Songs of the Women I’ve Loved

the first time, i was 16. i was a life guard at a country club by paw-paws. everyone had their hookups, but i was single. then this girl showed up to spend the summer with her aunt. she was honduran, and we spent the summer together. i WILL send now and summer pics to validate this to a prominent blogger. she WAS a virgin when we started.

look, it was like 1993, i was a z-cavaricci, oak tree dressing club kid. lol. don’t judge me. besides, spanish speaking chicks LOVE this sub genre of music.

i was 26. living in sicily. girl had a whole album that reminds me of her. the first song listed, she would ask me to sing to her. i put on a show. when the guitar kicks in, i went apeshit, and she’s roll over in laughter. i had the songs posted translated into italian by the translator that worked with us so she could REALLY understand the poetry in these songs.

oh, and these guys are fucking NERDS. lol.

the final verse in this song is one of the most poetic and beautiful things i’ve ever heard. “I’m lonelier than God.” perfect. and….it’s a reference to sex.

my case of oneitis. met her when i was 27. got over it at 34. YES i did date others. but she still haunted me. again. interpol’s turn on the bright lights is all about her to me. at least back then it was. still…’s a GREAT piece of work. dark, brooding, and very sexual.

stella. i’ve mentioned this song before on “3 stella’s”

“i’ll stand by all this drinking if it gets me through these days.” lol. God did i suck.

ok. i DID love this girl. but i knew she wasn’t right for me long term. and she as much as she cared about me. she did TAKE CARE of me. i had to let her go. i was her learning experience in the SMP. she’s now married and has a kid. haven’t spoken to her since 2008. but i’m happy in the knowledge that she found what she was looking for. and….it’s fucking SHOEGAZER. winsauce.

as an aside. this song popped up unexpectedly shortly after dropping oneitis girl. LOVE this song. the BEST “fuck off” song for a dude. the red pill sits firmly in this dudes stomach.

4 Comments on “Songs of the Women I’ve Loved”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    I made a mix CD for my first girlfriend (for some stupid month-a-versary) but I couldn’t fit it on just one CD so I expanded it to two CDs then THREE motherfucking discs. mind you, this is with full liner notes that explained my emotions/connection for every single song. I wonder how I ever managed to date her for the nearly two years that I did.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      a mix tape? i can’t look at you right now. lol. i haven’t made a girl a tape since 9th grade.

      these are just songs that remind me of the variouys ex’s.

      On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 12:06 AM, dannyfrom504

      • aneroidocean says:

        I couldn’t look at myself either back then. Inspiring to try to be the opposite though!

        I was super nerd back then. I think the only reason she stuck with me so long was because she was kind of nerdy/sheltered. Think young and more femenine version of Olivia Munn. God I was stupid!

  2. Vicomte says:

    Fuck, she saw me.

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