Fishing Field Report

after one week of being on POF, i’ll relay what i’ve gotten:

8 views. of the 8, 4 are 6’s or above. the prettiest is 7-soft 8. 4 are OLD and 4’s. of the 4 that are 6 and above only one DIDN’T have kids.

2 emailed me. one is a…..NO. and one is a soft 5 with a kid.

now, i DID send quick messages to 5-6 women that were “my matches” to see if they would view my profile or even *holy schnikes* reply (not holding my breath).

i don’t think my profile will be up much longer.

15 Comments on “Fishing Field Report”

  1. ARoss says:

    More like Plenty of Fatties amirite?

  2. someguy302004 says:


    I get ‘clicks’ /looks on POF but not as often on OKCupid.

    Where I live, POF has a more suburban, fatter crowd as far as I can tell… But I get emails from so-so (5s-6s) 40-45 year olds. (Too bad this 38 yo dates 25-29 year olds…)

    I also recently put up a profile on (but am not paying) , and I get a TON of clicks and winks. Must be a larger pond…

    Having said all this, my local supermarket is the best place to get dates…,

  3. K-stan says:

    I just re activated mine for mere amusement while Im away, needless to say itll be gone soon haha

  4. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    Hey Danny, ever thought about FetLife?

  5. […] Source: dannyfrom504   […]

  6. Ton says:

    Never, ever post a photo of yourself and your Great Dane on fetlife. The responses were down right disturbing

    Online dating is a tool. Not all tools work for all jobs. I work 45 days on/ 45 days off. I start looking online 5 days before I come back. Photos are key to getting noticed and replies. I am not particularly attractive but have hobbies that make for good pictures.

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