FB and IM Game

Still working on the oneitis post, so i thought i run this instead.

before i nuked my FB page i used it to hit on women and flirt. it’s easy actually. let’s get started.

post pics of yourself doing interesting  shit. particularly with family and with kids- or your dog.

ALWAYS  comment on “female friends” updates and  pics. i’d leave teases and negs that were pretty overtly sexual and humorous. eventually one of the girls friends would comment on my comment. before you know it, i’ll friend request her. OR sometimes they friend request me. that’s when the fun started.

anytime i’d see her online, i’ll start IM’ing her. PERVY IM’s. she already knew i was pervy so she knew what to expect. i’d start with “doesn’t yer cute ass have anything better to do?” game on. eventually, i’d cop a phone number. THEN. suggest her fly down for a vacay to the beach. we’d split the fare, and well…..you know.

facebook also provides a GREAT outlet for going alpha. PIC POSTING. notice how girls post TONS of pics. if you want to see guys fuck up on FB, notice how they respond to girls pics. “damn u so hot.” “WOW. pure beauty baby.”


i posted about the girl that posed in playboy (non nude) that i was took out after she caught her BF cheating on her. she posted a pic on her FBof her out in a casual track suit and guys were piling on the compliments. she NEVER addressed guys complimenting on her. well, i commented with, “a track suit. SRSLEE!!!! c’mon, i expect better out of you.” less than 5 minutes later she replied. i continued with the teasing and we each commented 2-3 more times. and that was it.

c whut i did thur?

most guys pile on the compliments when girls post pics of themselves. DO NOT VALIDATE. their hamster is attenshinz whoring.  make her WORK for your approval. don’t compliment her. tease her, neg her. she still gets the male attention she craves, but gets it on YOUR TERMS.

when guys are piling on the compliments. neg the GUY. agree and amplify the compliment with something corny like, “U suh PURDEE. ZOMG, let get married tomorrow.” i’ve ALWAYS had a girl respond to those. it’s aloof and silly and you’re pushing ahead of the beta douches that will NEVER see her naked. maybe you won’t either, but i guarantee you have a better shot than the other guys.

tha banging little hard 9 i met on deployment had a FB pic where her cleavage was SPILLING out of her shirt and guys were trying to slick and compliment her eyes. i followed one guys comment with, “actually that the look she gives you as she reaching for pepper spray.” she commented (had NO repsonses to comments before mine) with, “hahahaha. you always know what on my mind danny.”


when it comes to texting an IM’s i’m a HUGE fan of opening with a text, waiting for a response, then reframing with, “sool, so….what are you wearing.” you should be able to guage whether to escalate or not. i keep it light until she she flirts back and i’ll reply with, “wait a sec. yup, my penis approved of that.” her response will tell you to proceed or back off. late night texts are great, because she might be tipsy and get pervy quicker. lol.

so quit sucking up, and start teasing. use FB and a womans attention seeking to meet women on FB and practice your game. i’ve already showed you how easy it is, so give it a try. or, just tweak what you’re doing now. i mean, what have you got to lose.

stay up

9 Comments on “FB and IM Game”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Ha! I’ve always been a fan of the ‘What are you wearing?’ ‘Take it off.’ bit.

    Most girls are so dense they don’t get the joke and actually list what they’re wearing.

    Then there’s the timeless:

    ‘You could be a model.’

    ‘It’s too bad you’re not sexy…’

  2. Andrew Medina says:

    My game is based around IDGAF.

    I’ve told a chick “You might want to re-take your “obvious cleavage shot” picture. It makes you look kinda chunky”

    That message resulted in a number of all things…

  3. I prefer a bit more cruelty and laconism in my overall frame (both off- and on-line, though the latter tends to be significantly less fun). After all, game should be as individualistic as style or personality. My approach is generally built around what I like to call “density of bite”–i.e. pack as much ‘bite’ into as few words as possible.

    In response to cleavage shots, for example, I’ve found a simple “Fake?” always works perfectly. There’s the added effect of contrast, since the one-word neg is usually sitting next to essay-long soliloquies by her horde of beta lapdogs. Another one: “31A?”. I always mark down her bra size a decent amount; it’s a direct neg/disqualifies that also lets her know her place as merely a sexual object. And lastly, if it’s one of those ‘group-slut poses’ with a friend or two, she’s just asking for it. One of my harhest: “u gain weigt or [friend’s name] lose? gal lookin dtf.”
    I prefer doing this with girl’s who’re marginally less attractive than the target. Their response are always great fun.

  4. RojoC says:

    FB is like perfect “laboratory conditions” to show-case the orbiters. It’s not even funny. I have some female friends on there that get a disproportionate amount of likes for the most trivial shit. Well, I’m sure we all do. But it’s so strange, I almost can’t look away.

    I swear, you could have one of these girls make a post about how those gas station burritos really did a number on her system–something unpleasant– and there will be at least 20 mofos liking that post.

  5. A girl, solid 9 at 18 y.o (whenever she posts a pic likes flow at tens per second), wrote a status about not knowing what to do now with a lot of free time. Answer who got more likes came from a guy: “I give you my key. You can come and clean at my place”.

    Also don’t forget riddles and misterious things. She posted a picture about some kind of under skin jewels she was thinking of getting. The things were like pearls. Myself associated the “pearls” with morse code and left her a comment which looked like this (in my modified version of morse lines were bigger “dots”/pearls): o Ooo ooOo ooO … 10 minutes later I left a link to morse code key.

    some minutes later I had her PM me like crazy telling me it was very hard to decypher and could I help her

  6. Brian says:

    Hooked up with a bombshell right now, solid 9, and I got there from similar Facebook game. Met her at an art exhibit, where she was one of the artists. Friended her a couple days later to buy a painting for another woman. She’d change her profile pic constantly, and get flooded with Likes every time. Early on, I gave her shit about playing musical chairs with her pics while everyone else was telling her how sexy she was, including professional athletes and millionaires. Now I’m the one banging her, and the other guys are still trying to kiss her ass to manage the same.

    She still comments on how she thought I was an asshole when we first started talking, but doesn’t see how that’s a big part of why she started chasing me.

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