Taking One for the Team

twofer for you guys since i’m going to be busy tomorrow with *ahem-“friend”* a, and friday i’m taking Paw-Paw to (and possibly one of my “friends”) a parade friday.

i was out with some friends, and my boy had a girl (solid 5) diss him by mentioning he should lose some weight. he was into her and trying to number close. NOW…..he had been LJBF’ed and i knew it. she was trying to give him some pointers (about how to be more attractive to women) and i was fucking fuming. i used a comedians line and said-

“ok. but if he lost 20 pounds he’d be talking to one of your friends; but he’s taking one for the team.”

girl GLARED at me and walked away and my boy bust out laughing. “fuck her.” i told him. she ain’t worth it. NEVER let a woman judge you based on looks. look dude made all the classic mistakes and killed it. i had a talk with him later on what he did wrong. but he’s VERY entrenched in blue-pillery. and tbh- i have ZERO interest in trying to padawan him.

MEN judge on looks. my boy got shit tested and i nuked her for him (he’s got very little game). if a woman EVER judges you based your looks smash that shit to the ground and reframe to HER looks and the reason you’re talking to her is because you’re taking one for the team.

the sad thing is- he’s a good looking dude. close to 6 feet tall, GREAT job, good money. but he’s lacking the skills to land a woman. he’s placed all his stock (in regards to getting a woman) on socioeconomic BS. which is fine, but he doesn’t grasp the understanding of woman and doesn’t speak “womanize” which gives you a VERY clear understanding of where you stand on her tingle meter. i treated her the way i treat all women who turn me down in an cunty fashion-

If I’m going to get turned down by a girl and she’s an asshole about it- I want to go down swinging. Like Patrice once said, ” when I lose the audience, I go after them. I want them to HATE me.”

Good advice. Remember Lads, being turned down is fine as long as she’s cool about it. If she turns you down with an attitude, red pill men go into “operation shock and awe”, while blue pill men mope and let it eat away at them. And I have a black gift for knowing into a persons insecurities.

If she tried to bring up the fact that i was hitting on her, I’d just say that sometimes when you have a fish on the line and you see the fish, you either let it go or you’re glad you didn’t catch it if it gets away. Or I’d mention how happy her BF must be to get a moment of freedom for her ass. If she’s even a LITTLE overweight…..

Game over. I’ll have her crying.

Stay up.


always loved this song when someone questions my laid-back attitude about life. But it’s about running into an ex, and telling her you’re fucking peachy- get back to your life, I’ve move on and am having a blast in the process.

Bonus points to the readers that can point out the “game” part of the lyrics

29 Comments on “Taking One for the Team”

  1. Vicomte says:

    Fives are like shadow puppets: in a dimly lit room they can dance along the walls, but when the lights come on they disappear.

    And if you take anything they say seriously, you’re crazy.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yup. i posted but realized i had more i wanted to say……the newest draft is the final one.

      • Vicomte says:

        Fancy blogger,

        The last time a girl gave me shit (for making minimum-wage) I just smiled and told her it was ‘tax free’.

        The best reframe will always be genuine amusement. I’ve never agreed with the comics that get pissed at the hecklers. Anger implies you’re taking the other party seriously.

        If a girl ever called me out about how I was hitting on her, implying my interest made me pathetic, I’d (quite honestly) laugh it off as ‘My mistake’.

        If a girl ever gives you shit for being fat: ‘Says the girl that woke up this morning and poured two pints of cottage cheese into her jeans…”

        Cellulite is the great fear of woman. Exploit it.

  2. matthew says:

    S/o on the caesar dressn danny. I’m an aight cook in my own light but I usually go sauteed greens vs fresh.

    Made the salad for my girl last night: “omg matty, I always forget how good a cook u are.”

    I went for spicy honey when I realized I had no dijon. The sweetness worked well.

    Stay up

  3. Man, remind me to stay on your good side! 😉

    Does he know about your blog? I’ve seen so much hands-on, easy to follow advice on your blog, that he should be able to see the light if he knows about it?

  4. MissMarie says:

    The Statler Brothers!? That’s my kinda music!!! 😀

  5. MissMarie says:

    It’s kind of an empty victory, I’ve been listening to the Statler Brothers since I was in the womb, but I’m still excited to have won! Is there a prize involved? 🙂

  6. sunshinemary says:

    MEN judge on looks… if a woman EVER judges you based your looks smash that shit to the ground and reframe to HER looks and the reason you’re talking to her is because you’re taking one for the team.

    This seems like very good advice that even a Christian man who is looking to date but not looking to be sexually promiscuous could use. Young women must have oddly inflated self-opinions and apparently need to be taken down a peg or two.

    Hope you’re having fun in NO, D.!

  7. Faust says:

    Haha, that was brutal.

    So what do you say to an overweight chick then? I’m curious.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I don’t have a canned line, most of my responses are ad-lib. If she were to judge me on my height, I’d say something along the lines of-

      “That’s cool, I prefer my woman couldn’t be classified as “compact car”. I dunno.

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. aneroidocean says:

    The BEAUTY is that not only are you calling her fat, but you’re calling her unattractive COMPARED TO HER FRIENDS.

    This is the only real competition most women know, and to be called the bottom of the pile of her own damn friends hurts DEEP.

  9. MissMarie says:

    I consider myself lucky my Mama taught me manners. I’ve been bigger than I am now (and smaller, it’s a process) but I’ve never been outright rude to a decent man, and I’ve generally never been ripped to pieces. I say decent man because really, some drunk guys are flat-out pricks, and as both a bartender and patron I’ll respond as harshly as necessary to resolve the situation. Luckily, it’s a small percentage. Generally there’s no excuse for poor manners. Nobody seems to have learned etiquette or even common courtesy anymore…

  10. CLG says:

    man, this friend is sounding eerily similar to some of that bluepill shit I wrote you about the other day. Not sure what the struggle is. But I would have taken her down a peg saying “don’t think you are an 11 because you are a 1 in the looks department wearing 10 sized jeans…. those numbers dont add up.” Women hate when you refer to jean or dress sizes, because they cant hide when they know you know how to call the ball. even if you call the wrong size.

  11. Vicomte says:

    Visceral reaction to fear of cellulite.

    Take note, gentlemen.

  12. i just smile and walk away thinking “her loss”. life is too short to let a worthless bitch get under your skin

  13. Damn! – that quote about the food says it well.

  14. The Right Hon. Msgr. Fred Flange says:

    I love that Statler Bros. song too but my read is 100% opposite: it’s the poor heartsick schlub putting on a brave face and telling his ex how busy he is staring at the wall alone, watching Capt. Kangaroo, smoking and playing solitaire with a bad deck. “Don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do” is ironic as fuck.

    Now a real “red pill song” I rediscovered is Nick Lowe’s “I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll”, which describes the modern carousel-rider-marrying-beta-herb PERFECTLY: “He’s got sa real good job and his shirt and tie is nice/But I remember a time she never would have looked at him twice.”

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