Spinach-Artichoke Soup.

As the Lenten season comes to an end, I will post my mother’s recipe for spinach-artichoke soup. I always dug the cold season since mom would whip up a pot of this magic. I’m not usually one for vegan meals, but i have to admit this is pretty hearty. Again, it’s cooking, not quantum string theory. Feel free to add mushrooms, shrimp (add shrimp during the last 10 minutes of cooking), omit the onions if you like. Most of all, experiment and have fun.

2 packages frozen chopped spinach

2 cups chicken broth

1 large can artichokes, drained

3 tablespoons butter

1 small onion, chopped

2-3 cloves garlic, chopped fine

3 tablespoons flour

2 ½ cups half-and-half

Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste

Juice of ½ lemon

1 6oz. package grated Parmesan cheese

Bring spinach to boil in ½ cup water. Cover and simmer, breaking it up, and cook just until thawed. Add 1 cup chicken broth

Roughly chop the drained artichokes.

In a large pot, melt butter and saute onion and garlic. Add flour and combine until smooth. Gradually add the half-and-half and cook, stirring constantly, over low heat until thickened. Add spinach and artichokes, seasonings, lemon juice, Parmesan and remaining chicken broth. Simmer on low for 10 minutes, stir occasionally. Do not boil. Turn off heat and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

C’est si bon.

In celebration of this being the Lenten Season and Easter weekend, I shall take a break from blogging as I do my Catholic stuff. I shall abstain from the fornicating (sorry Paulma and Wristina), and drinking (but WILL imbibe heavily on “communion wine” HOLLA!!!). Instead I will be watching “Passion of the Christ”, and I’ll be engaged in Church Stuff. Monday, the hi-jinks and debauchery will begin anew. Be blessed.

Stay Up

heat, and sprinkle with more parm.

heat, and sprinkle with more parm.

Your New Alpha as Fuck Voicemail

your voicemail is a very good indicator as to who you are and what people should expect from you. i’ve had the same voicemail for YEARS. had quite a few girls comment on it as well. it’s simple, direct and alpha as fuck.

“i can’t come to the phone right now, but leave me a message and if i want to talk to you, i’ll call you back.”

it’s that simple. even a very prominent (and now defunct- RIP UoM) blogger rocked it for a while. of course i realize some of you use your phone for business purposes so this really won’t work for you. but, for you normal, every-day guys out there- this shit is money. use it and notice the reactions you get.


Early post tonight since i have to be at inspection tomorrow. enjoy.

the ex was in san deezy and we ended up at a violent femmes concert at the horse track. since we’re both military we got in free *SCHWEET!!!!* the show was great, but the area (a balcony) we were in was getting crowded. eventually 2 (very drunk) girls settled next to us.

now couple concert 101: the ex was standing against the rail and i formed a little barricade around her by placing my arms at her sides and holding the rails about 1 foot to her sides. see, i’m a gentleman. now, my job is crowd control. i give her a safe perimeter; she leans to the side so i can view the show. it’s a win win. well as the shown went on more people filed in and it was harder to keep up the perimeter (i’m only 5’4″ remember) so i moved us to a better vantage point.

then it happened.

2 VERY drunk girls stumbled to our area and one was screaming into her cell phone. we could barely hear the show. my blood was fucking boiling. finally i had had enough. i tapped girl on her shoulder and said sternly, “i’m trying to watch a concert with my girl, and i can’t because you’re fucking yelling into yer damn phone. if you need to talk, move over there.” and i pointed to an area about 6 feet away. girl looked at me sort of stunned and walked away.

my girl was looking at me with a glazed over look of amazement. the show only lasted another 30 minutes and of course they closed with “add it up” and “blister in the sun”. i had us leave (notice- taking the lead) a few minutes before the encore to avoid the traffic and as we drove back to my apartment she was gushing over how much fun she had and how turned on she got watching me telling that girl to fuck off.

she showed her gratitude back at the canton. lol.

