Fatties, and Parade Night with Paw-Paw and my Mom’n’nem

this started out as a fitness post, but has derailed into a fitness/mardi gras fun post. first the fitness crap.

it’s a simple fucking ratio:

if you take in 2500 calories, then only burn off 2000. 500 calories are stored as fat. rinse repeat for whatever amount of years you accumulated weight. if you spent 5-6 years getting fat, you ARE.NOT. going to lose it in 6-7 months.

ESPECIALLY if you continue to consume 2500 calories.

lastly- instead of eating 3 large meals a day, switch to 5-6 SMALLER meals per day. your metabolism ramps up in preparation for the next small meal 3-4 hours later. PLUS, after about a month or 2 your stomach acclomates to smaller portions and you get FULL FASTER.

i used to weigh 145 pounds on a 5’4″ frame. i was tubby as fuck. i dropped down to 130 by doing this and dropped from a 35″ to 31″ waist. don’t obsess over weight, progress is in the way your clothes fit.

if it comes in box or bag. DON’T.EAT.IT.. cook your own fresh foods. processed foods are AWFUL. as we say down here, “eat close to the farm”.

of course all this requires *GASP* WORK. no pills, not shortcuts. but God knows Americans today can’t work for anything. So shut up and pay extra airfare.

and fat girls, alpha guys with game have ZERO interest in you. get yourself a beta/omega/dickless wonder. i wouldn’t a fuck fat girl with M3’s dick and PrivateMan pushing. fat girls are the catfish of the SMP, they’re plentiful, easy to catch, and you you can eat it, but no one tries to eat it and they certainly don’t BRAG about eating a bottomfeeder.

i commented about how a girl i knew back in Italy got stationed in NO. she was cute at first, but got fat about 6-7 months after getting to NO. she became invisible to the men in the city and she ended up with a beta military dude. i was off teaching my friend how to land Tulane girls. lol. thankfully, i got to her BEFORE she ballooned.

the parade was fine, drank beer, i talked to some chick from LSU- relax, she was with her BF and her younger sis wasn’t really my type. BUT, girl with dude was feeling me. we talked a few times when dude wasn’t around, and i LIGHTLY flirted with her. i def got IOI’s. i was using “mardi gras game”. i gave her SISTER the decent beads i caught. THEN i copped a small stuffed animal, she congratulated me, and i gave her the $2 stuffed duck. she GUSHED. more on mardi gras game soon. don’t expect much, i’ll be spending 90% of my time with Paw-Paw. dude….he’s 89. gotta spend time with him. girls come and go. Paw-Paw WON’T be coming back.

as for BF, i gamed him by pointing out how we used to kick back at the end of the parade and pick up on the dance group girls and take them to the lakefront. *see video* since he’s a La. boy, he was RIGHT THERE with me. lol. aaaaah, capricious youth.

tomorrow i head into the quarter for a while then coming home and going to watch the super bowl at my boy’s house. i can’t WAIT to see how the city is rocking tomorrow. Super Bowl fans AND Mardi Gras tourists……FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. EPIC. pics WILL follow.

“yah mom ‘nem”= your mom and them= your family. lol.

1030am….and drinking. Woot NO!!!!!


25 Comments on “Fatties, and Parade Night with Paw-Paw and my Mom’n’nem”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Should’ve given little sis to paw-paw.

  2. BB says:

    Social Kenny’s curse? I hope not.

  3. deti says:

    Go Packers/Bears/Steelers/Cowboys! *LOL*

  4. Faust says:

    Sent you an email.

  5. Aiston says:

    Since its a fitness post can I ask about T levels here?

      • Aiston says:

        Same as before. If high T levels make you feel pumped up and horny all the time, what is the benefit in raising them? What’s the use of having a 24 hour raging hard on if one doesn’t have a woman and is not good at getting one? What’s the use of feeling pumped up and agressive while going about a normal civilian day?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          1- I was taking a MAJOR T bridge and working out all the time.

          2- it was an exaggeration. I’m almost 40, so my T levels are less then when I was 20-30. It’s the basic male hormone. Keeping a high T level is NOT going to mean I walk around with a hard on and thumping my chest all day Larry Literal.

          BUT if I get into a situation where T is beneficial, I’ll have it. T is the foundation male hormone. if you want LESS…..ok. i know i sure as hell don’t want a higher estrogen level than T level.

          honestly, it sounds like you don’t want to mess with your T levels, and that’s fine. well, i DO want to have a higher T level.

          Sent from my iPhone

    • Spence says:

      Check out this article for help with getting Testosterone levels up naturally.


  6. Spence says:

    Danny, respect your stuff. It went over my head how you gamed the BF. Did he beta himself after you told him about the dancers? or was it his GF being right there?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No. I just kept myself off his radar by redirecting his attention. I never bothered him or her when they were talking.

      And my behavior showed I was interested in GF’s sister. I didn’t flirt with GF until I knew he didn’t suspect me.

      Besides, I never really wanted anything from them, but they were in my vicinity so I ran appropriate game. And girl gave me subtle IOI’s.

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