What New Orleans taught Me

since i’m heading home tomorrow to take paw-paw to some parades- i thought i’d share what my beloved city has taught me.

1- ENJOY LIFE!!!!!- life is NOT your job. it’s your family, it’s the simple pleasure’s that come by from time to time. it’s a cold beer with a friend or loved one. it’s a great meal. it’s that day you get to sleep late. so take some time to make an effort to stop a take a look around. life is wine, take a sip.

2- watch your back- this world can also consume you if you keep blinders on to it. NO is DANGEROUS. she taught me to be tough, to fight, to keep my eyes open, and to watch my fucking back. i’m not big, i’m not tall- but if you push me….i WILL push back.

3- love thy neighbor- NO is a unique. take oak street back uptown. tulane yuppies mix with local thugs that blend in with the local skate tribe and local families. RIP humidity ramp. Alex’s house will be SORELY missed. every ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-econmoic class sits comfortably amongst themselves. i’m not saying they generally LIKE each other, but no one fucks with the other, and everyone watches out for each other. live and let live.

4- family is everything- i will DIE for my family. period. my family is honestly the most important thing in my life. you have to keep your priorities straight and for me, FAMILY is everything. now there are certain friends that i consider family, please keep that in mind as well. keep these people close, never lose touch with them. they enrich and give your life true meaning.

5- be proud of yourself- NO is kinda of a joke to some of the bigger cities. FUCK THEM. they couldn’t last 10 minutes in NO. NO isn’t the biggest, most plush, most populated city. but NO has a pulse. NO is unique. NO is dangerous, and most of all….NO is beautiful. it’s so rich in culture and food and art and life that it’s stupid. AND you can enjoy all it has for WAAAAAAY less than you’s spend in LA, NY, or vegas.

6- be nice- one of my favorite things about being in the city is talking to tourists. i ALWAYS hear the same thing from tourists, “you guys are some of the most friendly people i’ve ever met.”  i LOVE this line. we ALWAYS thank tourists for coming in. i’ve talked with hundreds of folks that had never been to NO before and they always say the same thing- they always comment how friendly and accepting the local’s are. you won’t get that in NY or LA. you act a fool in NO, you WILL get run out.

7- women are a sport- much like hunting deer. RESPECT the quarry. they’re beautiful, they’re graceful, they make for good sport. every notch you get…..pay respect to the kill.

8- honor thy food- food is RELIGION in NO. if you’ve been around here enough you know how serious i am about food. food is the only thing in my life that can trump women. as much as i love women, i love food-porn even more. well before i was aware of the beauty and mysticism of women…..food/cooking was my best girl. and all the zen masters trained me. maw-maw, mom, paw-paw, my dad’s french mother. put me in a fully stocked kitchen and please step aside……i got’s ‘dis.

9- no one is going to be there for you, BUT YOU- you are on your own. this world doesn’t give a FUCK. if you aren’t prepared, if you aren’t ready, if you’re weak……you’re dead. the world doesn’t care if you’re prepared or not. either you can stand on your own two feet or you can’t and if you CAN’T……God help you. see #4.

10- have a drink, have a laugh, and smile- this is a central concept in NO. a universally understood concept. life happens pretty fast; SOOO much passes by so quickly. surround yourself with friends, grab a stiff drink, and take a look around. this is your life, and you’ll come here once. it really isn’t that bad if you put it in perspective.

life is wine.

stay up.

7 Comments on “What New Orleans taught Me”

  1. Matt says:

    I agree, family is everything. The problem is, mine is all dead and I don’t have any hopes of having any children. Our government has done a great job of destroying the family and I’m not talented enough to undo their sabotage. So, my family line ends with me. It’s really depressing, when I die, not only will no one care, odds are that no one will even notice for months.

    • aneroidocean says:

      This is where I agree with Danny on the friends as family. When you gain real quality friends, they are family. This is something that is big in latin culture (at least where my father is from) and I really like it. It’s proven true. You have to find quality people and really understand how to recognize and weed out the ones that aren’t, but it’s worth it.

      With great friends, nobody would ever not notice your death or major changes in your life. Find them, cherish them, and your life will be rewarded.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Simon carnal.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Matt says:

        No real friends anymore either. The ones I thought I had years ago just wanted to rip me off and in today’s society everybody is hating on a single, straight, white guy like me. There’s no longer any place I fit in and there’s no one who gives a damn. In fact, the one thing I have learned is that asking for help only results in abuse, ridicue and extortion. I should have blown my brains out a decade ago, now I’m too tired to even bother.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Dude I brace solitude and adversity. Makes a real man hungry. Get busy living, or get busy dying.

          My ship may be in shallow waters, but i’mma push this bitch to the limits.

          Sent from my iPhone

        • aneroidocean says:

          Sounds like you need a big change in your life, buddy. Something you enjoy and can direct that frustration into/out with. I’ve been fortunate to meet some really great people. You’ve gotta get out there and find people that think similarly to you, they ARE out there. If that means finding people you can connect with online and having that help you, cool, we are here.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Then you know what….go out in style. With a bang. Make your fam proud.

      Sent from my iPhone

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