Valentine’s Day

valentine’s day is coming in and i thought i’d share a nice little tactic i use on women i’m seeing.

valentine’s day is a girls “tiara day” holiday. most guys dread it. i’m here to share with you a little used gift selection. i’ve used this MANY times in the clutch for a gift and have NEVER had it fail. it’s original, inexpensive, and is GUARANTEED to bring the tingles. every girl knows about it, but few have it. i have EX’s that refuse to part with this gift. and most guys are clueless to it.
–mother fucking  build a bear.
for those of you that don’t know- build a bear is a store where you build a teddybear. you can choose the gender, attire, name (it gets a birth certificate), and any accessories you’d like. when i make a girl a build a bear, i design it to look like me (i get glasses for it) and ALWAYS rock boy outfits. then i tell her it’s “our son”. the hamster goes into multiple orgasms. Look, i got B a build a bear, and even after we quit talking and she claimed she hated me, when i ran into her when i got to florida she told me she still had it. she even got him a sister (and HOW do you think i knew she wanted to married despite claiming otherwise?). if said woman is as single mom and has a daughter, get one for the daughter. BAM!!!!! mommy moisture.
it CAN be expensive if you choose a fancy bear. but, the typical bear costs $15. the clothes cost around $7-10 per outfit. there MIGHT be one at your local mall. i learned about build a bear from my mom. she’d take a niece there for a major event and let her make her own bear. i saw the reaction it got from the niece and figured, “if it works so well on a 15 year old…” tried it on a girl i was seeing for her b-day and she went ape-shit.
i have YET to meet a woman who doesn’t know about build a bear. valentine gifts should NOT be expensive and flashy, and build a bear shows originality, creativity, and it’s unique. all qualities of gifts sure to make a woman moist.
if you’re thinking flowers, grab a hand grenade, shove it in your mouth, pull the pin, and paint the wall a new shade of you. be better than that. i’m not one to endorse a product, but i’ve always gotten rave reviews from shari’s berries. got these for lyssi on valentines day. i got a phone cal with her gushing about how much she liked them, and how she displayed them at work. now things had JUST STARTED for her and i and i knew she wasn’t really the sentimental type and she didn’t expect anything. that she’d told herself it’s a stupid holiday and blah, blah, blah. but i know wimminz. women LOVE to gloat- especially over VD (chez apropos). no woman wants to be the “girl that’s single and gets SHIT”.
personally, i LOVE valentines day. go to a hip bar on VD and you’ll find a legion of single woman “hating men” because they’re single. sounds like an ideal reason to AVOID going out. but, i’ve found that while they’re busy telling themselves how cool it is being single, deep down they LAMENT it. it makes approach easier. go full on cornball and send over the “i like you do you like me note”. then feed the hamster and AGREE how shitty valentines day is, then work the , “i find it hard to believe you’re single you seem so cool routine.” it’s kind of sad how easily this works.
trust me, i’ve used it MANY times.
so if you have a chick, and you’re stumped for a gift…’re welcome. now get off your sorry ass and stand out. trust- girls gonna remember you for this.
stay up.

44 Comments on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Vicomte says:

    For those of you not secure enough in your sexuality to walk into a shopping mall and put a tiny sailor’s outfit on a teddy bear in front of other human beings, and were thinking about jewelry:

    Mike does custom work as well, so if your girl has a thing for seahorses, you can be like ‘I need a seahorse knapped out of petrified coral.’ and he’ll make it.

    Shit, put it on the bear. Double trouble.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Should the bear already have semen on it?

  3. Handlingtheredpill says:

    To build a bear or to take her lingerie shopping?

    A bottle of wine and chocolate is easier , but instantly forgettable.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      build the bear. it show’s initiative and generates more tingles. read the post again and then read it again.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lingerie is predictable. NEVER buy a woman lingerie. She must buy it for you, and when she does, be appreciative.

      Buying her lingerie on VD is a grift for YOU not her.

      The teddy near kills b/c it’s assertive, unique and links the gift squarely to you.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Handlingtheredpill says:

        It’s a great plan. I was trying to come up with a non-beta gift but I realize I’ve been reading too much roissy … he dealt with a certain type of woman.
        Now to come up with a good name for our son 😉 I suppose I’ll omit the surname . Birth date would be V-day date?

  4. Socialkenny says:

    I’m sold on the bear-building as a gift. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

  5. gregariouswolf says:

    Valentine’s Day is like an extra birthday for girls that doesn’t count against their age.

  6. Did this many years ago.
    She still has the bear too, even though all the other things are now gone.

  7. Athor Pel says:

    It’s like you’re a carrier for alien mind worms from another dimension. If you start seeing a girl, one of the worms will crawl in the girl’s ear and wrap itself around her brain stem, never to leave.

    It constantly whispers your name every time she sees something that should remind her of you. The worm is also not of this material plane of existence. You can’t see the worm but it’s there all the same.

    The bear is a spiritual anchor object for the worm. It needs the bear in order to extend its consciousness into this dimension. Kind of like a phylactery for a lich.

    Now I’m creeped out.

    The bear ain’t fair Danny. Not fair at all.

  8. M3 says:

    “if you’re thinking flowers, grab a hand grenade, shove it in your moue, pull the pin, and paint the wall a new shade of you.”

    new, morbid meaning to the phrase paint the town red dontcha think?

  9. M3 says:

    I’m all for the zero dollar gift.

    Giving her the thing she wants the most. Yes, my penis comes to mind but we’re in GirlWorld now.. so give her what her inner romantic craves.

    Spend the afternoon making a special home cooked dinner with candles just for her.
    Spend the early evening baking cookies or some other kind of desert where you get to throw sugar and flower at each other.
    That walk by the lakeshore holding arms (no hands, thats highschool) and watching the sunset.

    Give her the greatest free gift of all. Your time.

    By the end of the day she’s gonna savagely tear your clothes off.

    Win / Win.

  10. Vicomte says:

    ‘Lmao I’m not big neither, so don’t feel bad lol!’

    The Danny Show ft. SocialKenny.

    Never disappoints.

  11. MissMarie says:

    I’d totally sleep with it 😉

  12. deti says:

    The whole shari’s berries thing. Sounds like upscale skittles.

    The build a bear thing is great. Cheers

  13. ASF says:

    Pretty genius. I have done this with my daughter. As a general rule, whatever little girls like, big girls will like too.

  14. Bb says:

    I know dozens of women this would work on…me included. Awwww….

  15. AC says:

    I can actually validate that what Danny has said here is right on target.
    I did this last year after getting the idea from a friend. I only added glasses (I wear glasses), and no clothes. One of the comments afterward from her was “it’s a build a bear, why is he naked?” My answer was “what’s that? (leaned toward bear like listening) “oh, bear wants to know why you are dressed.” Same as Danny letting his dog “ask a girl questions.”

    BTW Danny, I’m a looong time lurker (following from the very start.) First comment, mainly just to say keep up the good work.

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