The Sadness of Abuse of Guns

I think enough time has passed for me to give my take on a serious subject. I’m basically the gun guy in my department. And most of the guys I work with a VERY liberal on gun laws. Well they decided to grill me on the Connecticut shooting. First let me say this-

It was an absolute travesty what that kid did to innocent children.

My coworkers were SURPRISED that I thought it was that tragic. I had to explain that before I address the REAL issue. I’ll take their logic on guns- which is that they shouldn’t be allowed at all. First, Mom bought the guns legally, and considering she KNEW her son was unbalanced, them guns should have been in a safe. When I first heard the report, I KNEW it was a completely different situation.

All the other shootings involved 2 common themes- the men involved had been on long term meds (usually adderall, Ritalin, and an antidepressant), and featured the perps lashing out at a peer after feeling marginalized. Not an excuse, but it’s at least linear.

Well in Connecticut, grabbing a high powered rifle to go to an ELEMENTARY school and shoot kids. That’s just sociopathic. I told them that I expect a complete and outright ban on high capacity magazines. Yes I have one. And it’s purely for recreation. I fully admit, a civilian has ZERO need for one. I wouldn’t be surprised if an assault weapon ban was put into effect. But let me present the facts: just google Philadelphia or Chigago “murder rate”. Regardless of ANY ban, the facts are that criminal will have access to guns. ALWAYS. I feel more secure knowing that I CAN defend myself if someone were to break into my home. I DO NOT feel the need to carry in public.
Now I admit, my AR and AK are strictly recreational. And they’re kewl dammit.

All the other guns serve a purpose. One shotgun is home defense, the other is specifically for bird hunting (turkey/duck/quail), one rifle is for deer, the other is a varmit gun. The pistol is…well, the pistol. My neighbors call my house “the compound” lol. I expect nothing will be done in regards to rifles for hunting as they can only be loaded with no more than 8-10 rounds.

However, the REAL issue is NOT being addressed. Tia posted about how boys are being treated so poorly in as early as elementary school. These boys are placed on powerful meds to curb “outburst”, basically making boys zombies. So, let’s get this straight- a young child is developing physically, emotionally, and mentally. Then they have ability to emotionally grow stunted so they can be indoctrinated into feminist society as pod people. These same boys never learn how to harness and control male aggression. They get older, go off on their own and quit said meds. And everything’s peachy.

Until Junior decides he’s had enough and goes bat-shit insane and goes on a mass shooting spree. It’s the elephant in the room NO ONE is talking about. ALL the perps, ALL OF THEM, fit into the mold above. But the problem REALLY is the guns themselves. Not a culture that’s completely marginalized the men in this country. One thing I’ve learned about feminism:

No matter what the social ill- It’s NOT feminism’s fault.

Northern Cali police forces are dwindling and advising the community, “get a gun” since you know…..the gangs are taking over.

What will you do? I will always fight for my right to defend myself and to hunt for my food.

35 Comments on “The Sadness of Abuse of Guns”

  1. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    Point them to Warren v. District of Columbia.

    “Police do not have a duty to provide police services to individuals”

    More importantly make them read the details of the case. That one is the stuff of fucking nightmares.

    In fact: You ladies that might be a bit squeamish about guns, you need to read this. It’s your homework for today.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Crazy people are crazy. They need their brain candy.

    Ritalin isn’t making people kill people. Enough chlorpromazine and haloperidol will prevent the people who want to kill people from actually doing it, however.

    I agree this isn’t a gun issue. Personally, I’m of the opinion that any location with a large amount of people in it should probably have a small armed security force. Our school usually had a cop hanging around.

  3. Faust says:

    I ain’t so sure, Vicomte. Maybe not Ritalin, anyway, but we’re putting a lot of kids on a lot of powerful drugs, and if that had bad consequences it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • Vicomte says:

      Overprescription is as issue, but extreme examples, like school shootings, are exactly that. People confuse cause and effect. Are medications making people crazy, or are crazy people taking medications?

      As Danny mentioned, the big shit tends to go down when people go off the meds.

      I wouldn’t take psych meds, myself, excepting something major like schizophrenia or hardcore mania, but I have seen plenty of people that needed them. A guy that’s standing on tables, shouting about revolution and conspiracy theory one day, is talking calmly with you about the weather the next. Medicated guy isn’t going to kill anyone. Unmedicated guy is dangerous.

      I’m not saying it’s always the solution, obviously, but again, in extreme cases of extreme behavior, the meds are probably a good thing.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i want to be clear here.

        i’m talking about placing a young boy on powerful meds to “curb his over energetic self” for years. possibly disrupting his emotional growth, only for him to grow up into adulthood and decide he doesn’t WANT to take his meds. then, he lashes out like a kid, but in a grown man fashion.

        and making headline’s in the process. NOT in a good way.

        i have a dog in this fight as a gun owner and advocate. only started the collection again just over a year ago. i can tell you this- cars kill more people than guns guns on a daily basis (yes i’m including ILLEGAL guns as well), but i don’t see any talk about banning cars.

      • Nupnupnup says:

        Ritalin and they like are not so much to curb their energetic inner self but to allow them to actually focus on stuff like normal people (there is a significant minority of people who are actually not hyperactive at all but still benefit from Ritalin etc so they can focus on stuff) which has the side effect of making them less hyperactive.

