On Being the Boss and Hypergamy

M3 currently has a post positing on “fairness” in the SMP. Ian has a GREAT post that ALL you young guns need to read. I felt my chest swell with pride as I read how Ian’s buddy told a chick who was using him to piss up a flagpole. Dude stood his ground and didn’t cave. I want buy that dude a beer.

The topic of hypergamy came up and I thought I’d share my experience with hypergamy.

I have lived EVERY hardship a man can experience in the SMP: flaking, being cheated on, falling in love, oneitis, and even the dreaded “FRIEND ZONE!!!!!”



I was living in Japan, going through SERIOUS oneitis over B. There was girl on my ship, VERY attractive and pretty flirty with me. I escalated and got nothing back. Soon after I met a girl I was going to end up dating for almost a year. At this point the other girl REALLY amped up the flirting. I finally had to pull her aside and tell her to knock it off before she has an East Los Angeles Mexican chick stabbing her with a fork.

Fast forward a few year. I had JUST gotten to Jax after spending 3 years in Spain banging a 19 year old nerd chick and European tourists visiting the hotel bar next door to my pad in Spain. I had FINALLY told the root of my oneitis to die in a fire. It was the most liberating moment in my life. I was 34. My jouney was complete.

I had finally unplugged. I was free.

No longer would ANYTHING be in my life that causes me undue stress. Be it woman, friend, family, acquaintance. NOTHING. Vamoose sonuvabitch.

I want all you men reading to realize something I post a year ago. I am the CEO of Danny INC. ANYONE sitting in my board of directors that DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE to the company’s success gets to talk to Donald Trump (I have him on retainer). If there’s anything holding Danny INC from succeeding or not good for the company has to go. You MUST.INTERNALIZE.THIS. It is a lot harder to DO than it is to SAY. I get that.

And I’m a ruthless CEO. A woman not pulling her weight for the company is gone. I don’t care if she’s a 22 year old 10 that could be a model on Univision that fucks like a champ.


How do you get to that point- well.

1.       Value yourself

2.       Value your life

3.       Sex is irrelevant

4.       She’ll never be #1 in your life. YOU are #1.

5.       Take pride in your accomplishments AND failures. REGARDLESS of if they are major or minor.

The applications of these things send your stock through the roof. You might be asking: WHY would a woman want to be a part of Danny INC. Well that’s easy, I offer a GREAT benefits package.

Danny INC is a luxurious place to be with all the comforts you could ever ask for.

Danny INC has one of the best dining facilities you’ll come across in any Company

Danny INC offers a GREAT security package

Danny INC won’t make you rich. But you’ll feel like it

Danny INC encourages you to pursue outside successes, and will offer assistance as you move up in the Company

Danny INC is……FUN. Never had a worker complain. Laughter is assured

Danny INC is INTERESTING. You’ll never be bored. It’s even in the contract.

Danny INC includes………TRAVEL. Yup. Never been to New Orleans, I can change that. Never been to Savanah, Ga. That’ll change.

Danny INC has PROVEN to be a success. Success is contagious.

As you can see- What person WOULDN’T want to be a part of Danny INC? I’m sick of the metaphors, so they end now. I’m sure I made my point. The crux of game lies in it’s rooted in improving yourself, and not allowing yourself to be taken advantage of- by men OR women

Oh, hypergamy. Interestingly enough, I ran into Japan flake chick a few months after I told oneitis girl to hit the bricks. She found me on FB. We started IMing and she casually mentions how I should move to DC (BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!) after I retire and we could see if things work between us. Now remember. She had JUST turned 30, finished her MBA, landed a great job, and COULD NOT find a boyfriend. Now she’s VERY good looking. Trust me I set her up with one of my reader’s (right ASF).

You can probably see all the red flags I did. I actually chuckeld to myself as I read her suggestion.  Typically, I’d be a dick; but this girl is actually cool. So I asked her what made her think I’d be interested in being with her. Her hamster replied-

“Well, you’ve always had a thing for me.”

I told her I don’t recall ever having a thing for her, and if I did it was back in 2004 (it was 2010 at the time). She seemed dumbfounded. The hamster quit running and went and took a shit in the corner. This woman is a CLASSIC example of a woman hitting the wall. She spent her early years in the navy, got out and focused on her career then found out they don’t hand out husbands, and her hypergamous ass wasn’t attractive to the men in her dating pool that were pulling 22 year olds.

She was invisible to men.  She was simply a “co-worker”, the competition. She was no longer the “hot girl” in the office. Men quit flirting with her- lest they suffer a sexual harassment suit. She called me out of the blue. She gave me the standard, “why can’t I find a BF. “I have a great job, make great money, I’m well educated, I’ve travelled. What’s wrong with me.” My answer was simply.

“The problem is you need to find a GF. Men don’t give a fuck about any of the crap you listed. I’m more attracted to the chick serving me fries at my burger place than a 30 year old business women.”

She was stunned. This woman WANTS a family and marriage. She’s a walking example of what many women are learning today about the SMP. THIS is why guys need to learn game. Their options get BETTER as they age. If a woman is a part of your company and she’s not contributing to success, don’t give her a pink slip. Give her a heaping bowl of “bitch be gone.” Because many women are learning that in the current SMP, in this economy….where have all the good companies gone?

I will be having a “friend” over tonight for to fuck me sill… dinner. We’ll be making garlic naan pizza. I always try to make foods that require the use of fingers to see how often I get the IOI of her licking her fingers. If she does, I know something else will be going into that mouth. Another bite. Wokka wokka.  

Stay up.    