you see, ballsy and assertive makes a woman weak in the knees. if it were a dude, i’d have done it different; but i was dealing with a girl so i had to be a tad more “subtle”. regardless, taking control of the frame and the dynamic makes a woman tingle like there’s no other man on the planet. she made a comment on how hot it was that i told that girl to move so “we” could enjoy the show. i wasn’t trying to impress her, i was just keeping my territory MINE.

that’s just what an alpha does.

stay up.

and just for good measure. a GREAT Alpha song i used to love skating to.

as an add on, i want to thank vivalamanosphere for the linkage and over all scene promotion. bless you Brother.

Setting Up a Kitchen for a Single Man

i’m so used to posting recipes that i realized i never did a post on how to equip your kitchen. now, most people don’t need all the crap i have. but i cook often and have everything i need. i realize most guys don’t need what i do. so here is a list of crucial equipment for your kitchen.

1. a quality chef knife, carving knife and paring knife. i don’t have a sharpening utensil, but it’s a good idea to cop one.

2. a heavy bottomed frying pan (preferably cast iron), sauce pot, and med sized pot. i prefer ALL.METAL as you can transfer pot to oven without melting anything. i also like pot’s that have a pressure release valve. but thats just me.

3. quality dutch oven. i have 2. one is fucking huge (given to me by Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw). most guys really only need one. most come seasoned but if you’d like season it yourself

4. wooden cooking spoon (at least 2), and quality plastic spatula.

5. colender. plastic or metal, doesn’t matter to me. this is mostly for straining pasta and rice. but’s it’s also good for removing unwanted solids from a broth or sauce.

i really can’t think of much else, but more can be added according to your needs. so please, don’t drop $100 on an 8 piece pot/pan set. most guys only need 3-4 basic pieces.

also see CIJ post about equipping your kitchen- equiping your kitchen

also, i’m not much for sweets and what not; BUT, my baby Sis is a certified pastry chef. if you’re looking for simple desert recipes and entrées check out her site

Done Fishing

this is the link…. POF PROFILE

if the site get’s nuked, here’s what i posted.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the women that sent me direct messages- all 4 of you. lol. I’m very flattered that you contacted me, but now I must confess: I never really wanted to meet anyone on POF, I do well enough IRL. I started the profile to prove a point to the readers of my website. Sorry for the ruse.

All the information I listed is 100% accurate. EXCEPT for one thing- I’m not looking for a relationship.

That really is me in the pics. The descriptions are accurate: height, weight, occupation, earnings- all true. But I am also an admitted MGTOW’er (google it). My website teaches men to talk to and attract women; essentially it’s a “game” blog, though I also answer emails from women who want a male perspective on relationships- I actually have a pretty large female audience. Well, there are HUNDREDS of blogs like mine. Some sites are a tad harsh and others (like mine) are rather tame. Some are married and teach: “marriage game”. Some are run by “red pill women”. And one (a friend of mine) has published one of the best relationship books I’ve ever read. But we all have one common purpose: to help men understand, attract and interact with women more successfully. And this community (nor my site) is difficult to find. Again half the sites are PUA (pick up artist) based and the other half deal with MRA (Men’s Rights Advocacy) matters. I sit happily in the center.

I fully expect this profile to get nuked, so I gave my readers a link to it so they could see that I REALLY did start a profile. And as my blog is open (meaning….I don’t blog anonamoosly) my readers KNOW that this profile is really mine. I will even be copying this to add to my site as proof I “outted” my profile. I also told my readers the number of views , messages, and quick messages I sent. So….WHY did I go through all this?

