ITLR- The 3 Pillars

i was recently reading this and it’s a great book for guys. it’s almost like Art of War and is somewhat slept on. both are books that are not “sit down and read leisurely” type books. but since the red-pill is now firmly planted in my head, i started to think how said books applied to game and the SMP.

the SMP is composed to 2 “opponents”. Men and Women. both have different strategies and goals. we are all well aware that: men want sex, women want commitment. i’m not a woman, so this is mostly for guys to utilize your “assets” to your advantage and “plan for victory”. note- this is mostly applicable to guys seeking a relationship. let’s begin.

this being the first step. she’s caught your eye, you’ve gotten her number, you may have talked and shared flirty texts. she has made the first hurdle into your world. HOWEVER, she’s just made the first step. ANY flakage means withdrawal of your time. also, the younger the woman, the more likely the flake factor and the more pressing you need to be about holding her accountable. flake once, consider yourself warned. flake twice and your number is deleted. the closer a woman is to the wall the less likely she is to flake, remember….she’s trying to land a LTR, one flake and she’s done.

besides, a woman that is REALLY into you will likely not flake. once she’s won your time she moves on to-

if you are spending time with her, eventually you will spending some coin. i’m not saying to break yourself, but as a southern man i don not mind paying for “dates”. dates are NOT defined but how much you spend. some of the best dates require little to no money.

realize- though she may have access to your resources, she’s still NOT in the clear. she can still kill her chance at commitment. but by this point she may have proven herself via my “rule of 3’s” she will possible move to the third pillar-

the prize. this is what a good woman seeks. she can only attain it after i have screened her as being loyal and worthy. note- in all my years on this ball of dirt only 5 woman have landed my commitment. as a man you MUST consider your time. resources, and commitment the way a woman guards her access to sex with her. when you finally begin to incorporate this into your life, you notice a change in your interactions with women.

if you budge, and make a, “well, she’s special, i’ll gloss this one over”- yer screwed. frame is a must. i’ve walked away from some VERY attractive women that stumbled on the first 2 pillars. so, keep her off the pedestal, and make her traverse the pillars.

stay up.

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  1. Vicomte says:

    I was literally just reading the wikipedia page on ninjas and made a mental note to ‘dig that Musashi book out of the back of the closet at my old place’.

    Apparently ninjas were dicks.

  2. RojoC says:

    I picked this book up last December and it’s sitting on my table waiting to be read. Since you endorsed it, I’ll pay more careful attention to it.

    I bought initially because I saw a documentary about him, and thought he was cool as hell with his 2 sword technique and mastery of skill. The latter was a big point for me; the way these guys mastered the sword is the way I want to master the rifle.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    In your post the second pillar doesn’t have an explicit hurdle.

    I know we’re looking for a woman of character but many guys need everything to be explicit because we’re dense like that. And taking something for granted or making an assumption has usually gotten us in trouble in the past.

    We may not be full blown aspies but we could play one on television.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      sit grass hopper.

      let’s use the GF in japan. she made it to the third pillar. then she took for granted the second pillar. she took for granted what i provided, let her stay at my place, cooked for her. after you realize your resources are EXPECTED and not APPRECIATED, you’ll start to withdraw from the dynamic (if you’ve taken the red-pill that is). once i sensed it, i started to withdraw my time spent with her. eventually, i broke up with her.

      as for the rule of 3’s, i broke up with her after the third month.

      let’s say she HASN’T landed your commitment. but you’re doing things with her, spending a little money on doing things with her, and there no “thank you”, there’s no offer for her to pay…she’ll be back at the first pillar as you’ll stop bringing her places and or doing things with her. eventually you may stop spending time with her. if she gets her shit together she MIGHT end up at the second pillar, then maybe the third.

      make sense?

      • Athor Pel says:

        Thanks for the further explication.

        I really haven’t thought about this subject in just this way.

        Now that I think on it some I can see the lack of gratitude in some women I have known in the past. That goes for women I’ve dated as well as the women of other men.

        I also now remember some women that displayed gratitude that I wasn’t aware of before now. Back then I just never operated with any expectations other than their willingness to spend some time together. I didn’t have any conscious expectations beyond that. I would walk if I got bored but I didn’t think on or plan anything explicit that could bring about my boredom.

        But the thing I’ve never seen are women that just want to do something for you without any planning on what she will get in return. Meaning a woman that may appreciate some reciprocation but she won’t be expecting it. Funnily enough I think I’ve just described the kind of attitude that most guys display around women, to their lasting detriment.

        Out of the women that I’ve dated, the women that I liked the best at the time were the ones that used me most of all. The women I used most mercilessly were the ones that actually did things for me and were most consistently thoughtful of my time and effort.

        Funnily enough, even the women that chased me weren’t fully altruistic, if they didn’t get the kind of reciprocation they expected they would either get mightily angry of they would drop me from their lives as if I was never there. Most wouldn’t allow themselves to be put in the friend zone.

  4. Danny:
    Thanks for sharing your experience – you’re helping men have their “road to damascus” moment sooner – the one where the “scales fall from their eyes” and they realize we’d been disrespected for too long. And if a woman disrespects you – you are to blame if you don’t walk. You are dead-on – it is all about respect, most importantly self-respect.

  5. CLG says:

    Love the post. almost forgot about that pic at the end of natural game post… want to know if you followed through on that?

    PS I have begun to notice certain spots creep up wherever I move… even if I am not originally a fan of a cafe, club, whatever, I tend to have high percentage success particularly at these places… and thus every time I go back to them, i feel like Nick Papageorgio from Vegas vacation… random or explainable? If you ever make it out to gainesville, one word- Sharab.

  6. You like Miyamoto eh? Check out the Hagakure, it is likewise legit. I came from a martial art background, so I think my adapting to the red pill was faster than most, despite the heart break I went through.

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