        People go postal because they don’t take antipsychotics (which are nasty but ultimately required for a small share of the population), not because they were prescribed Ritalin as children.

  4. RojoC says:

    I think that guns such as AR-15s are actually valid for personal defense use due to the fact that they are lightweight, and adjustable (for people of smaller stature) and ergonomic and has very little recoil. While the shotgun is the classic home defense weapon, it is big and heavy and kicks a lot. There are many cases when women and teenagers end up having to shoot an intruder or something. A weapon such as an AR-15 can be more ideal than a traditional shotgun. (Not to mention they’re quicker to load than shotguns).

    Through my research and interest in this subject I’ve come to learn that the .223 ammunition that these rifles shoot, while lethal to soft flesh, it will not over-penetrate walls the way shotgun and even handgun ammo does which minimizes the risk of injuring others; this can be even more so when an AR-15 is loaded with proper defensive ammunition for HD duty. You guys may be aware of how easy it is to mount accessories such as lights to these weapons. This can be of great help in the HD role as there are many lights and mounts designed for the AR-15. It seems that most of the legit instructors advocate for the use of weapon-mounted lights on HD guns so that one may be able to identify their targets. (I’m sure I don’t have to spell out why that’s a big deal).

    Check these videos out:

    If these kinds of weapons were not good for self-defense, the police would not use them. So they’re good for private citizens for the same reason they’re good for the police: protection from thugs. These are just my thoughts on that specific issue and this is what I’ve been telling people on FB debates.

    Do you mind if I send you an e-mail about a completely different topic, BTW? I have a specific question about the application of “kino” and “escalating.”

  5. Matt says:

    It’s not just the drugs, these guys were ostracized, excluded, shunned and hated by the communities they lived in. This is now typical behavior towards autistic and Aspberger’s Syndrome sufferers. I have seen amazingly positive reactions to folks like this when I merely treated them like human beings. We have become a truly vile society.

  6. Rojo says:

    Don’t worry, the residents of Northern Cali have guns, so do the cartels. Gotta protect that weed..

  7. K-stan says:

    Taking guns away or taking away high capacity magazines wont change anything in my opinion. Everyone knows people can still gain access to anything they do decide to ban. I mean most of us military guys buy after market magazines because the issued ones suck. Unless the military gives contracts out to these companies I don’t know what we’re going to do. Plus, most criminals already have hot firearms…so obviously they can get them illegally, itll happen even if there are gun bans. And lets say they take away all guns (hypothetical of course), people will still kill people. If someone is set on killing someone, they’ll find away. Take away a gun, they’ll stab, take away a knife, they’ll beat that person to death. I personally don’t think this is an issue that should be directed towards fire arms as the main component but to step back and look at the whole issue and why this is happening. For starters, people are killed every day, were just hearing more about it because of the CT shooting. People are on edge and typically want something to complain about. The CT shooting was tragic, Im not denying that one bit. A childs life is sacred, but since that shooting there has been an increase in the media showing more shootings. Im not sure what exactly is being done since they aren’t showing anything like that on the news here, but they should do more in depth background checks of someone buying a fire arm such as check for a criminal record and medical history for mental problems. This subject seems to be one of those things where someone is going to end up pissed off. I could go on forever about this, but I need to go clean my gun lol

  8. Newly Aloof says:

    Tell your coworkers two things:
    1. The police are the best gauge for how well armed one should be against bad guys. First cops had revolvers, then as the threat level increased, they switched to 9s then semi autos. So, do we need semi-autos? Yes, the cops do!
    2. Sandy Hook shooter didn’t even use the AR. He could not have been buzzed into the school carrying one. He hid his four pistols. The whole thing looks like a scam:

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m not going conspiracy issues-ish. i was simply pointing out that his mental health issues are being ignored while guns are vivified. as the USMC says-

      without my rifle, i am useless. without me, my rifle is useless.

      • Newly Aloof says:

        I know. I’m not a big fan of that Jone’s dude either, but I have to admit this case smells rotten. You’d think the lib media would love to plaster big posters of that kid holding the AR as he entered the school. What better way to pass removing assault weapons that showing the school killer carrying it into Newtown?

      • RojoC says:

        I hate all the conspiracy crap behind this. It really doesn’t matter what gun he used. The cat’s out of the bag now; it’s too late.

        I was really sad to find out about this on that Friday when it happened, and my original thought was, “Man, if only that lady would have been safer about securing her weapons….”

        It’s too bad it had to be this way. 😦

        I mean, I have a safe where they’re all locked up, but I double check now to make sure I don’t leave it open on accident or something.

  9. MissMarie says:


    Ritalin and they like are not so much to curb their energetic inner self but to allow them to actually focus on stuff like normal people”

    Like girls, you mean?

    • Twenty says:

      Girls focus on girl-stuff. A major problem with the modern education establishment in particular, and society in general, is that girl-stuff has been normalized while guy-stuff has been marginalized.

      Sitting in a room while a moron drones on about platitudes that you’ll be expected to neatly and obediently regurgitate at some later date is not normal human behavior. (Note: Modern education is actually worse than rote memorization, which at least develops the brain.) No wonder that increasing numbers of boys and young men have to be doped up to tolerate it.

      The system fails men because it’s broken.

  10. Stingray says:

    I fully admit, a civilian has ZERO need for one.

    Need, shmeed.

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