Sad Sad Sad

last night i went out to my local. had wings and 2 beers. as i was almost half-way done with my second, 2 women came inside and sat next me. both mid-late 30’s. both buzzed off the charts. it was hard as fuck to watch ESPN as the 2 cackled and droned on. 2 cops came in and sat at a table behind us, a busty blonde (7) kept moistening herself over the chance at getting with one. well, she finally called over leslie (a waitress and friend) to “hook her up” (leslie was waiting on them).

the next 10 minutes was titty chick gushing over the cops and talking of how hopeful she was the leslie would seal the deal. please note, it was close to midnight on a sunday. i work nights, it was my 5pm, but these 2 were CLEARY buzzed and acting like sorority girls, even in their mid 30’s.

fucking pathetic. i wondered if they had kids, and if they did, why weren’t they home with them. why the fuck would a mid-30’ish women be out at a sports bar trying to ONS a cop. sadly…..this is the SMP of today. women….WOMEN. mother’s of children, are stuck in adolescence. all the while, articles are being written about “man-boys” and how men are refusing to “man up” and marry.


first off…..FUCK the blonde chick. and the 2 guys are fucking spineless, placating pussies. secondly….i wouldn’t fuck kay with a stolen dick. i think she’s the LAST person to go to to understanding the male psyche. generalize all you want kay, all you’re doing is feeding the MGTOW movement.

i really feel sorry for todays young woman.

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  1. Retrenched says:

    So on the one hand we have the Hanna Rosins celebrating the fact that young women are sportfucking attractive men and not seeking serious relationships with them, and on the other we have Kay getting all pissed that men aren’t offering these women the option of serious relationships, when these women don’t even want them anyway.

    • Retrenched says:

      What’s really pathetic is how many men will nod their heads in agreement with this shit:

      Pretty good reply from Joe Blow in the comment section…

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        that’s fucking pathetic. i need to log in under apsuedonym and start trolling her site.

      • I’m not getting why the blog post by R. J. Moeller is offensive. Reads like a woman wrote it. Do we expect women to build and maintain civilization? They can’t. Yet, this creature that by her biology and ‘liberation’ has an incredible handicap was able to say, “Men have to take the lead on this.” That screams the captain and the first mate paradigm, oriented the right way. We men gave up control of civilization (to elite men), and we men will have to take out the trash and put it back together. It is up to us to end fiat money and the tax farming based on private credit + gov. taxation.

        Women get a free ride as political dead wood because they have the uterus and have not been forced by natural selection into logic. With free civilization, which is patriarchal, that natural selection is brought to bare on women. Naturally, genetically, there are incompetent men that would and should fail to survive and reproduce in the civilized marketplace (ecology) because men are the experimental models (e.g. bigger spread of IQs: the dummest and smartest people in IQ are men). With monogamy or at least widespread beta success in patriarchy, women can’t economically support themselves well for lack of womanized workplaces as the norm and a shortage of viable men by genetic experimentation, ensuring lesser women (their genetics anyway) will be pruned. Great. That means genetic progress of women toward being civilized similar to the way men’s logic was evolved–twice as many of our collective ancestors were women than were men–which is why we should not have welfare and why charity should start and stay home. If friends and family are not able and willing to carry someone, that’s a judgment good enough for me and you as uninformed and detached third parties. It is a marketplace decision. An economy economizes, wealth is scarce by definition, and rationing of wealth is unavoidable.

        Movements start small and spread. Christianity was underground but by the time the inquisitions occurred Christianity was the establishment. Game started essentially underground, but we are likely making progress toward challenging the establishment. In Game the man leads, he opens entire groups confidently (remember being terrified?), he defines his mission and the woman follows helpfully or is not included at his discretion. Fixing this is up to us. If you, kind sir reading this, feeeeel the women will realize or whatever…, that’s how profound and how deep our programming is, even with the red pill. There is still a residual to expunge, asymptotically by nature of the beast. We want to reestablish men’s clubs to understand one another and to rule cooperatively. Women, we want to know their place, but we have to make it first. Women have been weaponized, husbanded against us, by our forebears letting the endless fiat money sell us the idea women can relate to us or to societal issues with philosophic integrity, with wisdom, and that we have oppressed them (Declaration of Sentiments). It is imperative that we not buy that first step of mental comparability beween men and women. Women are tools for our tools and our homes if they are useful to us and worth keeping around. No need to negotiate with vampire hens. We simply need to reclaim authority over women from insidious attackers who are fully capable of registering our animosity.

        I apologize for rambling. Can’t sleep and no social life to share pent up thoughts. If I missed something, feel free to enlighten me with specifics that I missed.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          as a good friend put it, “i never judge a woman based on what she says, but by what she does.”

          frankly, as a MGHOW, they can tell themselves whatever they want. i know what i see out in the real world. i realize NAWALT, but PLENTY of woman are. this post simply proves that.

          as a fellow vampire, i don’t mind the rant.