Because I get countless emails from men about online dating and my answer is always the same- “don’t waste your time.” Granted, I think OD is a great vehicle for women, but awful for men. Most women today have a sense of entitlement the size of a truck, well in OD said sense is magnified a 1000 fold. Men have a better shot at winning the world series of poker than being successful online. YES, I know men occasionally have success at OD, but not often enough to make it viable to men. And as more and and more men “take the red pill” they understand women better and screen for a potential partner MUCH MUCH more surgically. Some of the sites my be construed/vilified by women as misogynistic. Yet, they are no more misogynistic than the rampant misandry in the main stream media/real-life: men are portrayed as hapless schlubs on sitcoms and commercials, the ever growing trend of violence against men in movies, and let’s not forget the marginalization of boys/men in public schools/colleges.

Again, I apologize for the ruse and I truly wish the ladies here seeking a romantic connection find all the happiness they seek. It’s rough out there, I know. But I assure you: more and more men are “learning game” and avoiding marriage and relationships altogether.

Funny thing is- I actually got a response from a woman I “quick messaged”. I couldn’t lie to her and told her what I was doing. She seemed cool about it.

Stay Up.

[ED: i’m already getting hate mail on my account. lol.]

Sorry, but I don’t know you like that……

i made riblets this weekend. they were on special $6.99 for a 5lb box. i brought in the leftovers for my boys in the ER. one of the girls working in the ER (hard 8 19 yo) brought me a patient and asked, “so, i don’t get ribs?” i just kind of laughed and said, “look, i don’t know you like that.” she responded by commenting that she thought her an i were cool and i told her, “yeah………we’re cool. but i don’t cook for women i’m not dating.”

that shut her up.

i like to regard my cooking (in terms of dealing with women) the way women handle validating for sex. if i don’t see her naked on a frequent basis, i ain’t cooking for her. now, because we’re in the military i couldn’t give her my “go to” response so i had to be PC.

guys need to remember, we have just as much ability to validate women with our “talents” as women can validate us with access to sex. not enough men keep that in mind. now….i don’t mean to condone just being a heartless dick to every woman you see, but on planet Danny, if you aren’t a VERY good friend, family memeber, or someone i see naked…..i no cook for you. nor do i go out of my way to help you ar provide “special favors”. sorry.

go ask some other beta/omega supplicating douche to rescue you.

men need to make more effort to crush the pedestal and quit white-kniting just cuz she bats her pretty eyes at you. what girl did with asking for some ribby goodness was a mini-subtle shit test. the guys i gave the leftover’s too are guys i sit and talk shit with. we bust balls and just interact as aloof, alpha-ish guys do. dudes KNEW she wasn’t to touch the ribs and made sure to leave the lid off so the ER smelled of rib goodness (fucking assholes. lol). and my BBQ marinade is NO JOKE.

i don’t mind cooking for women i’m cool with. but when a woman i barely know asks me about “when i’ll be cooking for her” or asking me for a favor thats well……beyond reasonable, they get the same response-

“look, we’re cool. but we ain’t fucking.”

shuts them up EVRYTIME. she KNOWS she’s been nuked. her silence to my repsonse is EPIC. so guys. be cool, provide favors, but once she starts to expect you to help her with every task, please use the above comment and bask in the mushroom cloud you’ve created.

stay up.

you know you want my meat.

you know you want my meat.

also, if you haven’t viewed my POF profile, it’s going to be changed tomorrow. it’s linked on yesterdays post.

How much you wanna bet she get’s a slap on the wrist.

stumbled upon this and i thought back at the woman boy sexual assault/molestation cases and how the women are STILL portrayed in some form as victims. i’ve often said before, “you can’t rape the willing.” and where the HELL were these teachers when i was a minor. then again i was balls deep in 13-17 yo girls atm. but it still would have been cool. i had a SLAMMING homeroom teacher freshman year of HS. someone slipped some X in her coffee and well, while i didn’t see i heard she got touchy feely and ended up going home.

i digress.

i really do feel badly for this kids family though. dad had to be crushed to find out his son’s gay. all i know is if a an attractive woman offered to blow me when i was 12, for some reason i’d have instinctively known it was a GOOD thing that i needed to go with.

oh…..my POF profile. enjoy-