Sorry, but I don’t know you like that……

i made riblets this weekend. they were on special $6.99 for a 5lb box. i brought in the leftovers for my boys in the ER. one of the girls working in the ER (hard 8 19 yo) brought me a patient and asked, “so, i don’t get ribs?” i just kind of laughed and said, “look, i don’t know you like that.” she responded by commenting that she thought her an i were cool and i told her, “yeah………we’re cool. but i don’t cook for women i’m not dating.”

that shut her up.

i like to regard my cooking (in terms of dealing with women) the way women handle validating for sex. if i don’t see her naked on a frequent basis, i ain’t cooking for her. now, because we’re in the military i couldn’t give her my “go to” response so i had to be PC.

guys need to remember, we have just as much ability to validate women with our “talents” as women can validate us with access to sex. not enough men keep that in mind. now….i don’t mean to condone just being a heartless dick to every woman you see, but on planet Danny, if you aren’t a VERY good friend, family memeber, or someone i see naked…..i no cook for you. nor do i go out of my way to help you ar provide “special favors”. sorry.

go ask some other beta/omega supplicating douche to rescue you.

men need to make more effort to crush the pedestal and quit white-kniting just cuz she bats her pretty eyes at you. what girl did with asking for some ribby goodness was a mini-subtle shit test. the guys i gave the leftover’s too are guys i sit and talk shit with. we bust balls and just interact as aloof, alpha-ish guys do. dudes KNEW she wasn’t to touch the ribs and made sure to leave the lid off so the ER smelled of rib goodness (fucking assholes. lol). and my BBQ marinade is NO JOKE.

i don’t mind cooking for women i’m cool with. but when a woman i barely know asks me about “when i’ll be cooking for her” or asking me for a favor thats well……beyond reasonable, they get the same response-

“look, we’re cool. but we ain’t fucking.”

shuts them up EVRYTIME. she KNOWS she’s been nuked. her silence to my repsonse is EPIC. so guys. be cool, provide favors, but once she starts to expect you to help her with every task, please use the above comment and bask in the mushroom cloud you’ve created.

stay up.

you know you want my meat.

you know you want my meat.

also, if you haven’t viewed my POF profile, it’s going to be changed tomorrow. it’s linked on yesterdays post.

13 Comments on “Sorry, but I don’t know you like that……”

  1. […] Sorry, but I don’t know you like that…… […]

  2. L'addition says:

    cool stuff.

    I have been making decisions based on reciprocity lately. favours are not going to be going one way unless there’s stuff coming back, especially if the other person is an egg layer.

    most men have a sense of honour about returning favours, the vast majority of women don’t. most of their dealings with men involve receiving free stuff, it’s a shock for them when the deal is changed.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      the difference between beta and alpha is a typical beta will call a guy out on their shit. if i borrowed something from you and didn’t return it, and you had to come and retrieve it; i doubt you’d lend me anything again. but if a WOMAN does the same thing, he won’t call her out on it. and women KNOW when they do this that they’re using you. but if she can cop a free ride, she’d be stupid not to do so. it’s not HER fault. it’s yours for allowing her to get away with it.

      trust me. i’m friends with some fine as fuck women, and i watch them pull this shit often.

      alphas call out men AND women.

  3. Emma the Emo says:

    Reasonable, if you value your time and food.

    However, reminds me of something that happened to me in school. I missed a class, and asked a guy if I could ask him questions during the next one. He said he’d answer them if I paid him. I dunno why, but it pissed me off so f*cking bad. A simple no would have been good. I think he might have been joking (he also asked for a ridiculous sum), but I took it very seriously. I’m a modest person, ask only when I have to, help others with small requests when I can, and can say no when I mean it, so I can say he simply offended my morals.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      nah, that was uncalled for.

      had a chick in my psychology class that asked to borrow a scantron for an exam. they cost 10 cents. on the next exam, she asked me AGAIN. charged her buck. she mentioned they only cost 10 cents and i told her i charge 90 cents for services rendered. she asked if all my services were so cheap.


      i told her certain services require her to cook me breakfast in the morning. when the semester was over she became a FWB for a few months. total party girl. buuuuut, she looked fantastic. i’d have escalated sooner but she had a BF when we started the class. almost dropped the ball with her though. i was lucky to recover.

    • Vicomte says:

      ‘However, reminds me of something that happened to me at work. Another guy made ribs for his friends, and I asked him if I could have some. He said that we’re cool, but he doesn’t cook for women he’s not dating. I dunno why, but it pissed me off so f*cking bad. A simple no would have been good. I think he might have been joking (he’s old enough to be my father), but I took it very seriously. I’m a modest person, ask only when I have to, help others with small requests when I can, and can say no when I mean it, so I can say he simply offended my morals.’

      C wut i did ther

  4. MMA says:

    Assumed familiarity in women drives me nuts. A woman does that is considered normal and acceptable, but a man that does that is considered a creep….

    Unless you have something the woman wants. Like ribs, a truck for moving stuff, a motorcycle for trips, or a pistol for a fun day at the range.

    Girly, don’t assume I want to be your best friend, do you favors, or solve your hamster induced problem of this particular 15 minute phase of your life.

    In return, I won’t be Touchy McFeely with you, (absent IOA), ask you repeatedly what you are doing on free time, or assume any role in your life beyond the guy you happen to be talking to right now.

  5. LS says:

    I’ve used a version of that when hit up for drinks at bars:

    “I only buy drinks for women I’m dating.”

  6. Ruxman says:

    Similar to telling a girl “I’m not gonna jump through your hoops” when they start to treat you as an entertainer, that works with a group of girls where the mother hen is being tricky.

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