The Inevitiblity

i thought for a while about whether or not to post this. but i didn’t want to just step away.

most of the content of this site is a reflection of my daily observations and/or things from my past. i’ve always tried to be honest and open about myself as to offer some validity to the blog. no subtle way to put this.

received a text from my mom this afternoon that Paw-Paw’s been admitted. his heart rate was 42 and they are thinking of installing a pacemaker. my aunt (fighting breast cancer) is probably flying in, and mom will update me when she get’s the latest.

not really in the frame of mind to post in the jovial, relaxed manner that’s become synonymous with this site, so it’s probably best if i step away for a minute and deal with everything. it’s not that this is a surprise, but it finally coming around is still crushing.

for the last month or so i’ve been nauseated, had zero appetite, i’ve lost a noticible amount of weight, and my mood has been pretty downtrodden. i’ve alomst brought it up in previous posts, but decided it wasn’t really anything you guys needed to know about.


The Red-Pill Woman Anthem

short post for tonight. this was always a favorite of mine on Bjork’s debut album. if i can find a woman that honestly and sincerely thinks like this, i’d make her mine. it’s selfless, feminine, sexy, nurturing…’s everything i love about women. and c’mon, the song’s sexy as hell.

in the interest of being fair- i could throw out a few red-pill man based songs, but this one comes to mind first. alpha, and VERY INTJ. pay close attention to the words….

and just to prove i’m still a perv….

Boys Suck in the MSM School System

i’m sure by now you’re well aware of how men are falling behind in education and less and less are succeeding on a collegiate level. universities are noting a decline in male enrollment and scrambling to keep the 60% male/40% female ratios because *surprisingly* most women don’t want to attend a taco-fest uni. Tia posted a great article about how boys are marginalized in school. considering she put a son and daughter through school and noticed a difference in how they were treated, i think she’s got room to speak on said subject. read it and if you have a son… wary.

one of the great things about working late shifts is television after 3am is pretty funny. i never knew erectile dysfunction were such a big deal. but there’s another commercial i see floating around that caught my eye.

anyone notice a common denominator here? who do these seem to be targeting? hmmmmmmmm….

but this one is GREAT. kewl points if you can point out the hypocrisy here.

the other night was my last night to stand command watch, so i went on my final external rounds (aka “rat patrol) where it’s my job to find all the muji’s that may be lurking the compound.

believe it or not, this little bitch jams. and i mean the kart btw.

believe it or not, this little bitch jams. and i mean the kart btw.

this was the song playing in my head as i tore ass on the slick grounds at 30mph. which also happened to by me and my boy’s “signal 7” ambulance call song.

Asshole Game and Number Closing

A blogger recently ran a post where 2 guys number close by handing the girl his phone and telling her to punch in the number. I can validate this because I use the same damn technique. When talking to a girl, if I get IOI’s I’ll bring up the keypad on my phone and tell her “We should hang out sometime” while handing her the phone. I RARELY get turned down. Asshole game is only called “asshole game” by betas/omegas. Women only refer to asshole game when the guy lies and is deceptive. Asshole game is simply “assertive game”. I don’t SUGGEST she give me her number, I bascially tell her too. Never underestimate being assertive with a woman. As long as it isn’t malicious, you’re doing what she wants- taking the lead. Also, assholehole game sidesteps the one major thing guys do wrong- pedestalization.

I ran what guys would call “asshole game” when I was a teenager. I was besties with the local alpha that was already banging girls. One day he asked if I slept with this girl whose house I visited after school. When I told I didn’t he informed me she wanted to sleep with me. Then he taught me how to close. There was NO WAY, what he was proposing was going to work. Well- it did.


All I would do, is get to the girls room, close the door and lock it. Now, no one else was home and her parents were usually going to be gone 2-3 hours (they were working). Most of the time the girl wouldn’t protest to me locking the door. Then I’d walk up to her, and simply pull out my mule. 8 out of 10 girls went along with it. If she didn’t, no worries. I’d just leave.

