The Panty Game Day Game and Night Game

So, for the finale in this series- we’ll cover the difference between using this during a night out and meeting up with a girl in a “date” manner. Let’s cover night game first. It’s quickest.

A woman going out for the night KNOWS if she’s looking to score or not. So based on the style/color you should have a good gauge as to what she has planned for the evening. You approach after using the “stick out your tongue” move, look for IOI’s, make her laugh, run the “pregnant” line after she smiles or laughs a second time. Comment that her outfit looks cute and ask her WHY she chose her earings, necklace, ANY accessory. Then say, “Wow, you’re breaking out the HEAVY weaponry tonight. Ok then, what color are the panties we’re wearing tonight?” I’ve RARELY had a woman I’m chatting up get offended. If she does….WALK. Most often you’ll get a sly grin. Now put it all together and play the game. You’re looking for “commando, thong, or g-string”. A woman that does NOT have a ONS agenda will not advertize. If she’s wearing it and ISN’T DTF, she’s looking for validation. DON’T provide it.

If she playfully goes along with it, do your thing. Once you have it figured out and you get one of the three above- suggest a drinking game. Bet her you can finish a pint and a bottle of beer before she can finish a shot. Tell her the “if I win you come home with me, if you win…you know”. ONLY a girl that’s possibly DTF would go along with this. Rules are: she CANNOT start until you go for your bottle, and you can’t touch each other’s drinks. Once she agrees, slam the pint, and use the empty glass to cover her shot, finish your bottle casually and say, “Looks like I win.” And wink. She MAY shit test you by going for the drink. DO NOT LET HER. Hold the frame. At the very least tell her not a be a sore loser, pull her close while looking into her eyes, and kiss her. Hold kiss for 3-4 seconds, and move her to a quieter spot. Grab her shot, grab your beer, and lead her away. Once the escalated IOI’s come in, tell her it’s time for you two to leave.

DO NOT TAKE SEPARATE CARS. Either she comes with you, or she drives you. Checkmate.

Now the panty game during the day is VERY different. During the day if you don’t know her, it’s not applicable. Just approach, number close and leave. The panty game is for women you have already number closed and are finally meeting up with. I like a casual, yet intimate venue. You start when you’re at the location, someplace you can easily bounce from. Coffee, weekend lunch…whatev’s. It starts the same, make her laugh and smile, tell her you approve of her outfit, compliment an accessory and ask her what made her choose it, and deliver the “WOW, we’re really breaking out the heavy weaponry here. Color me flattered.” You’ll usually get a smile and some preening. Then, say, “Ok then, what color undies are we wearing.” Now if she won’t go there, DON’T press it. Also works best with the 18-23/4 yo girls as they tend to be more narcassitic. If she tells you- do the math, remember- she CHOSE this outfit with you in mind.

You’re looking for g-string and thong, if she’s going commando on you- run, she probably has done this A LOT. If she’s wearing a color that CONTRASTS with her outfit (i.e.-pink thong with painted on blue  jeans), you’re in. Once you’ve confirmed- bounce her. I like taking a girl to a place to play pool. This is where you do the “winner loser goes home with…” tactic. If she agrees- WINSAUCE. At the very least, she confirmed a sexual interest in you. You WILL sleep with her eventually. If she doesn’t agree but still plays, MONEY. She’s down, but probably doesn’t want to give a “slut vibe” And the 18-23 year olds going to college are also more likely to sleep with you sooner.

If she’s wearing the “logo” style, she’s at least down for some serious make out time. She might even blow you. Let the logo be your guide. If she won’t tell you the logo, it’s because it’s NAUGHTY. Play that to your advantage.

If playing pool, regardless of who wins- act surprised and say you were hoping for the OPPOSITE person to win. If you win, “DAMMIT….my place is a wreck.”. If she wins, “FUUUUCK . I was hoping to show off the stripper pole I just installed.” Then, once she’s started laughing, make eye contact, tell her to come to you. DO NOT BREAK EYE CONTACT. When she gets within reach, hook a finger into her jeans and pull her to you. Kiss her for 3-4 seconds. Release and tell her you two are leaving. If she turns it down, it’s ok.

YOU WILL close soon enough. Now you know where you stand. 

And remember. Is she REFUSES to play, it’s one of two things. You’re in LJBF land, so quit calling this one. OR- she doesn’t want to give off a slut vibe. The difference is a girl that LIKES you will smile and coyly refuse. She’ll like the fact that you’re escalating and being assertive, but you’re probably dealing with a woman looking for a BF. LJBF will give a playful “no” and usually won’t smile. Tell, her- “Oh, so I guess I’m like yer besty now.” With this she’ll usually give the “how she thinks of you” comment. Act accordingly.

But a woman who’s attracted to you might not tell you, but she won’t come off as disgusted or insulted. If she acts insulted. DO NOT BACK TRACK. That’s supplication and you’re sunk. You simply know now she’s NOT into you. Don’t call again.

So there you have it. I ran “panty” game during my 3 years in NO. But it’s still applicable. So get out there and figure out if you’re dealing with a carousel rider or a future GF; but most of all, IT’S FUN. And most women LOVE flirty, assertive banter from a guy.

Stay up.

OH. I’m putting the finishing touches on my first book. It will be available for $2.99 on kindle. I hope you’ll purchase, read and enjoy.

17 Comments on “The Panty Game Day Game and Night Game”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Game book?


    I’ll buy it either way.

    You can use my title if you want.

  2. You’re good. This entry is absolutely golden.

  3. K-Stan says:

    What about us guys who are lonely in the barracks and can’t bring girls in after hours cause the guys at the bottom of the stair case are huge cock blocks Lol. Didnt think about it right away but it’s kind of difficult to play the win lose game with someone unless I force myself to lose…I’ve got a dilemma now haha

  4. K-Stan says:

    It does suck haha

  5. ASF says:

    Danny is the manospheres hidden gem. Solid, PRACTICAL advice, that you can use. Totally worth my tax dollars! 😀

  6. MissMarie says:

    You love my dorkiness… 😛

  7. I like that jeans-pull move thing. Might just have to try it next.

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