Deconstructing the Hamster

femininity is a glorious thing. real men can’t resist it. as a man, i see femininity as: graceful, mysterious, poised, elegant, and beautiful. to me these are the core qualities of a good woman. i’ve know MANY women- some friends, some lovers. and i can ALWAYS tell when a girl has it for a guy.

all the above qualities go out the window. she becomes slightly goofy.

i have watched the most beautiful women turn into rambling, discombobulated dorks in the presence of a man they’re attracted to. the normally soft spoken, demure, charming girl transforms in an instant. i wing GREAT for said girls, because often the guy is clueless that the woman in my company likes him. as an INTJ i know and can read people like a champ. watching a clueless guy in the presence of a woman who’s attracted and TRYING to be accommodating and giving IOI’s and dude doesn’t get it.

once, i was having lunch with a friend from the ship and a guy she knew approached our table to say hi to us. my friend was smiling and laughing at damn near everything he said, and i KNEW right away she liked dude. after him NOT escalating and making small talk for close to 5 minutes i finally jumped in-

“dude, you really don’t know that much about women do you?” he kinda looked at me blankly and said, he thought he understood women fairly well. i took his phone and said, “really, let me have this.” and i pulled up the keypad and punched in her number. “here dude, give her a call sometime. k. and go get yourself a clue while you’re at it.” was my lady-friend embarrassed, YES. but after he left (and she slapped my arm- another sign she liked him…..i embarrassed dude as well). i explained that had i not done what i did, he was NEVER going to ask for her number.

being a somewhat red-pill woman she replied back, “well, his loss. not my fault if he has no balls.” good point, and while he did call her, it never really panned out. anyone wanna guess why based on what i provided in the story?

exhibit A-
the ball buster female.

exhibit B-
AFTER he shows some balls and escalates and kiss closes. notice the difference in her demeanor as she walks away. classic. start watching at the 45 second mark and watch up to the 1:55 mark.

i have a brief field report as well.

i stopped at dunking to get a sammich and a VERY cute girl was working the counter and took my order. i asked her when she started working there and she said she had just started. i replied that i need to stop in more often now and she smiled and i could tell she was blushing. i slyly backpedaled and told her i didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable but i had to pojt out she was quite a cute girl. then i asks-

“can you do me a favor?”

she replied of course and i told her to tell her BF how lucky he is ( i ALWAYS use this to flush out if she’s single or not- i call it “flanking”). she mentioned that she didn’t have a bf, so i told her i didn’t believe her. that she was too cute to be single. again she smiled and bit her lip, and preened a little so i grabbed my phone, punched in “1” on the key pad, handed her my phone and said, “we need to kick it sometime in the near future.” she punched in her number and i called her.

before i drove home, i texted her, “i’m gonna say you messed up my order so i can come back and see you.” she replied with an “lol, don’t get me fired, i just started.”

game on.

again. beta’s ask, alphas DO. i didn’t ask for her number i gave her my phone and she simply complied with an assertive, confidant man. as PrivateMan says, “the masculine attracts the feminine.” also, check out his new endeavor- Red Pill Dating

stay up.

19 Comments on “Deconstructing the Hamster”

  1. As said – you’re dangerous. 😉

  2. RojoC says:

    I’m memorizing that strategy towards the end. Why does this stuff have to be way less complicated than I make it out to be in my head?

    I already got my first number* all on my own following your “assertive game” post.

    *I know that’s not much, but the journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      dude, doesn’t matter when you get there. we all journey at our own time. but i promise- you WILL get there.

      internalize what i posted in the field report. cute- check, single- check, number close- check. finding out if she’s single is key. that way you know to bail or escalate. if you escalate and she backs off, bail. if she’s giving IOI’s, hand her your phone and tell her you’re calling her.

      just be playful about it. out of 10 women i do this with, maybe 2 will turn me down. i’d be willing to bet the female readers will confirm this would work on them.

      • Would, yes. We’re just that much putty in a guy’s hands, if he takes control. It’s crazy that it’s so simple, but it really is.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Thanks Dear. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with telling guys how to close. But it really is that easy and rarely fails.

          • The thing is, that from the female point of view, reading all this is somewhat … Almost odd. Knowing that it’d work, and realising just how effing simple we’re wired, how little it’d take to establish the connection – but how FEW there’s out there doing it!

      • tj says:

        thank you for continuing to do this – it’s freakin’ SCARY the first few times…especially as a dude in his late 40s breaking out of the broken beta ex husband role

      • RojoC says:

        I’ve been running this through my mind all day, getting used to the idea that this is EASY. I feel as if real progress is being made. That being said, I am very aware that my technical flirting skills are not good at all (probably because I am generally reserved and keep to myself). So I’m not too sure about it, and I also thought that compliments were bad and were equal to putting her on a pedestal. I mean, isn’t that what all the clueless guys do–to go up to a girl and tell her how beautiful she is? But here you are doing it in your example. So is there a correct way to flatter?

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          I never said she was beautiful, I told her she was cute. BIG difference. “Beautiful” is supplication, “cute” is validation of her looks but most women don’t want to be “cute”, they want to be hot or sexy.

          Make sense?

      • RojoC says:

        Yes, that does make sense. Keep it light and simple and with not too much seriousness.

  3. ARoss says:


  4. MissMarie says:

    That HAS worked on me before 😉

  5. taterearl says:

    “beta’s ask, alphas DO.”

    That’s universal advice. Thing is it works even better outside the realm of making women weak in the knees.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      absolutely. game isn’t just about talking to girls. it’s about adopting behaviors that makes others want to be around you.

      • Spacetraveller says:

        True, Danny, I agree with Miss Marie and Inside. A confident man is everything on Planet Woman.
        But it is not just *behaviours* that impress. He really needs to BE confident through and through. Otherwise he will fall at the first hurdle – the first ‘fitness test’ she throws at him.

        In many ways this is an advantage older men have over younger men – their confidence is inbuilt, borne out of experience, and it is therefore ‘real’ or ‘owned’ as opposed to ‘borrowed’. The difference may be subtle, but many women know how to smell it out in a man.

        Whilst I wouldn’t tell a man what to do, I can but say what would work on a woman…which hopefully helps him.

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