Blue Pill Marriage Advice

saw this 

and was giggling during the interview. a beta explains WHY it’s a good idea to get married. short post. i’ve been very open about me not getting married. what’s the over/under as to when he’ll be living in a studio apart in the hood taking the bus or driving a 2001 tercel.

sad sad sad sad sad.

i’m assuming the author’s never heard of a little thing called “statistics”.

[ed- thought this would be a nice addition. the last verse especially resonates….you’ll get it if you’ve been around the site long enough]

28 Comments on “Blue Pill Marriage Advice”

  1. Danny,

    What he is describing is a GOOD marriage, not simply any old marriage.
    (Which is a rarity, of course).

    1. Either he is really naïve, or
    2. He knows the secret of how to have a good marriage with a good woman, assuming he himself is a good man – in which case he is sure he can beat the ‘statistics’ and he can also educate his readers as to how to do the same.

    I know you believe it’s the former…
    But I have read this man’s previous articles, and I happen to believe it could be the latter…

    But it’s a random toss-up as to which of us knows the real deal with him.
    The odds are 50-50 perhaps?

    • RojoC says:

      My post pretty much agrees with your premise about him actually getting into a good marriage. Now, I didn’t really think about the naive angle, but he does acknowledge that marriage gets a bad rap in modern society.

      This made me wonder how Mr. Crowder would react if he were shown “redpill truths,” if you will… The things themselves that give marriage a bad rap.

      I wish him luck anyway.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      run hamster run. lol.

  2. RojoC says:

    I don’t really mind this guy, when it comes to certain political topics
    Now regarding his piece on marriage that I just read, I’d only say that stuff applies if you are interested in marriage AND only if you find someone that is worth marrying (which is not easy in today’s modern society). I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

    But more importantly:

    After reading through Ian’s posts @ Red Pill Room, I’ve come to the conclusion that marriage–even today, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it should only be left to professionals. I have noticed through some of the postings of Rollo @Rational Male and Ian that they drop hints to guys to “get it out of their system” beforehand, if they want to settle down. It’s telling.

    The “One size fits all/marriage is good repeat after me” model is bankrupt. It looks like he and his wife come from a strict Christian background, so this could “work” for them, who knows. But again, one size fits all does not work here.

    For the rest of us, there is this:

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “they drop hints to guys to “get it out of their system” beforehand, if they want to settle down. It’s telling.”

      lol. dude, i’ve been saying that since BEFORE i knew about the sphere. but sorry, it’s too big a gamble. go ahead and skydive even after the instructor told you half the chutes never open.

      • RojoC says:

        I was reading their blogs before I became a regular reader of yours. This reminds me I should sift through your early 2012 material (and prior to that). I’m sure there’s good stuff in there.

        I don’t even know if I want to get on that plane and go skydiving; but I can imagine just how rare coming across that “golden chute” is in today’s world. I don’t really want to “bet someone half of my shit that they’ll love me forever.” Finding decent people that you can call true friends isn’t easy enough, so imagine someone with whom you start an entire new family….

      • Altimanix says:

        I asked people on a few blogs for reasons that a man should get married (been there, done that, escaped intact (lucky me)), never had an answer of any substance that referred to the man’s interests. Plenty for ‘society’, women and kids. Most people don’t even seem to think that men need reasons.

        men live longer:
        1) maybe it just feels that way (wokka wokka)
        2) maybe unhealthy men don’t get married as often as healthy ones
        3) they don’t mention the life expectency stats for divorced men, do they? they just roll those now more suicide prone guys in with the single guys (married looks better, single worse, divorced guys hidden). IIRC Captain Capitalism had a set of stats showing that if you seperate divorced guys out, then marriage has little effect on life expectency.

        Buy hey, you have to understand stats and the duplicitous ways in which they are manipulated to really see the deal for what it is; a shit sammich.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Look, all I know is- marriage is a risk I’m not willing to take. There’s enough facts and studies to show what a bad idea it is.

          I worked hard to get where I am, I’m not risking it. Knowing game means I’m not going to be lacking for female attention when I seek it.

