Medicine Bottle

i’ve ALWAYS loved sad, depressing music. the following is a song by red house painters called “medicine bottle”. medicine bottle was one of my staple “oneitis” songs. yet i recently had it pop up on a playlist and listening to it now…i see it from a different angle.

it’s simply about an introvert who’s in love but his lover can’t get him out of is shell (mark kozelek routinely wrote songs that were autobiographical), i’m thinking she’s of the impression that he’s not really all that into her, or can’t deal with his gloominess (and we INTJ’s can be GLOOMY AS FUCK), and leaves him. but what she doesn’t get, is the fact she he let her in in the first place is how we express our affection. we are solid pillars of stone when it come to our feelings. NO ONE gets in unless we’ve screened you beyond any screening you’ve ever experienced.

we LOVE feminine, girly, girls. their sunniness is irresistible to us. the song is beautiful. before i just associated with the pain behind it due to my oneitis, he lost a woman he loved….that’s all i saw. and in case you didn’t know RHP belongs in a musical sub-genre known as “slow core/sadcore”. i’ve only known a few women that could get into RHP (now sun kil moon), low, american music club, codeine, smog…., and if i found one that could- i’d probably consider proposing. seriously, some slow core, a book (i ALWAYS listen to the smiths when i read), and a rainy day= HEAVEN.


Giving into love and sharing my time
letting someone into my misery
i told it all step by step
how i landed on the island
and how i swam across the sea
and it crosses my mind
that i may wake to a knife in me
no more breath in my hair
or ladies’ underwear
tossed up over the alarm clock
blood dripping from the bed
to a neatly written poem
a heartfelt last line reading
there is no more mystery
it it going to happen my love

It’s all in your head she said
morning after nightmare
you’re building a wall she said
higher than the both of us
so try living life
instead of hiding in the bedroom
show me a smile
and i’ll promise not to leave you

It happened under a rainy cloud
passing through the dark south
we went into a big house
and slept in a small bed
i didn’t know you then
as well as you of me
we talked of our sad lives
and we went off separately
i found your overseas souvenirs
holiday greeting cards
and some long forgotten high school fears
it’s all in my head i said
banging a piano
i’ve not been so alone i thought
since kicking in the womb
i drank so much tea
i wrote my letters in kanji
around the block i walked and walked
pretending you were with me
not wanting to die out here
without you

The hurting never ends
like birthdays and old friends
we forget what is flesh blood and bone is human
turning phone lines to airlines
unwilling to face
the love is found on the inside not the outside
and like a medicine bottle
in the cabinet i’ll keep you
and like a medicine bottle
in my hand i will hold you
and swallow you slowly
as to last me a lifetime
without holding too tight
i do not want to lose
the thrill that it gives me
to look out from my window
and scowl at the houses
from my world in the bedroom
it’s all in his head she read
in her girlfriend’s self-help book
it’s all his own making
a war with himself
like two sides of a wall
that separates two countries
he shuts out the world
and wants only to love you

Not wanting to die out here
without you

another GREAT RHP song. again….B was from LA, so this became a “onetitis” song as well. anyone wanna guess if i was listening to this song as i flew into LAX to see her? lol. but now, i just see it as a great song, where a man realizes she’s just not right for him. not necessarily sad, just chill, honest and intimate. i like intimate. this is a song a woman could actually get into and appreciate.

one of my fave slowcore songs-

some codeine-


sun kil moon

i’m sure you get the point by now. call me what you want, but music is my truest love. i love books, women, and food. but you bring up music….my hamster goes into hyperdrive. and sad depressing music is an INTJ’s heroin.

hmmmm….think i’m going to make some red-beans and rice tonight.

stay up.

7 Comments on “Medicine Bottle”

  1. Vicomte says:

    I concur with everything you’ve written, but I can’t listen to this kind of music.

    I do one weird thing. I have to spend an amount of time in my rocking chair every day listening to music. Bad things happen when I don’t do this. Really slow music doesn’t work with my rhythm.

  2. MissMarie says:

    Very interesting… I could see myself listening to that music in certain situations. I can’t do too much sad/melancholy though or I tend to wallow in it for too long and other things suffer, I’m kind of weak that way.

  3. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    The odd little genre of music I find myself into is called chillout.

    Zero Seven:

    Thievery Corporation:

    Or hell, just go here for all the chillout you can handle.

  4. BB says:

    I try to keep away from melancholic music. It slowly turns you into a beta. LOL! No love songs for me. Just prog-rock with WTF lyrics.

  5. Hearing Red House Painters songs makes Sigur Rós` album “Untiled” look like uplifting pop.

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