The Wonderful Modern American Woman

18 yo penelope soto was stopped by officers after she fell off a bike and cops discovered 23-24 zanax (LOVE zanax), so she was arrested. she was fined and bail was set at $5000 then….

there you have it. witness the modern, entitled, spoiled as all hell modern woman. and notice, she’s quite attractive. i posted this to anyone reading that might be on the fence about learning game and more importantly…..MGTOW. do you think this girl is going to sleep with a beta?


do you think this women is going to be safe marriage material?

as a man- let ME answer that.


don’t get me wrong: i’d hit it, but i PROMISE you i’d get sick of her after a month or two. and to be honest-
she’s not WORTH any effort to run game on her; much less….LTR her. unfortunately she’s not an anomaly. she’s the new industry standard. she’ll end up pregnant ride the carousel, and either decide an her mid-late 20’s she wants a husband OR she’ll find she’ll be nothing more than a short time gf. when she pushes for an exclusive relationship or marriage….the beta will “man up”, the alpha will say, “sayonara”.

and honestly…..that’s fucking tragic. BUT…choices have consequences. her parent/s did her a great diservice. now, take this woman and her “upbringing” and-

multiply it by MILLIONS of american girls. it makes me sad, but one thing about men, is they are adaptive. even if they do fall into the trap and get cleaned out in a divorce, most REFUSE to go through that again. and as women age and find their mate pool dry up, men get older and find they have almost infinite options with VERY attractive women. M3 has an interesting metaphor along the lines of what i’m talking about. sorry i don’t have his photoshop skills, but i DO have a bigger mule…..srsly it weighs about 30z. half a pound.

so…..what’s the end game? my theory is (i’m sure common)

nothing will change until there is honest and real acceptance of the way men are treated in the west. birth rates will fall like in japan, the low birth rate will CRUSH the health care system that won’t be able to care for the VASTLY growing population of seniors, the economy will continue to tank since…well, no one is producing spawn to earn money to be taxed. as for the SMP…..the trend of 80/20 will continue to exist. i never post about “closes”. too tacky, a gentleman does not kiss and tell. but regarding the current SMP-

i feel REALLY sorry for women. especially marriage/child minded women.

as for me- i’ll be sitting on my acreage in texas, tending my micro farm, and living the good life of: sleeping late, hunting, fishing, drinking beer, and MAYBE working.

palate cleansing time. Paw-Paw came out of left field tonight and said, “i was looking for Milly (Maw-Maw’s older sis) and asked Maw-Maw, ‘hey are you Milly LeBlanc?’ and your Maw-Maw replied, ‘no. sorry, but i am the next best thing- Milly’s little sister Meriam.’ “. DAAAAAAAAAAAW. lol. he was sold. lol.

told you he was mexican. ain't they cute?

told you he was mexican. ain’t they cute?

last night i posted a video of the statler bros. singing “flowers on the wall.” extra cool points to the reader who can tell me what movie that song landed in.

stay up.

40 Comments on “The Wonderful Modern American Woman”

  1. Arred Wade says:

    I don’t know, man. I deal with girls like this successfully all the time. I don’t think they’;re too hard to understand, I kind of get off on keeping them in line, and they never fall out of love with an alpha. I don’t really see the apocalypse all the MRAs are holding this up as an example of.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Apocalypse is a bit strong. I deal with said women as well, notice I said I’d hit it, but not commit it.

      Don’t take this shit too seriously bro. Lol.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • Andrew Medina says:

      ” I kind of get off on keeping them in line”

      That’s why I need to find the time to learn shibari. You know a bitch like that is fun to tie up.

      @Danny: “Hit it, don’t commit it” sounds like an anti-marriage motto we could put in a TV spot.

  2. M3 says:

    This girl is tragic trash. I’m sure drugs are involved but yeah, at best a3 night rental. This one is lot of the marriage race.. I see her getting pimped out and ODing.

    Women like this will very their alpha pumps and turn to drugs, crime and prostitution. I have fifth cents days she don’t have a daddy in her life. Pity.

    This half pound mule you speak of, do you drop it off at the pool and does it ride the water slide every morning?

  3. ARoss says:

    I see an episode of COPS in her future…

  4. […] of my favorite bloggers, Dannyfrom504, posted the following video of Crazy-Girl ® on his […]

  5. deti says:

    The worst part of the video is not stupid girl flipping off a judge and telling a judge to “fuck you”.

    The worst part is the mealy mouthed omega lawyer saying “i just don’t think the proper procedures were followed” in finding her in contempt.

    Telling a judge “fuck you” and flipping off a judge in open court is direct criminal contempt. It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well the commentators on the new show were defending the girls with, “she’s 18 and her brain is still developing, there’s no need to be so harsh with her.”

      I had to remove my jaw from the floor. She’s in court for the same parenting philosophy- coddle coddle coddle. It’s not your fault. *smh*

      Sent from my iPhone

    • deti says:

      There are some things you just don’t do.

      Telling a judge “fuck you” in open court is one of them.

      Anyone in any civilized society should know that. You’re damn right that’s direct criminal contempt.

  6. MissMarie says:

    The sheer stupidity of her grates on my nerves, I had a hard time watching til the end, but I wanted to see her flip off the judge. 18 is plenty old enough to know better, and I’m willing to bet her lawyer schooled her on how to act before she went in. I mean, geez, I was a bad girl at one time and went to court (not drugs though) and you’d be shocked at some of the people. I was told to dress up and everything was, “Yes your honor,” and “No your honor” but some of the people in ratty sweatpants and talking like thugs to the judge, yikes. Adios!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Yup. I’ve been to court too. I was completely humble.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • MissMarie says:

        I didn’t really have an appropriate, nice shirt so I wore one that showed a bit of cleavage, but not from straight ahead. I assumed I’d be fine. I had no idea the judge’s bench is actually *elevated*!!! That man had a straight view right down my shirt and I was so embarrassed. I think it helped my cause though, lmao!!!

  7. tj says:

    Great video – to me, the best part was watching the change in her body language – at the beginning she’s all flirty and open and giggly and toootally playing with her hair – and then BOOM – the f bomb when she doesn’t get want she wants. Her posture after that is closed and tense and shut down.

    Awesome stuff

    • M3 says:

      Am reminded of a child that pushes all the right buttons trying to get what it wants in the store, and then when it gets the answer it wasn’t looking for… throws a tantrum and walks off in a snotty huff.

      Actually surprised there weren’t any tears.

  8. MissMarie says:

    I hate being un-classy by accident, at least if I know I’m doing something inappropriate ahead of time I can be thoroughly ashamed while doing it!

  9. DrJohno says:

    I’m utterly shocked at this young woman’s attitude. Are things really that serious in the US? I honestly can’t imagine myself putting up with women like that. No, no, no, there’s definitively something really wrong going on over there.

  10. Senior Beta says:

    This is one of those times when being a lawyer is no fun. You counsel your low life client that you have just negotiated a minimal penalty and if she toes the line she will be free in a few days/months. And then this. Criminal law is no fun.

  11. mothersmurfer says:

    PULP FIC-oh, damn. Beat me to it.

    My favorite part is the beginning when Jules fucks with the kids.

    “Say what again, motherfucker! Say what again! I dare you. I double dare you!”





  12. aneroidocean says:

    This is why I find it super interesting the reactions from other females when I bring up the fact that often times the prettiest girls are the ugliest inside. They rarely disagree.

  13. Alex says:

    this feels appropriate in regards to the original post…

  14. Spiralina says:

    She’s a crackhead and she’s high off her ass in court. How is this news?

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