  3. Vicomte says:

    It definitely reeks of blue-pill, but it’s really not that far off from what Athol says.

    That said, I’m not sure this guy has the ability to make it happen.

    Wife looks good (for now) though.

  4. Altimanix says:

    It’s great that he’s a comedian, he’s got a great chance of needing an immense sense of humour.

    Perhaps that’s why they feminised education? So, that most men don’t understand probability either.

    His point 4 seems to imply that it takes a wife to produce a true pack mule…and that’s a reason that a man should get married? to be a better pack mule for wife and society?

    I don’t think so mate.

    “Whether you’re one with a successful marriage who’s remained silent on its myriad virtues, or merely a single, lonely critic”

    How about the divorced guys? Why not ask them you utter wanker? You got some learnin’ to do

    I look forward to his 2018 material about his life in 21st century debtors prison and his being Bubba’s new blushing bride.
    (assuming we still have the internet then)

  5. Matt Forney says:

    In Dickless Crowder’s defense, his marriage might end up lasting because a) he and his wife are both devout Christians and b) they were both virgins when they got married.

    But Christ, what a simpering tool.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      devout Christian or not, regardless of virgin status- doesn’t make it a certainty. i’ve spent enough time in the church to know that. as for virgin status- what happens if they have incompatible sex drives: eventually cheating (be it emotional or physical) will occur.

  6. OffTheCuff says:

    This is the guy who waited until marriage and brags about that – but wasn’t a virgin.

  7. gregariouswolf says:

    #3 is easily falsifiable.

  8. deti says:

    When I see things like this I remember Danny’s post from a few months back where he had married men (including me) essentially saying if they had it to do over again, they probably wouldn’t get married.

    Marriage like anything else is risk/benefit analysis. You weigh the risks against the benefits, determine ways to minimize risk and maximize benefit, and proceed accordingly. In marriage you get benefits (sex, companionship, mutual affection) but a lot of men can get these things without marriage. There are risks (divorce, financial destruction, alienation from family and friends). There are two effective ways to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits in today’s society: (1) societal pressure from family, church and friends; and (2) Game. But social pressure has had a declining influence for decades now almost to the point of complete ineffectiveness. There are almost no societal pressures exerted on women to stay married now. Game is effective but doesn’t always work, and some practitioners of Game are better than others. And Game takes time, effort, calibration, fine-tuning, and vigilance.

    Look, there are guys out there who have gotten married and it worked out well for them. There are benefits, but now the risks are too great and expensive to justify them. The stakes are too high. If you win, great. But if you lose, you will lose everything — your kids and most of your money. And a man has few, few ways to mitigate that risk.

  9. Sherlock says:

    Danny have you seen this show:

    It is the worst ever. A psychotic matchmaker tries to froce her views stemming from her own neurosis on her clients. A guy that wants to date women arround 10 years younger she calls an ageist and sends to a therapist to overcome his ageism which she sees ass absolutely essential for him to overcome in order to succeed in love.

  10. Faust says:

    I’m willing to believe the stats that show a man who’s married makes more money, lives longer, etc. What I want to know is what happens to people who marry. If I take a weighted average between the life expectancy for divorced men and the life expectancy for married men, is it greater or less than how long I’ll live if I stay single? I’ve never been able to find data on this.

  11. greyghost says:

    There is no such thing as a good marriage. Also there is nothing you can do to make a good marriage that is not DV or some other crime. SHE does as she pleases it is the law.

    • Miss D says:

      Beg to differ on that one. 🙂

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        please keep in mind the target audience. i’m an admitted MGHOW and refuse to get married. i do feel quite fortunate though (given the nature of this site) to have garnered as large a female readership base as i have.

        On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 5:55 AM, dannyfrom504

  12. Miss D says:

    So much pessimism here guys…not all marriages are like this…im beginning to realise my husband and i are the exception to the rule. I have female friends in sexless marriages they don’t want to be in..WTF!? Totally don’t get that. No one is forcing marriage, and if your wife changes after marriage and you’re under the thumb, then more fool you for caving in, instead of growing a set of balls and standing up to her!

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