The Red-Pill Woman Anthem

short post for tonight. this was always a favorite of mine on Bjork’s debut album. if i can find a woman that honestly and sincerely thinks like this, i’d make her mine. it’s selfless, feminine, sexy, nurturing…’s everything i love about women. and c’mon, the song’s sexy as hell.

in the interest of being fair- i could throw out a few red-pill man based songs, but this one comes to mind first. alpha, and VERY INTJ. pay close attention to the words….

and just to prove i’m still a perv….

2 Comments on “The Red-Pill Woman Anthem”

  1. Marellus says:

    That Björk song is a winner. Thanks.

  2. Rojo says:

    Funny to see these two in the same post. I was at a wedding talking and this Icelandic dude asks to the crowd, who’s the most famous person to come out of Iceland. I rattle off Bjork, and he says, “wrong, I’ll give you a hint. Interpol has a song named after him.” Oh, “Lief Erikson.”

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