27 Comments on “On Being the Boss and Hypergamy”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Great post, Danny. I especially like this one. This is for the guys who haven’t figured out their finances yet. You will get there, but the important thing is how.you.make.her.feel:

    “Danny INC won’t make you rich. But you’ll feel like it”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m NO ONE’S piggy bank. hell, i’ll NEVER be rich. but i have no WANTS.

      i have a roof over my head, food on my table, companionship, no lack of female attention. i’m GOLDEN. if a girl wants a $3000 prada purse or wants $500 gucci sun glasses…..she’s FIRED.

      On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 9:51 PM, dannyfrom504

  2. Vicomte says:

    That RPR post was mind-numbing. i felt like i was reading about how some girl told off the bitch at the hairdresser’s for calling her fat.

    Gentlemen, if you ever find yourself breaking out the ‘Something To Prove’ game, check yourselves.

    It’s not a good look.

    Danny recommends garlic on date night. That’s some OG shit.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    The only reason you should avoid garlic or really strong tasting foods that would give you strong breath is if the girl isn’t also going to be eating it. Otherwise, who cares?

    If they find the food tasty, they won’t even be thinking about the garlic. There is something QUITE intriguing for a woman when she can see you do pretty well at something like this. I made a huge multi-course breakfast the other day for Maria and a female friend/client. The client was completely blown away, insisted she clean up the kitchen/dishes, etc…

    The great thing is that the bar is pretty low nowadays for someone to know how to cook decent. You can be a mediocre cook (like myself) and employ some creativity/timing/good ingredients to impress people much more than you’d think.

    This reminds me to buy that new BBQ since summer is coming up.

  4. M3 says:

    “I had FINALLY told the root of my oneitis to die in a fire. It was the most liberating moment in my life. I was 34. My jouney was complete.”

    We’re like almost soulmates but not… i slayed my vampire when i was 35. Close enuff!

    ““I have a great job, make great money, I’m well educated, I’ve travelled. What’s wrong with me.” My answer was simply.

    “The problem is you need to find a GF. Men don’t give a fuck about any of the crap you listed. I’m more attracted to the chick serving me fries at my burger place than a 30 year old business women.”

    She was stunned. This woman WANTS a family and marriage.”

    THIS. This should be my new Plenty of Fish opening line. I know Private Man would disaprove, but with all the 30 to 40+ yr old women who cruise by my profile on a daily basis, who prattle on about their education, their job in ‘marketing’, how tough as nails they are, all the awesome places they’ve had coffee in throughout the world of jetsetting…. and none of that fucking registers a single neuron to fire in my synapse. Color me confused lol!

    Perhaps it’s because i don’t see how any of that will add value to my life.. but i do see some hefty credit debt coming my way!!!

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  6. Keanu says:

    1) Holy Crap Danny, I think this is one of your best posts ever. Love the anecdotal experience about how it took you until 34 to officially and completely unplug. I’m 26, still on the way to unplugging completely but yea those old world views die hard they are so ingrained. It’s hard to bring your behavior around to be consistent with beliefs at first.

    2) Love the underlying Patrice reference, though I doubt many people caught it “You’re part of his corporation…If I have a girl leave me…without two weeks notice, I can’t let my company fail now can I?”

    3) She seemed dumbfounded. The hamster quit running and went and took a shit in the corner. This quote is amazing. This is where this post became one of your best, when you brought it around to illustrate SMP for women.

    4) It’s interesting how (and M3 talked about this as well)most guys will trick themselves into ‘pretending’ that they are in fact attracted to a women who is accomplished, well traveled, well educated, blah blah blah. I know for a fact that I like(d) to think how girls with more accomplishments are more attractive, but then in the end I notice that all the girls I end up not only sleeping with, but the ones with whom I decide to pursue the creation of an emotional connection, are in fact the better looking ones (my current gf is still one of the hottest girls I’ve ever been with).

    Hope to see some more of these coming of age posts about your past my man.

  7. Faust says:

    Garlic Naan Pizza sounds awesome. Is it like an indian pizza, or do you just use the naan as a base to make an ordinary pizza?

  8. Whoa, what a powerful post, Danny!

    It has rendered me speechless…

    In related news, it would appear that Japan is catering for the inevitable fallout of the ‘herbivore’ phenomenon.


    Look, reading this sort of thing gives me no pleasure. I am a woman. I like to hear of successful relationships rather than ‘enjoy your cats’ or Ian’s post.

    I also know the CAUSE of both of these scenarios.

    I have said this ad nauseum on my blog, and our dear Bellita has joined me in saying this for months:

    As women, it is up to *us* to correct the way things are going. Afterall, you men are doing your bit in sticking to your masculinity.
    I have been accused of being a ‘misogynist’ by my blue pill friends, but I am sticking to this meme because I know I am right (not to be pigheaded about it, lol).

    Whilst I think it is so much better to be this self-aware before marriage I know it can be done after marriage too (women like Jacquie, Stingray and many others that I know in real life have proved this to me – although I can’t help thinking they must have been sensible women anyway, even well before marriage).

    I really hope that the Manosphere will help to draw in women to the straight and narrow path. It would be great for the women, and of course it also means you guys get good partners.

    I am getting sick of all the tales of regret (such as the one currently displayed on HUS), and would really prefer to hear happier tales…

  9. Vicomte says:


    Here’s some punctuation you can use.

    We also have the Emily Dickinson set:

    ———————————————– (o)(o)

  10. taterearl says:

    Nice Danny…I slayed my oneitis at 30. Those five things you talk about are the best way for a man to have peace. I swear my depressing thoughts all went away when I decided that women’s validation of me was irrelevant. Only what I thought of myself mattered.

    Even when I screw up now I still brag about it. Besides you learn more through failures on how to become successful.

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  13. SFG says:

    I can’t say I totally killed my oneitis, but reading about game helped a lot.

    Curiosity: any thoughts specifically on gaming the nerd chick?

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