Boys Suck in the MSM School System

i’m sure by now you’re well aware of how men are falling behind in education and less and less are succeeding on a collegiate level. universities are noting a decline in male enrollment and scrambling to keep the 60% male/40% female ratios because *surprisingly* most women don’t want to attend a taco-fest uni. Tia posted a great article about how boys are marginalized in school. considering she put a son and daughter through school and noticed a difference in how they were treated, i think she’s got room to speak on said subject. read it and if you have a son… wary.

one of the great things about working late shifts is television after 3am is pretty funny. i never knew erectile dysfunction were such a big deal. but there’s another commercial i see floating around that caught my eye.

anyone notice a common denominator here? who do these seem to be targeting? hmmmmmmmm….

but this one is GREAT. kewl points if you can point out the hypocrisy here.

the other night was my last night to stand command watch, so i went on my final external rounds (aka “rat patrol) where it’s my job to find all the muji’s that may be lurking the compound.

believe it or not, this little bitch jams. and i mean the kart btw.

believe it or not, this little bitch jams. and i mean the kart btw.

this was the song playing in my head as i tore ass on the slick grounds at 30mph. which also happened to by me and my boy’s “signal 7” ambulance call song.

19 Comments on “Boys Suck in the MSM School System”

  1. Joe_Commenter says:

    It’s not just the boys in school. The western world has lost its collective mind and are anti man in such a big way it’s ridiculous. But yeah, my older son is so intelligent and quick. But he’s failing high school.

  2. RojoC says:

    I always did want to try and drive one of those, just to see what it’s like.

  3. Vicomte says:

    This was the song playing in my head as I imagined you tearing ass on the slick grounds at 30 mph.

  4. Keanu says:

    Danny- Thanks for posting on this and linking the Tia article with the actual study–I am definitely going to read it.

    Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I served in the Peace Corps as an Elementary Education volunteer (just got back in May). I noted an interesting paradox while I was working for the Peace Corps: Our government (the U.S. gov) pushed for volunteers to strive for “gender equality” in teaching classroom practices to South American teachers, which essentially meant that we were supposed to make methodology and create groups that gave women more opportunity. Not men.

    Yet a quick look at the numbers of the high school dropouts in my area, an extremely high poverty one, showed that the ones failing high school were *overwhelmingly* male. I would look for this trend to continue internationally.

    The crazy thing was that when I brought up this paradox with some higher-ups in the organization, they shrugged it off. This was one of the moments that ended up drawing me into the manosphere when I discovered it a year ago.

    Honestly, this question needs some deeper delving into for our generation:

    Why is the ratio of women to men in colleges now 60/40?

    And what will the long term ramifications of that number switch be?

    The treatment of the topic is very interesting here, sooo typically politically correct:

    Stay Up!

    • FL says:

      Wow, I wrote a reply on FB that the article. Here is my reply:

      EDIT: Don’t read if you are easily offended. May have to delete. Really long, too.

      This article is wrong on many points, but is really off-base when it comes to masculinity, and, in particular, biological roots of masculinity.

      Masculinity is the one most misunderstood aspects of humanity – especially when considered by “so-called” academics. First off, masculinity is not a social construct – it has strong biological roots. That does not obviate the real affects of socialization – humans may be clay, but one isn’t making a gold watch out a lump of clay.

      Second, is that denial of biological differences between men and women hurt both sexes. Denial of reality is nothing new – when Machiavelli penned “The Prince” – laying down the rules for politics for all of humanity – he was exiled to an isolated farm for offending the noble classes and the Catholic Church.

      Regardless, this denial turns into the notion that, in public education, females are considered the norm, and men are considered “the Other.” While the article speaks glowingly of equal opportunity for both girls and boys to achieve, the article reinforces the idea that boys have to become more like girls in order to achieve in modern society.

      While the concept of “the Other” has been needlessly abused by the Left in a narcissistic attempt to convince themselves that the world revolves around their particular grievance (race, sex, sexuality, weight), the basic principle is – with regards to sex – that one sex is considered the norm, and the other is inferior.

      This applies to education, where female norms of emotional expression, community-based problem-solving (consensus) and superficial equality (I use superficial because clearly girls/women have hierarchies, but outwardly hold that everybody within the hierarchy is equal) are the important goals of public education. The shifting of educational goals/norm is to reflect female behavior.

      For example, the whole concept of sitting through hours of lecture, in order to regurgitate information on a test is decidedly biased in the favor of females – girls are better at rote memorization than boys. Also, an emphasis on word problems over pure theoretical questions (numbers or abstract concepts) benefit girls, not boys because girls are better at solving problems when there is a relational/emotional context.

      Single-sex classrooms certainly might not be the answer, but the reason they are unpopular is because they highlight the differences between boys and girls – most critically when the differences between the two benefit boys. So, the educational model doubles-down on a system that favors women and wonders why males are not performing as well. However, the differences between boys and girls are blown completely wide open when they hit puberty and sexuality gains primacy.

