she happily grabbed our beverages.

we noshed on home-made fried chicken WAAAAAAAAY out of the way, and laughed and made jokes. she LOVED the trip. i’m still in contact with said girl and to this day she says it’s the best date she’s ever been on. AND it cost me VERY little. anyone wanna guess if i got a BJ on the drive back? huh, anyone…yes, no, maybe?

women CANNOT resist a man with a plan, a spontaneous, “up for whatever” man. so, don’t ASK her what she wants to do, DO what you want to do, and include her. just- understand her likes and desires, and use it to plan something unexpected that you know she’ll love.

class dismissed. lol.

stay up.

in cadiz relaxing in the shade.

in cadiz relaxing in the shade.


cadiz from the central cathedral.

cadiz from the central cathedral.



arcos de la frontrera. one of the "pueblos blancos" this is about an hour from the canton.

arcos de la frontrera. one of the “pueblos blancos” this is about an hour from the canton.

35 Comments on “Betas ask Alphas DO- Redux”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Was your dick all greasy afterward?

  2. You have surprisingly many valid points.

  3. MissMarie says:

    ‘Finger’ lickin good? 😛

  4. Spacetraveller says:


    I too agree with the general principle that women DO love a man with a plan. It just is…

    “if you fed-ex the pussy, i WILL reward you.”

    Only you can get away with saying something like this, lol.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      WHAT??!!!! She didn’t fly in from the US to Spain to play checkers. She wanted dickzilla to destroy her Tokyo.

      I can’t disappoint her. Trust me, she went home with a smile on her face. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Spacetraveller says:

    “Trust me, she went home with a smile on her face.”

    I do trust you 😛


    This is slightly off-topic, but this man is your anti-thesis.
    I suspect he is gay.
    Even if he is not, I *know* he doesn’t understand women very well.
    And he claims to be a PUA expert…

    • Vicomte says:

      Space, Owen Cook owns RSD, one of the largest PUA companies in the world.

      He’s the archetypal nerd that studied game like an engineering project.

      The reason he’s so off-putting is that he’s basically a robot. His game is manufactured to precision specifications. like a Swiss watch. It’s unnatural.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah, he’s gay. he just hasn’t come out yet.

      if he isn’t, he’s NOT good with women. he’s just accumulated knowledge gained from being besties with girls.

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 5:03 AM, dannyfrom504

      • Spacetraveller says:

        I was VERY surprised to hear what he had to say.
        I knew instinctively that he was wrong in a lot of what he preaches.

        But…perhaps there is ‘method to his madness’? Maybe he knows what he is doing…but it’s just not apparent to me?

  6. Vicomte says:

    Danny, this is the reason i hold such disdain for the professional PUA thing. They’re all like this. This is NOT what men need to be learning. At all.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i was going to poke fun at you for knowing who he even is. but based on your comment, i have nothing but respect for you.

      guys following this douches advice need to punched in the throat. fuck this asshole.

      • Vicomte says:

        I learned about him after DelusionDamage wrote a post on RSD’s stuff. DD had some pretty good shit, so i watched a few videos from the guy and was pretty much disgusted. I read The Game earlier this year, and he’s in there, as well. PUA makes feminized salesmen. We need to be moving away from that.

        Far, far away.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Yeah, I agree. Never read the game. But read the synopsis. I knew the issues before I finished the first review.

          PUA shit works, but most guys lose site of their true identity in order be their PUA side.

  7. Vicomte says:

    Also, he wears the family name like a ponce.

  8. John O'Mally says:

    Who’s that funny little dwarf guy in the first picture you’ve taken?

  9. taterearl says:

    Along with just doing things…keep all questions to a minimum with women. They feel put on the spot with most questions. Replace them with statements…she’s smart enough to say no if she doesn’t agree with you (but most of the time she’ll go along with it). Replace the words “can” and “could” with “will” and “would”. The first words are a question about her abilities…the second words assume she will do it.

  10. sunshinemary says:

    I like that first picture of you Danny, very nice.

    I agree with your advice, too.

    Also, you mentioned on my blog a post you had written on rape fantasies. Can you give me the link? I want to read it as reference for something I’m writing. Thanks!

  11. deti says:

    Road trip to get good food.

    Good date.

    A man’s gotta know the good places to eat around where he is. It shows her you get out and live life.

    You can surprise her with it — don’t tell her where you are going. Just tell her to get her stuff and get in the car and let’s go.

    And if you decide to tell her, don’t even listen to her protests about “I’m underdressed” or “I’m overdressed” or “it’s too expensive”. Just tell her that’s where you’re going to eat.

  12. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    Ever eaten at Bun ‘n Barrel in San Antonio?

    The burgers there are to die for.

    Myself and your other San Antonio based readers will have to give you the run down on all the little hole in the wall places to grab grub. This place is a foodies wet-dream.

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