The Panty Game

This went from a single post to me rethinking it and breaking it down into 4 parts. This is something I used to run when I was a younger Danny, but I recently did it and thought, “NEW POST!!!!!” Over the next 4 days we will deconstruct how to use a woman’s choice of panties to run game on her, determine her personality, attraction to you, and the difference between it’s application in “day” game and “night” game. Let’s have some fun.

This is a fun little game I used to play with a woman I’m out with. I used it as a tool to determine how quickly I’d “put it in”. And/or get a feel for her personality. Also VENUE is important. If you just met the girl and you’re in a club or bar and she’s at least SORT of dressed up, this works like a charm. If it’s day game and she’s meeting up with YOU she choose what to wear with YOU in mind. More on that later.

After you’re sure she’s comfortable and you’re both settled and aren’t going anywhere soon- ask her, “So what color panties are you wearing?” if she doesn’t crack a smile, bag it. You ain’t getting it, you in LJBF land. And back tracking is supplicating. This girl is VERY uptight. Don’t waste your time/money. Also, if she doesn’t wish to participate- DROP IT.

I’ve RARELY had a girl not crack a smile and look away, or just smile and shake her head, “OMGOOOOD, you’re relentless.” Usually they’ll say that they aren’t going to tell me. So, I tell them if I guess it will she confirm. This is where the hamster comes in. She doesn’t mind telling you, she wants to play this sexy game, and her hamster will tell her I’ll NEVER guess. Please tell her that any derivative or the basic color scheme is off. No mauve, taupe, olive, etc.

Now logistics. I tell her she HAS to answer one question. That question is-

“Print or solid?” This usually gets a BIG smile cuz she knows I’ve narrowed the field tremendously. If you want to make her laugh say, “You’re not wearing your (name the day of the week)’s, are you?” And you  girls reading know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Also, make sure to ask if she’s matching. Differing bra and panties= PSYCHO. Run. That or she lives in her car. Most girls will tell you this is a faux-pas for a “date” or night out.

Now, print means you probably aren’t getting any that night. Also most likely worn by younger girls.

I LOVE the panty game. It’s a great game tactic as it’s intimate, sexy, flirty, bold and assertive. Women LOVE that. It’s a GREAT escalation tactic and it’s CERTAIN to bring out easy to read IOI’s. Plus, a girl on the carousel is ALWAYS down for this game. 


32 Comments on “The Panty Game”

  1. Vicomte says:

    This is good shit.

    Danny is putting down the paste and taking off his helmet.

  2. Sati Savitri says:

    I’ve moved this here to clarify.

    January 26, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    i’m 39, i KNOW my levels are dropping. even with regular work outs. one of my coworkers is a personal trainer. and told me to supplement tribulus. when i was in kuwait we took a muscletech supplent that
    is a T bridge called cryo-test.

    i was a walking hard on and constantly amped up. there was this little army chick i was hooking up with that took notice and liked the more aggresive me.

    My question basically is:

    Why would a man want to be a walking hard on and amped up all the time?

    Amped up all the time might work for military service, though I could see how that would create problems there too, but amped up all the time would create serious problems in civilian society.
    Plus, its not easy for most men to find sexual partners at the drop of a hat, so walking around with a hard on all the time would be highly frustrating.

    So bottomline: I’m wondering why I read a lot on mens’ blogs about upping T levels? Its seems it is in the best interest of not only the individual man, but those around him as well, to keep his T levels in moderation.

    So why do men place so much emphasis these days on increasing their T levels?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Probably because most men aren’t bolt and assertive enough. I’m almost 40, so I work out and supplement.

      In Kuwait I had NOTHING to do but work out. So I wanted to maximize it. If you want to keep your T level low or moderate- cool.

      But the fact is higher T levels are more masculine.

      • Aiswarya says:

        “But the fact is higher T levels are more masculine.”

        Yeah but you said yourself you felt “amped up” and was a “walking hard on”.

        What’s the benefit in that? The result is nothing more than frustration and angst.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        ok. let me get this straight. this post is about flirting with a woman based on her panties and you want to talk about the benefits of TESTOSTERONE? :/

        i believe said comments on T were on a separate site. you are now derailing this post with said discussion. if you wish to discuss T issues, please do so on the site/post i commented on it.

        while i appreciate you taking the time to read and comment- please keep this post on topic.

      • Aishwarya says:

        Gladly. But I’ve forgotten which topic at Roosh’s blog it was under.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        email me via my “contact” page.

  3. Vicomte says:

    The paste/helmet has been picked up.

  4. Cute. Really cute, actually! Makes me smile just reading it. 🙂

  5. Faust says:

    “Now, print means you probably aren’t getting any that night. Also most likely worn by younger girls.”

    This is very true. I had a GF who wore print all the time, and she was kind of non-sexual.
    Never put that together until now.
    Great post. Eagerly awaiting the rest. Also congrats on your roissy callout.

  6. MissMarie says:

    Is there going to be a post on fabric as well? 😉

  7. Wald says:

    I don’t know why I hadn’t linked you before, but this post is the straw that breaks the camels back, Danny.

    You just got linked!

  8. RojoC says:

    I don’t if it just me as a male, but goddamn. Clothes are clothes (interior ones included). LOL

  9. Jedi says:

    Aaaah nuts , now I hafta be the doofus that asks this:

    “Print or solid?” This usually gets a BIG smile cuz she knows I’ve narrowed the field tremendously. If you want to make her laugh say, “You’re not wearing your (name the day of the week)’s, are you?”

    Now, print means you probably aren’t getting any that night. Also most likely worn by younger girls”.

    Do you mean that chicks wear prints when it’s their special-magic-lady-time in the same way as guys wear hawaian shirts when drinking so as not to show any drops of spilled pina colada ?

    If not , why wouldn’t a girl be down to fraternize in her DPM undies?

  10. […] I’m going shopping for cute bras to attempt to match them to my panties as per Danny’s suggestion. Not sure if hubby will notice or anything, but maybe he’ll reward me with a good […]

  11. Lamont Cranston says:

    Man, you guys operate in a different universe than me. I think that in 35 years of pulling, I’ve seen a matching bra and panties like, three times.

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