      At this juncture, I will gently suggest that if educators want to understand the social forces in a boy’s (really teenager’s) life, identify their female economic peers (poor, middle class, upper class) and see what males those females are interested in. Upper class/middle class men achieve more education-wise because it will help them sexually – lower class men, well…

      Face it, the bank robber lays the pipe far more than the banker does with one exception – if said banker dates middle-class or higher females from stable families. Still, in general, the rebel will ALWAYS be more sexually attractive to women. If you can’t quarterback the football team, stop caring and start committing felonies.

      As for women, why the hell do men care what grades you get? A women could be a C student or an A student, but it will not affect her sexual attractiveness. Even you factor intelligence into her personality, what does it matter? All school is is following the rules – some the dumbest people I know get top grades – they even went to med school with me! Women lose nothing long-term doing well in school, and they don’t even lose that much short-term – but they do have the world to gain. Which leads me into my last and most important point.

      Honestly, boys and men have adapted, just not in ways that society likes. Given the female bias in public education combined with an increasingly competitive sexual marketplace (pricing most men out of the ability engage in sex – much less develop a relationship with a girlfriend!) boys and men have adapted. It is called video games, sports, beer, weed, porn, ESPN, porn, not wearing pants and generally underachieving.

      While all men desire sex and relationships, many realize they don’t have the ability to be sexually attractive to women. At a basic level, they don’t have the balls or gumption to become bad boys, thugs and criminals – the sorts of men who don’t treat anybody well – women included.

      They also know they will never be rich – or a corporate climber – or a successful musician or athlete. They already know if they are good-looking or not. They already known if they are tall or not. They saw their father’s generation decimated by divorce – overwhelming initiated by their mothers. Even if they achieve some success, they can never be too sure if, as Young Jeezy said, “In case I wake up in the morning and it’s all gone.”

      Why should they strive to succeed? They are told they aren’t suited to the modern world unless they become more like women, their needs are not important and, in the end, lose it all in divorce.

      Honestly, has any sociologist, psychologist, feminist, or any other professional fucking idiot even bothered to *really* understand why Sunday Night Football is more appealing than a stressful career? Call of Duty over a girlfriend? King Cobra over kids?

      I would agree narcissism IS a problem for men, but you are not going to solve it until to check narcissism from girls/women. We will all keep living in our own bubbles fueled by our different biological realities that are reinforced by a decaying, decadent social structure – a social structure more worried about people’s intent rather than the effects of their actions. We all keep living this bubble – that is fading quickly – until we come clean about certain aspects of reality.

      The problem is far, far greater than just boy’s success in school and how it affects their masculine self-image. It cuts to the heart of everything that is wrong with modern society – public education, student loans, marriage and it all. It is a system that wasn’t intended to fail, but will – because of willful ignorance

      Ah, cue the shit storm.

      • Joe_Commenter says:

        no shit storm. this is all right on target

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        I agree. But only to the point that I admit I’m not affiliated with academia nor trying to hack through it.

        I’m just pointing out what I’ve read and been told. And YES I did actually speak to Tia about this via phone call for research. Fuck articles, I wanted to hear a parents POV.

  5. Altimanix says:

    On a musically lighter note…

    This one seems more appropriate to education

    for the Danny-semi-mobile

    although they’re better known for the one about a kid buying his first condoms

  6. MissMarie says:

    Oooooh, man in uniform!!! Rawr 😉

  7. TempestTcup says:

    It’s those damn brunettes, isn’t it? No blondes! How dare they.

    My nephew is currently battling the his school & they seem pretty willing to suspend him for any reason they can think of. Some friends of his got in trouble & they called him in & suspended him for 3 weeks because he cleared his phone before they had a chance to look at it. Without his parents present, I might add. He will be going to a private school next year. He’s just a quiet, sweet kid, but he is a smart ass, lol. It’s genetic!

  8. mothersmurfer says:

    “Rat Patrol” lol

    Last week’s episode of Archer mentioned Rat Patrol. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid in the mid 70’s.

    Fuck. I’m old.

  9. ASF says:

    Poor Shanon Doherty. Reduced to making these commercials….

  10. sunshinemary says:

    Looking at the article you linked to, I found this quote:

    Because teachers are basing grades at least partly on classroom behavior, and the standards are very much geared to female norms.

    This is very true. I was a classroom teacher and then a speech therapist in the special ed department of a poor, urban school district for a number of years before having my own children. The reason why boys are often perceived as acting up more than girls is kind of simple really: the boys need to move around more than the girls do. I found all kinds of ways to work around that; I used to buy those long rubber exercise bands and tie them between the two legs of the boys’ desks about a foot off the floor so that the boys could bounce their legs on them without disrupting class. There are a lot of such accommodations that teachers can make (if they care, that is).

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