Pizza Game

so, you’ve managed to get her back to your place so you can cook for her. i have a GREAT suggestion that’s fun, and gets both of you cooking together. go to your local supermarket with her and grab the following-

Naan bread (i prefer garlic), they come 2 to a pack.

one jar of quality pizza sauce. i cannot stress enough QUALITY sauce. i spent $8.00 on a jar of of Rao’s pizza sauce.

8oz of quality mozzarella cheese. NOT shredded. you want the stuff that’s a soft ball. shred it away and top it on your pizza.

whatever ingredients she wants, cop that. i GUARANTEE her pizza will be boring compared to yours. of course she’ll want to taste your pizza. when she asks about it, tell her a buddy you have that lived in italy introduced you to the recipe. BAM….tingle crack. i introduce you to…pizza capriciossa.

lay down the sauce- i like a LOT of sauce (lycopene…FUCK YEAH). and when applying the toppings…… does not have to be neat. have fun dammit. as for the toppings.

prosciutto (about 3-4 slices. break it up and spread it out. )

black olives

fresh basil

artichoke hearts

mushrooms (sliced thin)

anchovies (not an original part of the recipe, i just add them. please feel free to omit)

heat oven to 500 degrees. place pizza’s in oven. check in 5 minutes. then check every minute. i should be done by 8 minutes. if your oven can’t get that hot: heat to 425 and place pizzas in oven. cook for 10 minutes. should be done. cheese needs to be bubbly and SOME of the crust may be black. that’s ok. let it sit for 10 minutes then dig in.

get this, it’s relatively healthy. the only meat is lean prosciutto. all the rest are veggies. the anchovies provide some nice omega-3’s (if you use them). and when you and a woman cook together and you have to have to use your hands to eat….SEXY. she WILL want to cuddle after and watch tv, and we all know what that leads to. so get to it fellahs.

the beauty is…the whole thing costs less than $20. the sauce, naan, anchovies, and prosciutto are the big ticked items. she’ll probably want pepperoni. lol. girl had NO clue what to get beyond pepperoni and cheese. this is your time to take the lead and suggest things. ASK her what she likes, then just get it, you guide her. women LOVE that. unless she KNOWS what toppings she wants, take the lead.

the great thing about cooking for yourself is you save a TON of cash.

oh…….girl LOVED my pizza. we started fooling around and she she stopped me. “this better not end up on your blog Danny.” i laughed and told her it’s gonna be a food porn post. she shook her head and told me i KNEW what she was referring to. i smirked and told her, “well….i’m about to feast. right?” then i immediately kissed her. lol.

silly wabbit.

[edit- big thanks to Roissy for quoting me.] 

stay up.

in Naples about to house some bruschetta

in Naples about to house some bruschetta

my precious pizza capriciossa.

my precious pizza capriciossa.

antipasti afumicati. smoked anitpasto. nommy nom nommers.

antipasto afumicati. smoked anitpasto. nommy nom nommers.

me and jossi. piazza gesu. napoli. we are FANTASTICO.

me and jossi. piazza gesu. napoli. we are FANTASTICO. she’s just a friend, relax. i was staying at her place while on leave.

11 Comments on “Pizza Game”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Was your dick all greasy after?

    (I’ve decided this is going to become a running joke.)

  2. M3 says:

    Lycopene is great for your prostate.

    So is her touching it through your bum.

    Win / Win.

  3. RojoC says:

    I concur 110% with running quality sauce.

  4. Wilf says:

    Naan bread is a very good base for quick pizzas, but if you make your own dough from scratch, she will think you are god-almighty. (Trust me, they think it is miraculous.) Cue chorus of angels while copulating.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I won’t argue that. But naan is original and exotic. If you want to take the time to make your own dough, cool. I’d rather spend that time making out with girl AFTER we eat.

      • Random Angeleno says:

        Why not BEFORE?

        oh wait, the food can’t be allowed to burn, it’s more important in that moment than she is … she gonna have to wait, sucks to be her, tingly with anticipation all the while …

      • RojoC says:

        Do it while you let the dough sit and rise ;). I rolled my dough from scratch once and it was so cool when it was all said and done! And it smelled great in the kitchen.

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