A 504 Love Song

I was about 25 and jungle fucking dating the cute raven haired lass I met at Uni of New Orleans. And I think she made it to month 3, girls are big on anniversary crap, so I decided to get romantical and wrote her a little song. I enlisted my buddy to make up a song guitar rhythm too play in the background. I’m trying to remember it, but it was YEARS ago.

It’s been a few months baby

And we’re still going so strong

It’s rare I find a girl I want around

Me for so long


But it’s been 3 months Angel

And you’re still amazing to me

So I wrote this song for you babe

To ask you lovingly


Can I put it in?

Oh baby just the tip

I promise I won’t blast inside you

If you kiss the head of my dick


It’s rare you meet a lady

That blows you the couch

Even though your old man is upstairs

And he’s cool passed the fuck out.


You never get upset at me

When I make a mess on your back

You jump right in the shower

And ask to wash my sack.


So can I put it in?

Oh baby just the tip

I promise I won’t blast inside you

If you kiss the head of my dick


Juvenile and moronic- of course. Well guess what. I’m still friends with this girl and she STILL remembers the song. She’s married now, and when we have lunch I say, “Can I put it in?” She’ll laugh a stifled little laugh and slap me on the shoulder. She told me her husband even knows about it. I WISH I could have recorded it. But let’s look at the fact.

Woman are suckers for gifts that are creative. I could have taken her to dinner, bought her something, but I opted with FREE, personal, goofy, and sexual. She STILL recalls “our song” to this day. If you can play a guitar, I URGE you to sing this to your women as a gift. it’s sung kind of like “every rose has it’s thorn”.


Stay up.

11 Comments on “A 504 Love Song”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Something tells me hubby isn’t a fan of the Crooner from 504.

    I get that feeling.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      nah, he’s cool. we dat…….banged for a few months a LOOOOONG time ago. we were friends longer than we we messed around.

      On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 10:51 PM, dannyfrom504

      • Wald says:

        I did this unwittingly singing a random song something to this effect:

        “Barbecue, me and you,

        Me and you, we like barbecue,

        In our mouths,

        On our food,

        It’s just me and you,

        And the barbecue.”

        I sung it once out of spur of the moment. When she brought it up months later I had long forgotten about it.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        girls are suckers for crap like that.

  2. Sounds like something that would be on Bob and Tom (I hope you take no offense to that, it’s good.) It’s good that she has a good sense of humor and that you are still friends.

  3. Faust says:

    Truly, you are this generations’ Mozart, except instead of piano pieces you write dirty lyrics.

  4. redpillwifey says:

    Oh man. You and Captain M should get together and share notes.

    Got this a few months ago, apparently I’d mentioned I wanted a poem (I don’t remember saying it, but he heard it and ran with it)

    “You wanted occasional poetry…

    What I’ve wanted for so long

    Won’t fit properly into a song.

    I want to be relaxed around you.

    To be comfortable after we screw.

    I’m not worrying about things.

    I’d like to visit Colorado Springs.

    We’re happy as a couple.

    Your tatas are very supple.

    I missed what we once had.

    Our time when I was but a lad.

    We’re not perfect souls,

    But our love burns like hot coals.

    So, thanks for letting me stick it inside.

    I don’t like being denied.

    If you’d like a different route,

    We could always try your poop chute.”

    And I have this saved in my email to look at every now and then. You’re right, girls love that crap. 😉

  5. Keanu says:

    Took me forever to find this post…you’ve been posting ton lately. Goin’ deep too. I can’t wait to use some of the lyrics of this song on V day:)

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