I tell this to parents ALL.THE.TIME. because most of them insist that that would NEVER be their daughter. Well, these girls were your typical girl next door, and while SOME became future sluts, most weren’t. They weren’t against sleeping with a guy, it’s just most of the guys took the supplication route and asked them out and went on dates, and held hands, blah blah blah. I used to talk on the phone with girls but it was usually about finding out when was a good time to go to her place (or mine).

And there’s this thing about “sexting”. Well guess what, we had “sexting” in late 80-90’s. It was called PASSING.NOTES. I’d get to my locker and there’d be a note in there. During class, I’d write girls back. I’d come home with 7-8 notes from girls. My mom found one (girl was pretty descriptive about what she wanted to do to me), and mom had the “condom talk” with me, and showed me where I could find them in her bedroom. I promise, if the technology were available then, I’d have copped nakie shots.

So sexting isn’t a NEW concept. Kids have been pervs forever. Now they just have better technology to be more pervy.

Now- let’s be clear, I wouldn’t recommend the above technique now (as an adult). Lol. But it worked for a 14 year old skate boarder that had his hormones raging. But…I think you see the correalation in being assertive as a winner winner chicken dinner when it comes to the early part of meeting a woman. I posted about this a LOOOONG time ago and even had the notorious player Kane validate the truth in the technique. For those of you that don’t know…Kane knows his shit.

So never underestimate the the allure of being assertive.

Remember. Betas ask. Alphas do.

Stay up.

ITLR- The 3 Pillars

i was recently reading this and it’s a great book for guys. it’s almost like Art of War and is somewhat slept on. both are books that are not “sit down and read leisurely” type books. but since the red-pill is now firmly planted in my head, i started to think how said books applied to game and the SMP.

the SMP is composed to 2 “opponents”. Men and Women. both have different strategies and goals. we are all well aware that: men want sex, women want commitment. i’m not a woman, so this is mostly for guys to utilize your “assets” to your advantage and “plan for victory”. note- this is mostly applicable to guys seeking a relationship. let’s begin.

this being the first step. she’s caught your eye, you’ve gotten her number, you may have talked and shared flirty texts. she has made the first hurdle into your world. HOWEVER, she’s just made the first step. ANY flakage means withdrawal of your time. also, the younger the woman, the more likely the flake factor and the more pressing you need to be about holding her accountable. flake once, consider yourself warned. flake twice and your number is deleted. the closer a woman is to the wall the less likely she is to flake, remember….she’s trying to land a LTR, one flake and she’s done.

besides, a woman that is REALLY into you will likely not flake. once she’s won your time she moves on to-

if you are spending time with her, eventually you will spending some coin. i’m not saying to break yourself, but as a southern man i don not mind paying for “dates”. dates are NOT defined but how much you spend. some of the best dates require little to no money.

realize- though she may have access to your resources, she’s still NOT in the clear. she can still kill her chance at commitment. but by this point she may have proven herself via my “rule of 3’s” she will possible move to the third pillar-

the prize. this is what a good woman seeks. she can only attain it after i have screened her as being loyal and worthy. note- in all my years on this ball of dirt only 5 woman have landed my commitment. as a man you MUST consider your time. resources, and commitment the way a woman guards her access to sex with her. when you finally begin to incorporate this into your life, you notice a change in your interactions with women.

if you budge, and make a, “well, she’s special, i’ll gloss this one over”- yer screwed. frame is a must. i’ve walked away from some VERY attractive women that stumbled on the first 2 pillars. so, keep her off the pedestal, and make her traverse the pillars.

stay up.