          On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 3:49 AM, dannyfrom504

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      both are so filled with feminist kool-aid dreck that i can’t take them seriously.

      On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:39 PM, dannyfrom504

  2. Just realized there was a video link in this post. Fox is sooooo conservative. Conservation = only defense = eventual loser. Taking is fundamental. 🙂

    Honestly, I like the approach the blonde dude on the left is taking. He is blending in and able to operate within the power structure. The natural progression of a movement is from the small to the large, the covert to the overt. Dark haired dude on right looks tense, but then says that supplicating BS about marriage maturity, perhaps a cover to have a nice job. Play the Game guys. Play to win. I don’t know if those guys really think the PC-line on men vis-a-vis women but I know they are able to earn money and use contacts. Seduction is platonic first.

    Did anyone think Chris Rock just said the Community-Organizer-in-Chief was our boss, that he and ma bell are like our mommy and daddy? He understands social dynamics brilliantly. We know that the stubborn stupidity of the black community broke Cosby’s efforts to reform black culture in America with personal responsibility. I think Chris Rock knows he had better play ball on many levels. Just a suspicion of mine.

    [video src="" /]

  3. Spacetraveller says:


    Why don’t you migrate to South America somewhere? Is that not a feasible option for you?
    Afterall, you like Latina women, and you are geographically close to South America now anyway…and you are a Spanish speaker.

    And…we also now have a South American Pope…
    You have no more excuses!


    Seriously, why don’t you?
    A change of scenery might do wonders.
    If the women currently around you disappoint, why not relocate? (Of course you shouldn’t do this ONLY because of women, but I am sure there are other advantages to going to South America…).
    Maybe start with a holiday/sabbatical?

    Would you consider it?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, i’m retiring in Texas. but in all seriousness, i just don’t care anymore. lol. i’m content with life as it is.

      On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 6:15 AM, dannyfrom504

  4. andyw says:

    Holy chit that was difficult to watch. It is so irritating to me that she feels she’s so knowledgeable that she deserves to write a book about a subject when she clearly is wearing blinders when it comes down to the root of the matter. These young women then days have made their bed by running the carasaul so why is it so inconcevable that they lie in it (pun totaly intended) just look at sites like twitter and why in the hell would a man want to marry one of these attention whoring harlots? I think its hilarious that she is trying to put down these men for simply being happy. How many of these same men would be just as happy if they were marries with kids….. or worse, divorced with kids. I commend these men for sticking to what makes them happy and I with more people would mention that. Take. The showbig bang theory it was much better before they all relationshiped up, they did thing for themselves to make themselves happy, what is worng with that? Im starting to lose focus here, I think ill end it at that. These know it all friggin authors just get me all wriled up.

  5. Spoos in August says:

    Up in Boston this weekend, there was a cute redhead buzzed-out and doing burpees in the middle of the bar’s floor. Hipster-burpee-chick didn’t know where she was, but she sure enjoyed all the attention.

    Almost makes you wonder if the Birchers were right about fluoridation.

    I doubt it’ll get better any time soon, and, while I enjoy the company of women, I wouldn’t consider a relationship with anyone who drools at the idea of a ONS.

  6. Jim says:

    Just wait til you get to the point of passing women on the street, them saying hi and you hardly acknowledging them. It’s not being mean or an asshole but more like what’s the point anymore.

  7. Allie says:

    I don’t understand how women in their 30s act like this. I can’t imagine acting like that at 22.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      How old are you? Look, I’m not trying to be an asshole. I’m just posting on observations I notice in the current SMP.

      I didn’t create it, I just survive in it. Thanks for chiming in.

      • Allie says:

        No no no I totally understand and notice it a lot too and it’s so frustrating for me ! I haven’t posted here in ages but have continued reading your blog .

        I’m 22 and you had given me advice last year about some things.

        Took a lot of it and just finished my first cooking class haha and staying away from fwb/hookups/becoming jaded.

      • Allie says:

        You did! 🙂

        Haha I find I’m not very helpful so I do a ton of reading and absorbing of all the relevant info.

        It is tough being 22 and marriage minded when that isn’t “supposed” to be my focus now.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Angel….that should be your focus. If you want to be a wife. Be a quality wife.

          Please do me a favor and email me a pic. I can give you a better assessment when I see a pic.

          I promise I’ll do everything to help you land a hubby. Most of our talk will be in email though. You can even call me if needed.

      • andrewmichaelmedina says:


        A girl in my age bracket who actually knows how to cook?
        I thought you were extinct. An ex of mine managed to burn EASY MAC.

      • Allie says:

        Hahaha yes I am learning Andrew. I was terrified of being in the kitchen but I can now make a few pasta dishes and will learn how to cook some different meat dishes now that I’m more comfortable.

        We are out there! I promise!

  8. Legion says:

    I think the phrase you are looking for is: “I wouldn’t fuck her with M3’s dick & Private Man pushing.”

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