ITLR- Alpha Behavior for “Normal” Guys

the POF post is fucking boring, i get that. so let’s spice thins up.

i’m friends with a few dudes that play hockey. they both played college level and one was a goalie headed to minors. let me tell you something: hockey players get MAJOR ass. unlike football and basket basketball, these guys are tough bastards that actually FIGHT during the game. needless to say they get TONS of ass and they are the epitome of alpha. people that don’t know then assume they’re assholes, and to an extent, they are. the DO.NOT.TOLERATE bullshit from ANYONE- male or female. this is truly the essence of game: confidence, toughness, and calling people out on their bullshit. but i’ll let you in on a little secret.

they’re actually really nice. nice until, well, you cross them.

now Roissy posted a great post about a woman who posted on craigslist an article that asked for a guy who took charge and she ending blowing, only to ask him to “get in touch” with her. it’s a fascinating post.

well, i was talking to my hockey buddy in the ER and we ended up talking about girls. i realized that there is something the average guy can take away from hockey guys. i’ll break this down is simply as possible as to how to be an alpha as shit hockey guy without ever setting foot on the ice.

confidence, confidence, confidence. what makes these guys so confidant? well, first of all; they place themselves FIRST. that doesn’t mean they don’t care about other, but in a social gathering, they place themselves numero uno. they don’t give a fuck what you think about what you think of them. if you like them, cool. if you don’t, cool. but they WILL.NOT. act in a manner thet you might find favorable to gain their approval.

learn to fight. fighting is a MUST in hockey. and i’d like to point out that hockey is the only sport where the players are ALLOWED to fight. my buddy in the ER is 25 years old, 5’11, and weighs about 210. his job was to blast whoever was the opposing teams star player. he LOVED putting guys into the boards. he was one of the team goons. he didn’t take shots on net, he’d get the puck and pass it to set up the snipers. i ALWAYS suggest to guys that they take up krav maya. the confidence you get from knowing it is indescribable. and when a woman KNOWS you’ll swing….you don’t get just tingles, you get tsunami-esque wetness and natural female supplication. funny thing is, she NEVER wants to see you swing, but when she knows you will….

they give 2 shits about impressing women. we all know by now, make a woman think she can’t be part of your club- she’ll do anything to get in. they make their sexual intentions known and if the girl isn’t down, she gets no more attention. they understand IOI’s, they escalate early, and they don’t ASK for a woman to leave with them. they put their arm around her after making out and inform her that they are leaving.

my boy out here played goalie at a MAJOR university, and he told me there is a sorority whose member have to fuck every guy on the hockey team before they graduate. they’re called “puck sluts”. we hang out drink beer, watch the hockey and talk shit.

that’s another thing, we bust balls on each other NON-STOP. the second girls show up they wing for each other like champs. it’s the best display of alpha male behavior you could ever witness. as i’m sure you see, what they do is nothing you yourself can’t integrate into your life. it may not happen overnight, but it’s definitely a change worth making.

stay up.

22 Comments on “ITLR- Alpha Behavior for “Normal” Guys”

  1. Ton says:

    I attempted to turn pro in MMA, way back when there were less rules, no weight class etc. No major name fights or events, never made more then $200 a fight. Woman approached me after fights all the time. Sometimes even with my wife and child standing near me. Which is part of why I suggest young men get in the ring.

    Women get the tingles from powerful men. Nothing says primordial power like knocking a man out. Women talk to me after I bench or overhead press. Never before, only after. Which is weird because I am a much better dead-lifter/ squatter. What ever you do, women have to perceive it to be powerful for the affect to work.

    • R says:

      I live in canada. All it is up here is hockey players and I hate to break it to you but these guys aren’t generally alpha at all. I hung out with a lot of them in high school and during university so I’ve got a pretty firm grasp of their mentality and how they roll.

      Upper level Betas, but Beta nonetheless.

  2. ant says:

    Nice post. Go ducks.

  3. […] well, i was talking to my hockey buddy in the ER and we ended up talking about girls. i realized that there is something the Source: dannyfrom504   […]

  4. RojoC says:

    San Jose Sharks, if anyone asks….

  5. CLG says:

    Fuck that. Broad Street Bullies for life. Played uber competitive hockey for 14 years (too many concussions), had Dave the Hammer and Jimmy Watson coach my team for a couple years. Goalies, we’re a bit different than the regular guys. Superstitious, slightly neurotic, and supposedly totally nuts for enjoying having pucks fly at us. but no bigger thrill than catching that puck out of the air going 100 mph glove side, then decking the guy crashing the net with your blocker.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lol. My boy told me how he’d slash the calves of guys sitting too close to the net. Lol. He’s from Philly btw. He’s gonna teach me to play. Can’t wait.

      • CLG says:

        yeah. back of the knees is great too, they lose their balance too easily. But when they get chippy with your glove hand, a well placed blocker jab stops em quick. I grew up with it. 4th goalie in my family in 3 generations, 7th to strap on skates. Hell I was even one of those 9 year olds once at the spectrum that got on during intermission, met the Legion of Doom after.

  6. ARoss says:

    Being from Canada, I have to say this, Hockey players have a sliding scale of that of a black man they if they’re in a spot will fuck anything that moves with out a moments hesitation.

  7. K-Stan says:

    My medic played hockey and he is a total tool bag and has a hard time pulling girls. I guess it all falls down on the person.

  8. earl says:

    I get why the sport of hockey or any sport would display the alpha in a man…but I think as in all sports you need the alpha mindset first and then it is unleashed in the sport you play.

    Here’s something to consider…I would consider the most alpha men in sports to be great coaches. They teach and lead men.

  9. Norm says:

    Another name for hockey groupies are “Puck Bunnies”. I talked to former players who played for the Seattle Thunderbirds in the 1980s and they said some girls would almost have all their clothes off before finishing saying hi.

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