The best Girl Game EVAAAAAR and Passion

since a few of you asked, and since i wanted to do a formal post about her-

Bb and i started blogging right around the same time. we started hanging out at each other’s blog regularly. let me tell you ladies something right now: Bb is LEGIT. she ran a series solely based on girl game. she’s married, and was red-pill before red-pill even existed. i consider her my little sister. she even drew the attention of evan katz- the prestigious female dating guru.

she went on hiatus, but she’s back to posting. please visit her blog and join in the discussion. she’s super sweet and her posts are short.

since she’s got a weakness for food porn, i thought i’d welcome her back to the blogosphere with this and this

now that that’s out the way, i wanted to explain something you can do right now to make yourself more attractive to women. everyone that knows me know there are 3 things i absolutely adore: cooking, new orleans, and women. seriously, i LOVE all 3. as for the first 2, women in my company MARVEL at how relaxed and proficient i am when i cook. i’m very much in my element and that makes a lady tingle like no tomorrow. when female in my tow is in the city with me, i’m explaing building history, pointing out shortcuts and tailoring the visit to things i KNOW she’s into. we walk into a bar, barkeep knows me and takes care of girl. the MC waves and comes off stage to hug me, give me props, or comments on me “being back”.

it’s pretty blase’, but to a woman……that’s serious status validation. she KNOWS she’s in the company a great guy. and women LOVE that. i’m not even trying to fuck girl, we’re just cool. but……when i start chatting up a woman, they shake their head and giggle. hell, they even come over and WARN the girl about me. lol. she’ll tap my shoulder and say, “hey, danny, i’ll be right back, i’m going to *******, hey girl, be careful with this one. he’s a heartbreaker.”girl KNOWS this is gonna make the girl i’m talking to go, “hmmmmmm. he DOES seem to be good with girls. maybe i need to learn more about this guy.” MAJOR tingles.

new orleans is a dangerous place, especially at night. i don’t really drink in the city at night. and when i have a girl with me, i’m even MORE on high alert. i know what bars are best, where to see the fun stuff, and what spots have the best specials. women have this innate ability to tell when a man is on the job in protection mode. when i have a woman with me in the city at night, they NEVER give me lip when i tell her to do something. they KNOW it’s based on our/her safety. they KNOW i’ll fight. and when they know that, they will submit to your authority. i know some VERY alpha’ish women. but when dude’s are posturing- they shut the fuck up.

so, be passionate, be excellent, be in your element. and take a girl with you. they WANT to be there.

stay up.

6 Comments on “The best Girl Game EVAAAAAR and Passion”

  1. It all really boils down to women not being able to resist a man who’s in control. Someone who leads and who will be able to defend her. It’s in our genetics.

    And you’re right, the key thing is to give this off in a calm, confident, at-ease manner. The psycho-eyed man who’ll stutter, ‘I’ll take someone -down- for you, woman!’ … Not a hit, just really scary! 😉

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    after i dropped a dude that was drunk and pushed my gf (who fell and hit her head), out relationship changed. she had no clue i had that side to me. and dude was MUCH bigger than me.

    and tbh, i HATE that i have that side to me. when my baby sis was dealing with a family issue, the family went on high alert to make sure i didn’t find out because they KNEW i’d drive 8 hours straight to his house and beat the fuck out of him. mom said-

    “sorry, but i didn’t want to see my son in jail.”

    • A strong sense of protectiveness (…. Is that even a word? :/ ) is a good trait to have. But going to jail wouldnt do anyone good.

      I can relate, though. If someone hurt my boys in a nasty way, I’d get my hands on the sickest guy in this town and pay him to do something very bloody to them. Probably not very cute and feminine, but…

  3. Newly Aloof says:

    Grew up with a bunch of thugs myself. We were getting in fist fights around first/second grade on. I saw people die and go to jail. That kind of environment produces an aura about a dude that women can smell. And I believe, like soldiers in battle, we carry all that experience in our eyes for all to see. As time went on, the confrontations got more serious. I never started anything, but I got the best of quite a bit of nasty brutality. Friend’s wives can’t get enough of the stories and it’s actually quite embarrassing how hot they get talking about such incidences with me. And, yeah, if you go to NO, don’t be sloppy drunk at night. Trouble is all around that bitch, but I loved the town and the food.

  4. Bb says:

    When will I learn to stop looking at your food posts in the middle of the night. I’m so hungry right now! You’re very kind to give me a shout-out. I wish I could spend more time hanging out like I used to! I’m going to sleep, for realz, with a grumbling stomach. 😦

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      oh, did you see my chicken caesar salad recipe? lol.

      and you’ll NEVER learn. if you haven’t caught on by now…’re hopeless. lol.

      On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 2:03 AM, dannyfrom504

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