Gone Fishing

in the interest of SCIEEEEENCE!!!!! i started a POF profile. the point of my starting one is to see who is viewing my profile and if i get messages. i have ZERO interest in meeting anyone on POF. i think online dating is great….

for women.

women’s sense of entitlement is already exaggerated. said entitlement is just exacerbated in online-dating. now, on my profile i’m 100% honest about my age, height, and weight and that i’m seeking women 22-26. i posted the maximum number of pictures i can- RECENT pics. i began the profile friday. so every friday i will post about my “VIEWS” and messages.

and don’t ask for the link. i’m not sharing.

10 Comments on “Gone Fishing”

  1. CLG says:

    POF? Vocab lesson plz.

  2. someguy302004 says:


    I agree about online entitlement. I’m 38 and other day I had some 34 year old from OK Cupid try to “prequalify” me via text the afternoon before we were to meet– “send me more pictures first.. How old are you, again? “…

    I just busted her chops (a few lzolzlzzzz-es etc) and just told her I’m taking out the 25 year old I picked up at the coffee shop yesterday instead.

    In retrospect, I should have sent her a picture of my cock and/or a stock photo of a cat lady.

  3. Vicomte says:

    If they somehow make it past the picture and atrocious typing, your height will kill you.

    Your only hope is to game the shit out of the girls that message you to bitch about your preference for younger women.

    I’m estimating you could turn around twenty percent of them.

    Thirty if you use a photo that hides your double chin and talk about how much you love your dog.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I shan’t comment about what I’ve seen this far. Must.wait.til.friday.

      • Infantry says:

        Online dating is hypergamy x1000. Its only possible with either looks or playing the percentages. Blackdragon is still the undisputed master of this field and his blog on wordpress and comments on puazone (the next evolution of fastseduction.com) are the goto place for beginners getting into online game.

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