French Quarter Fun and Fuck you Kia

spent the day in the quarter, i KNEW it was going to be a decent day because TUL was playing some great stuff. see-

went to grab a hand grenade and was hoping my bro was working. he was. word.

heavy drinking at 2pm. don't judge me..

heavy drinking at 2pm. don’t judge me..

it was beautiful out. it was overcast and cool. the shy was a mist hiding the tops of some of the skyscrapers in the CBD. i found a great spot on bourbon and esplanade to park, and headed into the Quarter. started at tropical aisle and had a hand grenade, my boy tending bar and gave me a free second round. went to krazy corner but my girl wasn’t working. was going to head to johnny’s for a po-boy, but skipped it and walked royal, and hit a few of the galleries and a book store, then decided to hit my book store “livre acadien”

yeah. see you in about 3 hours.

yeah. see you in about 3 hours.

well, i collect antique books. i found “the complete poems of francis thompson” published 1913, and “surprises of life by georges clemenceau” published in 1920. both were $10. now i typically consider antique as being late 1800’s. but i still think they were great finds.

the new tomes

the new tomes

then i visited a friend that works on decatur. she’s a certified voodoo priestess, and a VERY wise woman. from there it was off to the french market to browse the local wares. i usually buy something but since i’m getting rid of all my shit, this seemed frivolous. soon it was around 5:30 and i didn’t want to sit in traffic, so i grabbed half a muffelatta and headed back to the car. GREAT day.

WAIT…….i forgot, this is a manosphere site so-

FUCK you kia

i saw this during the Super Bowl, and even my mom thought it was too overtly misandrisyt, and laughed when i said i wanted to see a ford commercial where a truck had 2 manbots modeling. some chick comes up and giggles and fawns over the truck. then one of the manbots walks up and back hands the goofy bitch ala 1970.


4 Comments on “French Quarter Fun and Fuck you Kia”

  1. M3 says:

    And in keeping with it being a man o sphere site… Those bots were hot and much more bone able than most feminists 🙂

  2. Altimanix says:

    If you like ‘overcast and cool’ you’d love the UK right now – it’s frigging freezin’ without any blue sky in sight.

    I don’t know why the bots treated that guy so bad, he looks like exactly the sort of dweeb to buy a Kia…

  3. Rojo says:

    That Kia commercial was too much. In addition to the Niners poor performance as well as the cackling through the bar during that commercial, I almost just left. Then the power went out at the stadium….

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