Skateboarding, Slam Dancing, Chasing Girls

since last night was kind of a throw-away post. here’s a fresh one-

when i was a little asshole in my younger years (read- junior high and high school) i was an avid skateboarder. i was never great but i was decent and i had fun. i also noticed the girls LOVED little asshole guys that had a “i don’t give a fuck” attitude. especially the “good girls”. look- i’m not bragging about those days. i fully admit i was a fucking selfish dick. i already explained how my bestie taught me asshole game to get laid. and i like to keep pointing it out as a warning to parents of daughters.

the only punk show i went to as a kid was amazing. i ended up slam dancing and well…..i got punched pretty hard (kinda happens). i fell to the ground and was quickly picked up and i continued going along with the pit for a few more minutes. now…i’m not a big guy, well back then…..i was TINY. i left the pit and went to grab some water. what struck me as odd were all the girls there. while i was sipping my water, some cute girl came up to me and asked me if i was ok. i just laughed and said of course.

next thing you know, we’re making out.

whenever we sessioned the ramp by my boys place, there were always 2-3 girls milling about watching us skate. i never understood WHY they were there. it was basically a guy only environment. we rough housed, did questionable tricks (def could get seriously hurt if you fuck up), and made fun of each other.

now……even as a seasoned red-pill man i wonder what’s the allure exactly. is it the alpha hierarchy on display (and trust me….it’s VERY clear there is a pecking order in the tribe), is it the booooiz being boys, is there some odd fascination women have with “daredevil” guys? hmmmmm. i did alright with girls back then. and i def learned how women are drawn to “assholes”. but the “rough-housing” crap- no clue. honestly, i’ve never really understood the tingles women get from men fighting and rough-housing. even now, the few female friends i have get all smootheringly momish and coddling when they learn i got into a fight or got injured doing something “manly” (not that it happens often). lol.

this song is kinda subtle in it’s message. i used to ALWAYS play it, and never had a girl not comment on it in a manner that disqualified me.

now it’s time to throw myself under the bus.

the blogger as a high school freshman

the blogger as a high school freshman

stay up.

sadly, as i’m sure you’ve all learned- SSM’s nuked her site. that really sucks. the sphere is a lesser place without her. i commented on her site irregularly, but spoke to her more in email land. she’s the real deal and i hope she comes back soon. if not, and you’re reading this…be well SSM, this place will suck w/o you. i hope i hear from you soon.

22 Comments on “Skateboarding, Slam Dancing, Chasing Girls”

  1. A.B. Dada says:

    Don’t tell me you don’t sesh anymore.

    I live in a “hip” neighborhood south of major university campuses (1/2-1 mile or so). I regularly grab my longboard and board up Halsted to get grub or just to get some sunlight.

    Even at 39, a guy riding a skateboard is DHV by itself. If you see the Halsted 8 bus coming, hop on it with your board. If a young gal doesn’t open you 1 in 3 times, I’ll give you $50.

    One of my most popular photos on MySpace (now long gone, sadly) was a candid photo a gal I knew took without me knowing. I was skateboarding down Milwaukee in Wicker Park, wearing a suit and expensive shoes, eating an ice cream cone. She snagged the photo with a zoom lens while she was smoking outside of her apartment window. She had no idea it was me until she opened the photos on her laptop later.

    That photo alone accounted for some reputation building for over a year. I wish I had saved it somewhere.

    Chicks digs skateboarders. Even if you’re 50, you can still shred. Just wear some pads and don’t drop in too fancy-like.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lol. Nah dude. Don’t even have a board. Most of my boys back in NO are down the the tribe and sponsored. I could easily cop a board, just wouldn’t be using it much.

      Check out the “beer thirdee” link in the blog roll and meet my boys.

    • Rojo says:

      I’m about that maintaining the skate life. I have two boards, one for the park and one for the street. The street board is a cruiser, old school fish shape board, big soft wheels and some fatty indy trucks. I use it for transportation or when I’m feeling lazy, I take my dog with me and go bomb some hills. My other board is your normal style board and I mostly use it to do some carving at one of the local parks. Some of the locals are 39+ and still tear up the park. But I don’t do longboards.

  2. Vicomte says:

    Like everything in high school, certain behaviors work well with certain cliques(and chicks).

    An older guy skateboarding is anomalous and therefore interesting.

    Another great way to drive up interest? Dye your hair bright pink, paint your nails all different colors, then just be a regular masculine guy.

    I had girls stop their cars in parking lots and open me. They honk the horn like crazy when you walk away. Don’t look back for extra cool points.

    Guys will playa hate extra hard though.

  3. MattC says:

    How old are you lad? I don’t know what the girls are like these days with skaters who I see less frequently but back when I was in high school (2000-2005) it was the fad and girls loved it.

  4. darlingdoll says:

    I think some of the tingles women have over men getting into brawls are tied directly to our love of a man who can defend himself and us. Those inherent alpha traits appeal to us on a base level. But note that most women don’t like a man who just goes around picking fights all time with everyone. Those men come off as douche bags with anger management issues…lol, we are so complicated, huh? As for daredevil antics, for me that’s just boys being boys, which makes me happy just for being what it is. Love the pic!

  5. Cute hair. 😉

    It’s all of the above. We just can’t not be attracted to alphaness, men submitting themselves to danger. It’s prob some ancient need to seek out the stongest of the pack, not to mention how it brings out the nurturing side in us as you write. It’s the essence of men and women. You fight, we nurture.

  6. And SSM? Im really sh*t at remembering by acronyms. *blush*

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  8. Ruxman says:

    I’ve been skating since 01, but since the 90’s street skating has been the dominant from I imagine it would have been more ramp oriented in the late 80’s or early 90’s. street and pool skating is what’s mainly done now.
    It’s estimated there are 12 million skaters in the USA!!

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