The Panty Game: 3. Style

Now, let’s dig DEEPER shall we. This is the advanced class. We’ve already gone over the basics of “The panty game”, yesterday we covered what the color indicates. Today we’ll cover the STYLE of the panties. So, guess what STYLE she’s wearing. Once she confirms the color, ask, “Ok, let’s see what ‘style’ you’re sporting for me.” This comment is PERFECT. You’re being assertive and making a claim that she’s already yours. 

Basic bikini- Cool girl. Nothing flashy, just feminine, low maintenance chick.

Thong- order shots if she’s 21. Very possibly a party girl. 18-19, BET on party girl. 21-25, possibly DTF that night. But you could still blow it. I’d bounce this girl a few places. See if she wants to beat you at pool. My favorite line with this girl is, “Let’s make a bet. If I win, you come home with me. If YOU win, I’ll go home with you.” CLASSIC. She WILL laugh. This can be fine tuned for ‘day’ and ‘night’ game. More on that tomorrow.

G-string- this is usually on a woman in a skirt or paint on jeans. Def an exhibitionist. This girl likes doggy style, and compliment her ass. She’s obviously impressed with it and showing it off. If she’s wearing a color that CONTRASTS to the pants (blue jeans, pink g-string/thong), she WANTS you to notice. She’s probably on the carousel. High probability DTF. If she won’t close, you probably blew it and you’re in LJBF land, or expect heavy making out and “touchy feely”. COULD be a tease too. Tease and or no escalation= BAIL. Never contact her again. 

Ruffles, bows, or lacey- DTF. She’s wrapping herself up like a gift. She WANTS you to see this outfit. Be cool, have fun, ask her in for a drink. Now go read “You have her back at your place, now what”. But to be subtle: once at your place, walk her in give her a quick kiss, and ask if she wants the tour. This outfit is the most likely choice for when she’s decided it’s time for her to give it up. She usually won’t admit to wearing this since she wants you to ‘unwrap’ her at your place. 

Boy shorts- Girl next door cool chick. GIRLY. She’ll probably wipe the floor with you in Halo. She likes to tease and play hard to get.  Use TONS of foreplay. Most likely for a younger chick that wants you to “work for it”.

Logo- I LOVE this one. If she’s got something written over her ass or place, she WANTS you to see it. Unless it’s a favorite sports team, which…in that case- propose. Lol. At the very least- Look her in the eye and say lovingly, “I love you.” And act like you’re tearing up. Lol. But usually the choice for younger party girls and cougars that think “I still got it”.

Commando- “Check please”. But to have fun, tell her you don’t believe her and to prove it. When you have her outside (she’s very likely an exhibitionist) get her alone someplace private, kiss her, and feel between her legs.

I think I covered it all. Now. This was learned via personal experience, and knowing MANY MANY MANY women. Most will talk openly about this shit. Tomorrow we’ll break down “Night game Panty Game” and “Day game Panty Game”. YES, there is a PROFOUND difference.

OH. I updated “another brick in her wall” with a picture of the woman i was writing about.

Stay up.

17 Comments on “The Panty Game: 3. Style”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. No, doesn’t fit on me. 😉 Still a fan of Panty Game, though!

  3. MissMarie says:

    Fits on me 🙂 Wouldn’t work very well today, it’s below freezing and my undergarments are long thermals, sooo sexy. They *are* black though :-O

  4. rgoltn says:

    Love that game! I play it with my wife, but not too much to allow itto get stale. Love asking her for it in a text. She will always come back with..”I’m wearing pants today.”…So, what color are they?..She will then text me a color and a smile. Having been married for as long as I have been, I already know the style.

    So, I then tell her to text me a pic of her with them on. She usually tries to come up with reasons for her not too. I just press…text me a pic. So, sometime later – when she has the opportunity as she has a professional job too, I get a nice shot of her in them with a smile and a ..”Maybe you will get to see them later up close.” I usually respond with a…”Sure I will, when I am sliding them down your legs.” This gets her every time.

  5. ChesterPoe says:


    This is excellent material. I thought of something analogous but never completely developed it. Being able to say this without apprehension is the only challenge, although I have said ‘worse’ to women.

    Also, I have been a lurker here for a while. Just want to say your work is certainly appreciated.

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