“……I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal.”

one sexual position i’ve had women request comment on was something i like to call “the lock”. the woman is in doggy, and i hold her arms behind her back (almost like she’s being put in handcuffs). it is a VERY dominant position. one variation is i’ll hold both of her wrists with one hand and pull her hair with my free hand while gunning her down.

hell, i’ve had women request me to do this. “baby, do that thing where you pin my arms back and pull my hair.” of course, it’s always better if you just PUT her in said position.

now……hair pulling is a fine art. your best bet is to grab a thick handful at the base of back of her head (you must to be as close to the base as possible, you get too far away and it’s painful for her). don’t be a noob. i’ve already covered how a woman with long hair LOVES to have it caressed, fondled and pulled. so if you’re going to venture into hair pulling, do it right.

last night i even “demonstrated” the position to a few of the girls that waitress my local and they ALL went, “OH YEAH!!!” then when i did the wrist hold/hair-pulling, more than one replied with, “mmmmmmm”. lol. i DARE a female reader to deny they’d love this.

always LOVED watching girls react/dance when the DJ would play this song. video NSFW.

fun fact: ran into trent twice in NO. once while i was reading in city park and he biked passed me. i stopped him and chatted with him for a few. cool guy. short, like me. the second time at the virgin mega-store in the quarter. he was buying a missy elliot CD. lol. i finally realized it was him, he remembered me from city park (he seemed more interested in my gf Beth though. lol). and he commented on the porno beth had picked out. you see, once she saw they sold porn, she wanted to be naughty and buy one. lol. you girls are a trip.

oh…..tomorrow’s friday. uuuuuuuuuh, head out and have some fish and chips. lol.

tomorrow i will link my POF profile so you guys can see it. sunday i’ll be informing POF users that the profile was simply an experiment from a blogger who runs a “game site” to show how much of a waste of time on-line dating is for men and that i wasn’t interested in meeting anyone. so far i’ve had 11-12 views, and 3 direct messages, one BLOCKED me after sending her a quick message that i thought she was cute and i would be interested in learning more about her, and i sent about 20 quick messages to women i thought were cute- like i said…..one fucking blocked me. WTF? lol.

stay up.

25 Comments on ““……I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal.””

  1. Young Hunter says:

    How dare you harrass those poor women? And on an internet dating site of all places? Is no where safe???

  2. […] “……I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal.” […]

  3. No denying it from this end. Hairpulling is divine, but yes, has to be done right, has to be a fistful and to be firm, too little hair and it’ll hurt the not fun way.

  4. Ton says:

    Head control is as important for sex as it is for MMA

  5. tj says:

    A) Hair – I know a woman is a go if she lets me play with her hair – in pretty much any form – from tucking behind the ear (great early kino, btw) to full on grab at the base…

    B) Just ONE block on POF? You piker. But it has only been a few days….

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Envelope though it has only been a few days, I’ve seen enough. I’ll be posting on what I experienced Sunday night.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • tj says:

        Curious to read how your experience compares to mine. Very grim up in my part of the world – full of hungry hippo biker chicks or unmarried 20somethings with multiple kids and a weird sense of entitlement

  6. John Doe says:

    Danny, I ran my own experiment on POF, except I had my own profile which did not garner much attention, but then I put another one up with the picture of an obscure but handsome movie star. I also said that I was rich and wanted to spoil women. OMG, I was inundated by women. They came out of the woodwork. As a side note, most were ugly and punching waaay up out of their league. It illustrated to me that women WILL go after men as hard as men go after women, if the man is hawt enough. And that women have no shame in going after men obviously out of their league. Not sure if that is because of their entitlement mentality, or because they have no problem with rejection, as in nothing ventured nothing gained. As a side note, I also tried contacting my girlfriend, whom I met on POF. She admitted that the new guy was attractive, but then shut him down and told him to search elsewhere. That confirmed to me that she was a keeper. All of the above is true, the profile is still on POF but temporarily hidden to keep my inbox from getting MURDERED with incoming messages from 3s and 4s…

  7. Grand_Designs says:

    What is it with the 30 something or late 30 something carrousel rider? All of these Alpha Widows with their declining worth and they’re 465 bullet point checklists. Hypergamy can and does backfire at some age. “Never settle”, how’s that working out for you. I’m going to throw it out there that 99% of them have more than 3 red flags.

  8. deti says:

    the way you pull hair is you grab a fistful of it, and just hold it. You open your hand up wide and spread your fingers, run it up the back of her neck so your palm is on the back of her skull, and then make a moderately tight fist. This works in missionary. It’s very dominant.

    you don’t really yank on it unless it’s just full-on animal rutting. In doggystyle, you grab the hair and pull LIGHTLY.

  9. OffTheCuff says:

    Online is dating is easy, just don’t use dating websites. A niche social networking site will work. Ive watched dudes with solid game rolling in it, with women 10-15 years younger. If they’re good looking and have game, they have women openly propositioning sex right on their profile page.

  10. Vicomte says:

    I worked with a a guy that was borderline retarded. Nice, friendly guy, but he had an IQ of about 70 and he drooled just a lil’ bit.

    Once he accidentally bumped into a girl, and he instictually put his hand on her shoulder and said ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’

    The girl recoiled instantly and yelled “EEEEEWWWW” before she caught herself.

    Both parties looked embarrassed after.

    I’m guessing the same kind of thing happened with the block.

    • MissMarie says:

      What a bitch! I used to drive our Down Syndrome busboy home from Pizza Hut, never could understand why some people get so upset over such things, he was such a sweetheart…

  11. resrieg says:

    Love the song, love “the lock” even more. I’ve only had one who regularly did this, and I still think about it sometimes.

  12. B says:

    Have used the hands behind the back and gripping the hair a few times now. Fucking GOLD!
    They go crazy and say “oh yeah your in control/charge” and melt

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