365 days to 40

the following post is for the young cats that are working the red pill down their gullet. this is a talk danny now would have with danny when he was 18 years old as i approach 40 years old.

get a life- travel as much as you can, become INTERESTING. live, don’t simply exist. take this life and embrace this journey. there are so many great things to discover in your life.  it unfolds before you mysteriously. don’t be in such a rush to a destination, you’ll get there when you’re supposed to.

get a job- college degrees are worthless. while many people are scrambling for jobs, there IS a job market wide open. TRADE SKILLS. mechanics, electricians, building maintenance, plumbing, welding. all ALPHA occupations. if you choose college, make sure you get a degree that ensures you can make a living. liberal arts AIN’T one of them. RN is GREAT. you can become an RN with an associates. i worked at a hospital and BSN and ASN made the same money right out of school. the only difference was that an ASN couldn’t get into management. BOO-HOO. AND…..you will be surrounded by some of the nastiest women on the planet. let me tell you, nurses are freaks. if you have the academic abilities….get into an ASN program, get a decent paying job, and get some major ass in the process.

don’t accept a woman’s negative energy- women are led by their emotions. when you have a woman in your presence, if she’s bugging out- side step her negativity. better put- i work with a woman, she’s VERY high strung. i had to teach her how to not get riled up. women react emotionally. and if they’re riled up they want to pass that energy on to whomever they interact with. ALWAYS side step this. DO NOT accept negative female energy. you can acknowledge it, but when she pushes it on you. REFRAME. listen to her, but offer no advice. eventually she’ll come down and thank you.

hobbies- get a hobby. learn a skill. i LOVE archery, cooking, NO, my family. i go the archery range and gun range once a month. these things center me. become proficient in something masculine. and women LOVE a man that’s good at manly things. take a woman to the shooting range and watch as she turns into a puddle of tingling moisture.

learn to fight- fighting builds confidence. i practice Krav Maga. very easy to learn hand to hand fighting. just take lessons for 6 months. your confidence will go through the roof. real men fight when they need to. and women are receptive to that.it’s primal and deeply encoded in our DNA. embrace it.

understanding women- women are easy. they shit test you, they give IOI’s to men they’re attracted to; learn to interpret the 2. be a man and hold your frame. good women WANT a masculine man. you be that man by sticking to your principles. learn to read IOI’s and escalate. you’ll see your success with women quadruple.

dating in your 20’s- it SUCKS. unless you have solid game. 18-25 yo girls are the most entitled woman out there. soldier though and take your lumps. game can make you more successful. you will get flaked on, you will have to deal with uncertainty. you really have to gorilla in your 20’s. but if you’ve found the blogs…..you’ve already got a head start.

dating in your 30’s- shit becomes a non-issue. women are nothing more than an after thought. they enter your world and you start screening women for their potential. you WON’T jump through hoops to please a woman. you make her jump through hoops to get to you. you typically have more qualities that woman are attracted to in our 30’s. you’re able to provide the emotional and physical maturity that women can’t resist. and women ALWAYS prefer older men. pulling 20 yo’s becomes simple- IF you have game.

what i will be doing for the next 10 years- i’ll retire from the navy. i’ll settle on a few acres just outside of san antonio, manage my mini farm, tend to my chickens and goats, hunt, fish…..you get the idea. i’ll be able to suit up the travel trailer and head to wherever i want, when i want. life is wine. me, brody, and an agenda free life.

you only live life once. make your mark, enjoy this gift, and make the world your playground. have NO regrets and suck the marrow out of your life.

mardi is coming up. i’ll be in NO from the 1st to the 13th. if you’re in the area, shoot me an email and we’ll meet up.

stay the fuck up.

21 Comments on “365 days to 40”

  1. sunshinemary says:

    I gather it is your 39th birthday? Then I wish you the happiest of days and many blessings in the coming year!

    Have fun at Mardi Gras. One of my brothers-in-law and his wife are very into the NO music scene and visit half a dozen times per year.

  2. deti says:

    I like this post. Men, read. Digest. Learn. Do.

  3. Andrew Medina says:

    Regarding to women and guns. Just watch this chick’s face.

  4. RojoC says:

    This must be the post that you were alluding to last night. Thank you.

    I liked it, and hell, I think you ought to bookmark it up top with the other select articles. I have a feeling I’ll come back to re-read this more than once.

  5. ARoss says:

    Happy birthday Dan have a good one.

  6. I have to visit NO for mardi gras at some point. Loved Bourbon ST when I was down there for an art convention. I made the mistake of drinking 100 proof at 2 pm at a mall near the convention center, was out by 7 pm.

  7. redpillwifey says:

    Fantastic post! Happy birthday dear Danny 🙂

  8. Faust says:

    Happy birthday man.
    I turned 29 a few weeks ago so I’m right behind you.

    Can you give an example of sidestepping a woman’s negative energy? This sounds interesting to know.

  9. Jedi says:


    Well said sir.

  10. Infantry says:

    Good post and Happy B’day mate.

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