Repost: Shrimp Scampi

it’s the lenten season and Danny has can’t nosh animal flesh on friday. i have decided i will dedicate fridays post to food porn with some seafood based recipes for you guys to steal try out. i’m working tonight so i made this thursday and have been nibbling on it for a while. shrimp scampi is easy to make and delicious. i put my own spin on it by adding cilantro and crushed red pepper. and instead of just butter, i like to melt the butter, then add 1/8 white wine and let it reduce for about 3-4 minutes. so let’s get to it.

my shrimp scampi is so good i’ve had the recipe requested from John Hopkins to research it’s ability to cure HIV and cancer. it could possibly even be better than Dwarven beer brewed from fermented Unicorn tears. yeah, it’s THAT good. once the Lenten season begins, i- being a nice Catholic boy, can’t eat meat on Fridays (my bf’s gonna be PISSED btw. wokka wokka) this is my go-to Friday night Lenten dinner. Oh, and i might also mention this is one of those VERY sexy dishes that women (except the ones allergic to shellfish) can’t resist, and it’s VERY easy to make. i LOVE angel hair pasta, so that’s actually what i use. oh, make sure you give her a glass of Rose’ or a Good white wine while she watches you cook. see…you can cook this in about 10-15 minutes. make sure you peel the shrimp while she’s there, it might not seem like a big deal, but her watching you actually peeling the shrimp is primal and sexy. yeah, so what you bought it, but you’re taking a former living thing and reducing it to something she can eat, MAJOR tingle points. i DARE one of you lady readers to deny it. lol. so, take off the shell off the skrump. what shells you remove, throw in a small ziplock bag. sprinkle the shrimp with the kosher salt (i ONLY use kosher salt….trust me on this) and fresh cracked black pepper and mix (with your hands).

serves about 4.

1 stick unsalted butter (i use the kerrygold’s garlic herb butter though)
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 lb. medium shrimp, peeled, deveined, tails attached (BUY FRESH SHRIMP……please)
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1/4 tsp. crushed red chile flakes (more or less to taste) *looks at Bb* (this ingredient it optional)
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped (feel free to use more)
1/8 cup white wine (a decent dry white)
juice of half fresh lemon/lime (more or less to taste)
1 lb. thin spaghetti, angel hair pasta or vermicelli cooked (you DO know to season the pasta water and add 1TB olive oil, RIGHT?)
1/4 cup roughly chopped parsley (to throw her a curve ball…use fresh cilantro instead….VERY SEXY herb)


Heat butter and oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; season shrimp with salt and pepper, and add to skillet. Cook, turning once, until beginning to turn pink (about 3 minutes). Transfer to a plate; set aside. Add chile flakes and garlic to skillet; cook until soft (about 3 minutes). Add wine and juice. cook until reduced by half (about 5-7 minutes). Add cooked pasta, reserved shrimp and remaining butter; toss until evenly combined. Transfer to a serving plate; sprinkle with parsley (or cilantro). Serve, enjoy. Yer welcome.

for those of you looking to up your “foodie cred” i recommend having this in your kitchen (she’ll look through it, trust me) the Larousse Gastronomique. i LOVE this book. it can answer damn near every cooking question you might have. i wonder if my certified chef will make mention of how well known this book is among Chef’s. and it’s French for God’s sake. French cooking= culinary bliss. yeah i’m part Cajun and biased….SO WHAT!!!!. any woman watching you cook that sees this book will think a master is at the stove. lol. just another tip from yer uncle Dan. yer welcome. now get to amazon and order this bitch.



ITLR- What do you do for a living?

quick one for you guys that you can apply immediately-

this is a nice little game i play with women i’m flirting with.

at some point she’ll ask you what you do for a living. DO NOT be boring and tell her about your yawnfest ass job. have fun, be flirty and tell her-

“i’m a world traveller. in my spare time, i’m a world champion kisser of women. i have 3 title belts.”

total bullshit…..YES. fun and flirty……VERY. the whole point is to bring her into your world, make her smile, catch her off guard. and believe me, a flirty, fun, and confident man ALWAYS makes a woman tingle. it’s a tad cocky, and slightly funny. never had a woman not crack a smile when i’ve used this. once you get the kiss, feel free to discuss your boring ass job. but at the beginning, you want to ensure she see’s you as a romantic prospect. if she doesn’t- BAIL. if she does: reward her with your time.

stay up.

again- if you are the reader linking my posts to “the-coli” please shoot me an email.